Friday, February 25, 2011


It was a treadmill day!! Woke up to 6-8 inches of snow, so there was no way I was going out on the roads and slip and slid around!

12 miles with 5 x half mile pick ups and 2 x 1 mile pickups, only about 7:30 min. miles just comfortable on tired legs. Good enough for a snowy day :) Lifted

I need to get 20 miles in tomorrow for a 100 mile week!! I will be meeting some friends at Alum Creek in Delaware where they have no snow!!!

Off to slumber land.............

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tough Workouts

Well, in the last two days, I have had two long, hard workouts!!! The body is holding up pretty good but the legs are starting to get tired!! If I can make it through the weekend, next week will be a slight taper week for the Green Jewel 50k. I don't want to taper too much because I need to keep the miles up inorder to be ready for Umstead :)

Yesterday, Wednesday 2-23-11 A real killer of a workout!!!! Just the kind I like :) 8 miles on the road, 1.25 mile swim, 45 min. spin class and 3 miles on the stairmaster!! Gotta love it :) I tried to hit each workout as hard as I could and believe me when I was done, I was DONE!!!!!!!!!

Today, Thrusday 2-24-11 Woke up to ice outside which meant Keith had a two hour delay. That meant I could sleep in!!! Yea, for me!!! After Keith left at 10am, I was right behind him to start my run. I felt good and light as I hit the 5 mile mark so I decided to do some hill repeats. I did 3 hill repeats on a hill that was a little over a half of a mile! Still feeling good, I decided to continue my run on those childhood roads where it all started many years ago!!!!! Ended up with 15.2 miles and struggled at the end :( I need to learn not only to run on tired legs but also learn to hold it together mentally when I get tired! I think that is my down fall in my 100 milers!!! Really trying to work on it :) Lifted after my run

Tomorrow looks like a dreadmill run because they are calling for 10 inches of snow here at Mohican :( Will it ever end................

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Snow Day

Well, after last night's 5-6 inches of snow, Keith had another day off!! Even though the school made up a day yesterday, President's Day, they still have three days to make up. Bummer!!!

I also took a snow day and slept in until about 8:30! It was great and I think I needed it!!! I took my good ol' time getting ready to run because I was dreading getting on the treadmill!!! It turned out better than I thought :)

12 miles and I felt good!!!! Warmed up with 2 miles, 3x 1 mile, 1x 2 mile, 1x 3 mile pick ups and a 1 mile warm-down. I did a little jog between each set. My pick-ups were in the 7:15 min. mile pace. Not real fast but comfortable!! Pretty darn happy with that :)

Lifted weights

Warm weather, please hurry up and get here................................................

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Typical Monday

8 miles on the road that was a recovery run after yesterday, 1.25 miles in the pool, and 45 minute spin class.

More snow, AGAIN!!!!!! We probably have about 5 inches since this afternoon so I guess my 10-12 miler tomorrow will have to be on the dreadmill :( Actually, I'm thinking about dividing the run up. It will all depend on how I feel once I get started.

I think it's around 41 days until Umstead 100 so the push continues!!! I'm also playing with the idea of skipping MMT 100(if I get in) and go for it at Mohican :)

The day is done and time for some shut eye :) YEA for me!!!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fun Run At Mohican

It was an early start this morning at Mohican with Michael Patton, Jay Smithberger, Seth Chin-Parker, Mark Carroll, Rob Powell and Michelle Bichsel. 7:15am to be exact!! We ran the long loop of the new Mohican 100 course. From what I understand, the runners will run this long loop twice and then the third and fourth time around, the purple trail will be eliminated. Not positive, but something like that.

Tried my best to stay up with the big dogs, who were not running hard. As for me, at times I had to push the pace to keep them in eye sight!! All in all, a good run for me except for that darn ICE!! If I go down, I'll never get up, plus I might break a hip or something!!!lol The worse part of the trail was trying to run to the Little Lyons Falls to the hand over hand climb. You either had to run(walk) on ice or run in the stream and have wet feet! Actually, kind of scary!!!!! Everyone survived, although poor Michelle fell a couple of times and not on ice. She went down hard and tore up her hand alittle. I think Rob also took a tumble!! I hope they are both OK!!!!!

Total of 25 miles with great runners and friends :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Loving The Runs

Friday(2-18-11) Day four of another good run!!!!!! I've said it before, all the slow miles in the ice and snow must be paying off!!!!!! The plan was an 8 miler on the road and to try and push the pace as much as possible. Just under 8 min. miles the entire 8 miles :) Now, I know that is not extremely fast but at this point in the game, I'm pleased :) At my age, the body just doesn't respond like it use to!! The other good thing that happened on this run was no pain!! No back, IT band or hamstring pain!! Not even the slap foot I sometimes get with my left foot due to the pinched nerve!! For a change, it all fell together!!!!!
The rest of my workout, however, did not fair as well!! I got in the pool and got my usual mile and a fourth in but I suffered!! I did 4x25yd sprints and 4x50 yds sprints followed with a 300yd pull. It was hard and I was exhausted!!! On to spin class :) Nothing left in my legs but I gave it my best shot!!!! Sweat was pouring off of me and my quads were screaming!! At one point, I thought I might pass out!! lol I guess I over did it :) Gotta love it!!!!!!

Today(2-19-11) I needed an easy run!!! Went out to the trails and decided to go along the river at MO for an easy 10 miles. About 3 miles into it, the trails became very icy from all the thawing and freezing. I didn't have my screwed shoes, so I turned around and headed out on the bike trail. On this trail, the conditions were good and the run was easy :) Got in 11.5 miles and then came home and lifted.

Total of 93 miles for the week.

Life goes on................

Thursday, February 17, 2011


It must have been the weather today!!!! Three good runs in a row on the roads and I will be honest with you, I got alittle carried away. Wanted to at least get in 12 miles but you all know me, the run ended up being longer and tougher than I thought :)

I ran south of Loudonville along route 3 until I came to some back roads that leads you to my childhood home. I knew that there would be some pretty good climbs on these roads and that is just what I wanted for the day!!! After I hit mile 5, I started to do hill repeats. Every hill I came too, I would run it twice, trying to push the pace. Some of the hills were long and gradual and some were short and steep. The longest was a half of a mile and the shortest was less than 400yds. My 12 miler ended up being 18 miles :)

I just couldn't stop there so, I did a short lift!!!

6 weeks out from Umstead 100, so I need to keep on pushing!!!!

Also, I looked at the Massanutten 100 website and I am up to #43 on the wait list. Chances are that I will get in. Sooooooo, I'm starting to get nervous because I need to finish the race this year and I know how hard the course is. Today was just the start of hill training and anything else I can do to gain leg strength!!

Help me dear Lord!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Two In A Row

Something is up!!! I have had two good long runs in a row on the roads :) This either means I'm setting myself up for an injury OR it will lead to a great spring of running!!! We shall see!!

10.3 miles and then I decided to mix things up a little and do my 45 min. spin class first followed by a 1.25 miles swim that also included a 400yd pull. Spinning before swimming was much more difficult!

As I sit here writing on my blog, my youngest son , Keith is trying to figure out his classes for his senior year, which will be next year!! Can't believe it :( Keith and I have grown very close since the other two boys have left for college. It will be a very sad day when Keith leaves the nest!! I need to try and make everyday count and cherish the year and a half I have left with him!! He will always be my baby but I know that, he too, will survive this big world just like the other two boys!! Thanks you God for giving me three wonderful boys :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On The Trails Again

I finally got back on the trails again after two weeks due to the crappy weather. It was great to be out there again but the footing was not the best, to say the least!! For some reason, I think it is all mental, my body feels so much better on the trails no matter their condition!! So this is what has been happening since last Thrusday....

Thrusday 2-10-11 10.25 miles on the road and lifted weights

Friday 2-11-11 A totally crazy workout that included 7 miles on the road, 1.25 miles in the pool, 45 min. spin class and 3.8 miles on the stair climber

Saturday 2-12-11 10.5 miles on the trails. I decided to only run on the bike trail, mainly because I just wasn't sure how icy and snowy the trails actually would be. I started at the old PR start and ran to the 5 mile marker and back. The snow was frozen so I could run on top to it but as time went on and it started to warm up, my feet would start to crash through the snow. Slow going!!!!

Sunday 2-13-11 No Shirt 50k FA - I was excited to be out on the trails for a long run and to be able to do it with many friends. I knew the trails up at CVNP would be similar to the trail conditions at MO, so I figured it would be a long day. A long day it was!!!! When we first started out the snow was frozen and we had no trouble running on top of the snow. I ran with Tracy Ross for the first 11 miles and we seemed to have no problem. Running with Tracy is always fun and she makes the time go by quickly!!! Tracy turned around and I teamed up with Roy Hegar, Michelle Bichsel, and Rob Powell. We hung tight and had a good pace going for the next 5 miles until we reached the turn around point. At this time, the snow was starting to get soft due to the 45 degree temp. which was a great thing but made running very difficult!! The 16 miles back to the start point was hard and slow!! We were all getting tired and every step we took either slipped to one side or the other. We practically slid down the hills and many times about slid off the edges. We all started whinning and couldn't get done fast enough!! 7:22 was the time we were running and we felt every second of that run!! Fun but very exhausting!!! Thanks Roy, Michelle, and Rob for keeping me going :) A special thanks to Roy for organizing the event!!!

Monday 2-14-11 Happy Valentine's Day!!!! A day of rest :) I felt pretty good except for my feet. They were very sore, I think from being wet for so long on Sunday!! Kyle came home to go to the ENT doctor for his cough that has been effecting his running:( Just more inhalers!!!!

Tuesday 2-15-11 A great 12.5 miles on the road and lifted weights. I guess a day off can do wonders :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thank You Road Gods

Finally, the roads are clear of ice and snow!! And guess what, I survived :) It was so nice to run without all the slipping and slidding!!! Now all we have to deal with is the cold!!!

Had an awesome workout, today!!!!

Ran 6.5 miles on the road, 1.25 mile swim, 45 min. spin class and then I jumped on a treadmill at the Y and ran 4 more miles :) 10.5 total for the day!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Running On Bad Roads

Ok, folks, I have had enough of this weather!!!!!!!! I can live with running on the roads but it's their conditions that really piss me off!!!!!! I am tired of slipping and slidding all over the place on the ice and snow!! I know all the snow plow people are doing their best to get the roads clear but the other morning, I think if I saw one coming down the road, I would have stopped him, yanked him out of the truck and plowed the damn roads myself!!!!!!! I was MAD!!!!!!

The other pet peeve I have in this weather is the cars and trucks, or I should say the people driving them. What is up with the drivers stopping in the middle of the road and watching you go by before they continue on their way?? OH, don't you just love the nasty looks the fat peoople give you with their smokes hanging out of their mouths!!!!! And, then, you have the people who don't even see you and run you off the road!!!! Man, I miss running on the trails!!!!!!!!

Ok, enough of that, I'll survive!!!! I do think the cold is going to be a problem in the next couple of days, so there will probably be a couple of days on the dreadmill!!!!

Monday 2-7-11 6.5 miles on the road, 1.25 mile swim with a 400yd pull, 45 min. spin class

Tuesday 2-8-11 12.5 miles on the road and lifted weights

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Road Running

In the last two days, I have put in quite a few miles on the road. It has been a long time since I have put in two long runs on the roads. Since I have found the trails and love running on them, road running has lost it's appeal!! Roads and this old body no longer agree with each other!! The trails are so much more forgiving and it seems like I can run many more miles on the trails then the roads. However, at this point, I need to try and get in more road miles in order to prepare for the Green Jewel 50k, which is all on the roads. It's like training for a road marathon. Both runs this weekend felt good but they weren't too fast :(

Saturday 2-5-11 12 miles on the roads which were still slippery from the ice and snow. Lifted weights. Went to see Kyle run at Otterbein College but that will be a whole post of it's own!! Coming soon!!!

Sunday 2-6-11 Planned on only doing 15 but I got in 20.1 miles :) The roads were in much better shape except for the back roads that I normally run. Laid around most of the afternoon and now it's Super Bowl time but it is no big deal to me. I'm just interested in who wins!!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Doing My Best In These Conditions

Keith had another two hour delay, so once again I took advantage of it and slept in until 9am. Believe me it felt good!!!!!!! Once he left for school, I was out the door for my run. The roads seemed to be in better shape and not all covered with ice but no room on the sidewalks or the berm of the road so running was alittle dicey!!! You really couldn't get a good pace going because as soon as you did, you would have to slow down for cars or the ice. Did 8.5 miles the best I could without freaking out :)

I haven't been to the Y since the ice storm, so today was the day! Only the second time in a week. I really need to get some more swim miles in and be alittle bit more faithful on the spinning class. I guess one can only do so much!!!!lol Swam 1.5 miles and felt surprisingly good although it wasn't to0 fast.

Tomorrow, I would like to get out on the trails but I'm not sure of the conditions. I guess I'll just have to give it a try and do my best!!! I do need to run 10 miles tomorrow for an 80 mile week!! I feel really good about that but tired...........

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow And Ice Not Very Nice

The weather in the last three days have been pretty nasty!!! Ice, snow, wind, cold and more ice and more snow!!!!!! I guess it's how you look at it. For Keith , who is a junior in high school, and even my two sons who are in college, this nasty weather means no school and is great. For people who have to go to work, this type of weather means alot of extra work and driving on bad roads. Most of us worry about losing electric, staying warm and being bored from staying inside all the time. But, for us runners, ice and snow means long hours on the treadmill sweating our asses off!!

For the last two days, that is exactly what I have had to do, sweat my ass off!!! Actually, once I get going on the stupid thing, it's not so bad!! I just can't run a steady pace so I try to mix it up to break up the boredom.

Tuesday 2-1-11 Freezing rain, snow and wind so it was on the treamill!! 10 miles with pick ups of different times and distances. Lifted weights

Wednesday 1-2-11 Groundhog Day, He didn't see his shadow so that means we will have an early spring(I think that's how it goes) 12 miles on the treadmill with different inclines and speeds. Lifted weights. I went out in the morning to let the dog out and fell down so the rest of the day I stayed in!!

Thrusday 1-3-11 I couldn't take it anymore and ran outside. The first run was in the am and I wore my screwed trail shoes. Ran 6.6 on the roads which were still iced covered but the shoes worked well. Lifted weights. Run number two was in the pm and I wore my regular road shoes which was a mistake. I was slipping and sliding everywhere for 6 miles. 12.6 total with a left sore knee :(

Hopefully, there will be school tomorrow and life will get back to normal :) A trip to the Y is needed.................

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Forget The PR Training Weekend

This past weekend was the first training weekend for the PR 50k. I knew that with all the snow cover it would be two long and tough runs but at the same time tons of fun!!

Saturday Jan.29th was a training run at MO of about 15 miles that started at the Firetower at 9 am. I wanted to get in 20+ miles that day so I decided to start earlier at the Covered Bridge. Lindsey Brokaw met me at 8 am to join me in the extra miles. We started on the bike trail that runs up to the FT which would give us close to 4 miles. Once we got started, I knew it would be a long day with all the snow. We got up to the FT to join the other runners right before 9 am. It is always so good to see all my running friends and it always lifts my spirit to be able to run with others. We started off through the deep snow by way of the bridle trail. Since Rob Powell, the RD, has changed the course, I am no longer familiar with the course and had no idea which trail and in what order we would be running. The group I ended up running with didn't know the course either and before long we had made a wrong turn. We weren't lost but just all turned around until Rob some how found us going the wrong direction. We had ran about 1.5 miles off course and had to turn around and run back making it 3 extra miles. Normally it would be no big deal but in the snow everyone was getting real tired!! Most of the group headed back but Joe Crawford, Rob Powell, Michelle Bichsel and myself continued on the course. Rob and Michelle ended up taking a short cut back which left Joe and myself to continue on to finish the drudge fest. By the time I got back to the FT and was extremely tired but had to go back to the CB to the car. Many offered me a ride, but I was bound and deteremined to get the miles in. It ended up being 24 miles by the time I ran back to the CB!!! Tired but happy :)

Sunday Jan. 30th was the second PR run of the weekend that started at Mohican Adventures which will be the start/finish of the race. We had an other inch or so of snow, so once again, I thought it would be a long slow day. Tired and a little sore from yesterday, I figured I would have to take it easy and run alittle slow. Once I got started, I found myself running with the lead group and feeling good. Running was a lot easier but a little bit slippery, so this old lady had to really watch herself!!lol I had to stay focused in order to keep on my feet!!! We ran up what us runners call"The Big Ass Hill" to the FT, down to the CB, the purple loop and then along the river back to Mohican Adventures. That gave us 17.2 miles but my goal was 20 miles, so Mark Carroll went back out with me until we ran into Kim Love and then turned around for a total of 20.2 miles. Mark needed 1.8 miles so he could get in his 20, so back out I went with him and ended up with 22 miles for the day!!!

Thank you to Rob Powell and Michelle Bichsel for putting the runs together!!!

Monday Jan. 31st - 6 miles on the road, 1.25 mile swim that included 400 yd pull and 45 min. spin class

Tuesday Feb.1 - ice storm, no school for Keith and the weatherman said more is on the way :(`10 miles on the treadmill with pick ups at all different distances and speeds, lifted weights