Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A rainy, humid day

I heard it raining early this morning but by the time I got up around 7:00am it had stopped. I ran 6.5 miles and couldn't believe how humid it was. I was soaking wet with sweat, like I just jumped into a pool!! Did weight lifting for my biceps, which means alot of curls and rows and abs. On my way up to the y, it poured like crazy. I haven't drove in rain like that in a long time. Some of the roads were under water. Once at the y, I got in a mile and a half swim with 10x50 meter sprints, 300 meters of kick board and 250 meters of pull. These workout might seem strange because they are workouts that I make up myself. I swim intervals like I would if I were on the track.
My leg seemed better today. I think if I try to run with a straighter back and a slower pace it helps. I have registered to run Germantown 50k on Aug. 22 so I hope to be better by then. We'll see!!
Until next time....

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