Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Running On Bad Roads

Ok, folks, I have had enough of this weather!!!!!!!! I can live with running on the roads but it's their conditions that really piss me off!!!!!! I am tired of slipping and slidding all over the place on the ice and snow!! I know all the snow plow people are doing their best to get the roads clear but the other morning, I think if I saw one coming down the road, I would have stopped him, yanked him out of the truck and plowed the damn roads myself!!!!!!! I was MAD!!!!!!

The other pet peeve I have in this weather is the cars and trucks, or I should say the people driving them. What is up with the drivers stopping in the middle of the road and watching you go by before they continue on their way?? OH, don't you just love the nasty looks the fat peoople give you with their smokes hanging out of their mouths!!!!! And, then, you have the people who don't even see you and run you off the road!!!! Man, I miss running on the trails!!!!!!!!

Ok, enough of that, I'll survive!!!! I do think the cold is going to be a problem in the next couple of days, so there will probably be a couple of days on the dreadmill!!!!

Monday 2-7-11 6.5 miles on the road, 1.25 mile swim with a 400yd pull, 45 min. spin class

Tuesday 2-8-11 12.5 miles on the road and lifted weights

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