Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We all have struggles in our lives. Some are far worse than others and I think we all learn from them wether it's good or bad. As I'm running down the trail today, I thought of my family and our struggles. We have never had any life threatening struggles( thank you God) but none the less we have had struggles that have tested us in every aspect of our lives. I am thinking about life's struggles after a conversation with my middle son, Kyle. He runs cross country and track for OWU and has been struggling alittle with his motivation. Ever since he broke his foot last spring, he has been trying to play catch up on his miles and I think it is starting to get the best of him. He is not a distance guy but more of a 800m on down, sort of runner. Distance running does not come easy for him and he has to work harder than most when it comes to long runs. He is in their top 7 runners but it's not easy for him. Right now, he is struggling with the miles which causes him to get injured. If he has a good cross season he usually ends up injured for track or visa versa. Thank goodness he has a good coaching staff that is helping him through this. They have decided less miles and more intensity will be better for him. Time will tell!!

My oldest son, Coery, has been struggling with what to do with his life. He is an in the box kind of guy and does not do well with change. There has been alot of change in his life lately. Work, coaching, his girlfriend leaving for college, applying to grad school, and being on his own for the first time. Many struggles to get through, that only he can do!!

Then, we have Keith, the youngest, who is learning alot watching his brothers go through their struggles. High school, football and girls are about the only things he has to worry about at this point in his life!
As a mother, I wish I could carry the burden on my shoulders for the boys, but I know that they have to figure it out on their own and do it themselves. All I can do is try to guide and pray for them and most importantly, be there to listen and support them.

Now on to my struggles with running. It has been a rough summer for me. Two DNF's in 100 milers have put a big damper on me both mentally and physically. I think I have just beat myself up with the long miles and cross training. Age is starting to creep up on me, which means I can feel all the aches and pains and the process of my body slowing down. I am trying to accept it, move on and work with what God has given me! Not being as fast as I use to be, is a very BIG struggle!! I am trying to readjust my goals and move on. I need to learn from the mistakes I have made this summer so not to repeat those dreaded DNF's. The last couple of weeks, I have been feeling better and am starting to get excited about the fall racing season. All I can do is try and hopefully I'll get over this hump!! Thanks to all my trail buddies, who make my runs more enjoyable!! I need all of you to keep me motivated!!

Yesterday(Monday), I had boot camp class, ran 6.2 miles, 20 min. on the stair climber and 1 mile swim with 10x25yd sprints and 300yd pull.
Today(Tuesday), I ran 11.5 miles at Mohican and did some ab work. I was very proud on myself because I really wanted to lift weight and go for a swim, but I DIDN'T!! I guess I'm trying to cut down! LOL

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I'll start with Friday's events. First, it was Kyle's 21st Birthday!! Good because he has made it this far and has turned into a fine, young man but bad because he is now legal and can buy alcohol :( I no longer have control and I probably never did!! LOL Bad, because Kyle turning 21 definitly makes me feel old!! On Friday morning, I had a great boot camp workout, fast and hard and a great 1.25 mile swim. However, my run was bad and ugly! After a tough boot camp workout, I just couldn't get into a groove on my run and felt and I'm sure looked terrible!! On to Friday night football! Keith and the Loudonville Redbirds took a disappointing loss in the last 15 seconds of the game, losing by one point 28-27. Keith had a good game with some tackles and carries but it just slipped through their fingers!! Next week they willl get another try against Crestview. Also on Friday evening, Corey and his girlfriend, Lauren came home for the game, which means we had a bunch of 22+ year old's hanging at the house! Never a dull moment at the Lemke's, which is a good thing, I guess :)

On to Saturday, started a run at MO at 6am with a great group of people, Star B, Michelle B, Lindsey B, Mark C, Dave H, Steve Z, Rob P, and Jay S. We got in 20 miles and I felt good for the entire run. For me, not a real fast run but certainly not a slow one! Lauren left in the afternoon for Marietta College and Corey left in the evening for a night with friends. Keith was sore and tired from the football game and still disappointed but you learn from your mistakes!

Sunday morning, met with Michelle B, Rob P and Mark L for another run at Mohican. We started at the bridle staging area and Rob took us on a short cut through the red/green loop. Rob and Michelle ran 8, Mark ran 11 and I got in 18. Another good run but it started heating up again by the time I was done. Then this evening, we went down to OWU to take out Kyle for his Birthday. We took down my mom and dad,and Keith and his girlfriend , Kate. We took Kyle some food stuff , cake and ate at Bob Evans. Kyle was not in the best of moods because his knee has been bothering him and slowing him down on his runs, not a good thing. I'll say lots of prayer and keep my fingers crossed that everything will be ok!!

So the weekend turned out with alot of good, some bad and alittle ugly :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Nice Cool Down

The last couple of days have been so pleasant! No more humidity, just sun and a nice cool breeze! I love the hint of fall in the air, it seems to make life alittle better!! With fall right around the corner, I look forward to the fall racing season for myself, C-C season for Kyle and football for Keith and this year, Corey will be taking on a new role on the football field, as a coach at South Canton!! It's almost like a fresh and exciting start of the year!!

Yesterday, I had boot camp at 5am and then come home to see Keith off on his first day of HS as a junior. I know he is a little old for good old mom to be there helping him get things ready, but I just needed to be there for ME!! LOL After he left for school, I ran 8.5 miles on the road and did some weight lifting. After Keith got home from school and football practice, he reported that school was stupid and his classes would be somewhat hard. Time to buckle down, my sweet Keith!!!!

Today, once again, I woke up sore from boot camp and my right achillies was bother me. I decided it would be better to run on the trails where it would be softer. Got in 8.5 miles at MO along the river to the CB and back. After running for a couple of miles, everything seemed to loosen up, thank God!!! In a couple of hours, I will head out to Malabar Farm and run with the Mansfield Y run club. Hopefully, we will run around 7 miles so I can get in a total of 15 miles for the day. Probably way too much but it's what I love to do!! Also this everning, Corey will begin his coaching career, as South Canton will be playing their first game of the season. Corey will be calling plays for the offense. Good Luck!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

OH, MY !!!

When I woke up this morning, my body was so sore, I could hardly get out of bed!! With the combination of a half marathon, a 20 miler, boot camp, 6.2 mile run and a 1 mile swim, which I haven't swam in about 10 days, all in three days, finally caught up to me! My poor body was rebelling and the thought of taking a day off was very appealing. After I was up for about a 1/2 hr. and 15 min. in the hot tub, I decided a run was in order. I stayed on the roads and told myself the run could be a slow as I wanted. I started out with 9 min miles but the longer I ran the better I felt. For all of you who know me, that meant I could and would run longer! Ended up with 10.5 miles and running about 7:50 min miles at the end. For feeling so bad when I first got up, I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome :) Did some core work after my run and took a refreshing ice bath!!
Boot camp time has changed from 6am to 5am starting tomorrow ;( That means I need to get up at 4am and should try to be in bed by 10pm. I got to bed early last night and I think that really helped my run today! We shall see??

Tomorrow, Keith, my youngest, starts his Jr. yr. at Loudonville HS. Good luck to him and his teachers!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Nothing Much

Just another Monday!! Got up at 5 am and left the house at 5:30am for boot camp. After class I ran an easy 6.25. I guess you can call it a recovery run. My right calf is really bothering me since the half marathon but I think it will work itself out eventually! The pool at the Y is finally open again due to draining and cleaning, so I swam a mile. I had to hurry home to do laundry. Corey came home yesterday and stayed the night, so of course, he brought his laundry. For some weird reason, I love to do laundry!! Corey left at 3pm for work and Keith went to football practice so I took a quick nap and now I guess it's time to tackle the bathrooms. Wednesday, Keith will start his Jr year in high school and boot camp will be moved up to 5am. Hopefully, I can start getting to bed earier because 4am will come mighty early!!!! On my way to the Y, there is a church that I go by that always has a saying on a sign in it's front yard. Today's saying, take time to do something silly everyday. I need to start trying that!!!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Good One

It seems like for every bad run I have, I bounce back and have a good one!! After yesterday's half marathon, inwhich I felt and did terrible, today was such a good run with great company. After thinking awhile about the half, I realized that I wasn't trained for it, did not taper and had 70+ miles in for the week before I even started the race. So, I guess I didn't do too bad!! I meet up with Luca B, Sharon S, Nick L, Michelle B, Julie M, Tom P and Nick,(a friend of Luca) for a run at MO at 7:30 this morning. We got in 20 miles, running the red/green loop. It was a great day with great friends!! Thanks, everyone :)

Good Luck to Kyle as he starts his Junior Year at OWU!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Week of Aug.15-21, 2010 Too Many???

Probably way to many miles this week, maybe that's why I did absolutely horrid in the half marathon today. I need to cut some things in my training out, but what, I don't know! ? My running has been really terrible this year and it's a major struggle, every step of the way. I need to run quality and not quanity and the boot camp at this point, hasn't really help much. I am old school, with the thought, that the more miles the better. My OCD kicks in and I can't stop myself from doing more and more!! If anyone out there can give me some advise, thanks!!

Sunday - 24 miles at MO with Kim Love

Monday - boot camp, 8.2 miles on the road and 1.25 miles walking on the treadmill at 15% incline

Tuesday - 11 miles on the trails at MO and did my benching

Wednesday - boot camp, 8.5 miles on the war, and 1.25 walking on the treadmill at 15% incline

Thrusday - 6.5 miles on the trails in the am and 6.5 miles on the trails in the pm with the Mansfield Y run club

Friday - boot camp and 8 miles on the trails at Malabar Farm

Saturday - 1/2 marathon in Wooster, Buehler's Heart and Sole Community walk/run, felt terrible and ran terrible, 6th woman and 1st master female, 1:39.21, with warm-up and warm-down, 17 miles

Total of the week - 90 miles

Monday, August 16, 2010

All In A Day

Yesterday, Sunday Aug. 15, I met Kim Love- Ottobre at the CB at MO. We got in a very pleasant run in but the weather was still hot and humid. Ended up with around 24 miles, doing the purple to the lodge loop and the orange loop. My hubby, Mark met us at Hickory Ridge, for the last 9 miles. In the past year, I have gotten to know Kim and really enjoy her company. She is such a great person and runner!! I like to listen to all her running adventures and take in any advise she has to offer!! I wish we all had her drive and ambition in life! The sad part of the day, came when Kyle left for school after being home for a couple of weeks. How I hate it, when one or all of the boys come home and then leave :( Really feeling the empty nest, but I still have my Keithie at home!!! Kyle reports in for C-C camp at OWU on Tuesday and then school a week from Monday.

Today, Aug. 16., Got up early for boot camp, followed with an 8.2 mile run and then 1 mile on the treadmill at the Y. I put it on the highest grade, 15% and walked as fast as I could without running. The pool at the Y will be closed for a week due to cleaning, so instead of swimming, I will be on the treadmill or step master. I then, went down to Kyle's house in Delaware, to once again, help clean. I guess he needs a clean start to the year!! I was pleased to find the house in good condition, only having to clean the kitchen, bathrooms and floors. Good Luck, Kyle with school and running!!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's Paying Off

Well, I finally think the boot camp class I have been doing, is paying off. I have been at it for 5 weeks now and the instructor kept telling me to give it 6 weeks. I guess he was right!! I had the best run ever, today!! I went to Mo, started from the PR start and ran 5 miles out and back on the bike trail. I felt strong and quick which hasn't happened in a long while. Total 10.5 miles

Alot of activity going on in the househod this weekend. Corey come home tonight with all his laundry, Kyle is going back to OWU tomorrow and will report in for C-C camp on Tuesday and I'm trying to get Keith ready to start his Jr. year in 10 days. My, how the summer has flown by!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Just Do It

Once again, I'm probably over doing it so there goes my thought, after talking to Dave Huss a couple of weeks ago, of running less and doing more quaility!! I am trying to do more quality runs but the milage is still high!! I will probably have about 80 miles in for the week!!
Yesterday, I ran 7 miles in the morning on the trails, trying to push the last 4 miles and then ran 6 more miles with the Mansfield Y run club, also at MO.
Today, I got up at 4am, drove to Mansfield, ran 6.2 miles, boot camp, ran 4.2 more miles after boot camp and then swam one and a fourth miles with 450yd pull.
JUST DO IT.........................................................

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mixing Things Up

I tried something a little different this morning. Got up at 4am and drove to Mansfield, where I do my boot camp class, and tried running before the class. It was dark and of course, humid but I wanted to see if my run would be better before class then after. I also wanted to see how I would feel in class after running. The run went well, but I only had time to get in 6.25 miles. I was nice and warmed up for class, which was a plus!! I should have went back out to get more miles in after class, but I was kind of pressed for time because Keith had a football scrimmage. I swam 1.25 miles in the pool with very tired arms. I think that swimming right after class didn't give my arms a break which I normally have when I run after class. I think I'll try it again on Friday and see what happens!! I do need to get in more miles on those days, so I'll either get up earlier or run before and after class. I know, my OCD is kicking in!! LOL

Keith and the Loudonville Redbird football team had their first scrimmage at home today. I think they ended up winning! For me, a scrimmage is hard to follow because they are not in their game uniforms and players are being rotated in and out all the time. Keith had a good day, intercepting the ball on the first play of the game, two touchdowns and quite a few tackles. I know it was only a scrimmage, but everyone was looking good!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mt. Jeez

Today, it was hard for me to get up and didn't get out the door until 8:00am. I drove to Malabar Farm to do some trail running and hill repeats. There is a hill called Mt. Jeez, that is a half of a mile to the top. There is actually three climbs on the way to the top but once you get up there, it is a beautiful sight! My goal was to make it to the top as fast as I could without walking! I did that, plus!! I did the hill 6 times and each time was faster than the last. I recovered on the way down the hill except for the last 2 times, which I tried to push myself. Once at the bottom, I stopped long enough to get a drink and then back up!! It was a good workout except for the heat and humidity. I'm really getting tired of being soaking wet everytime I run!! I did a 2 mile warm-up and a 2 mile warm-down, for a total of 10.5 miles. When I got home, I benched, incline bench, decline bench, inverted row on the bar and abs on the stability ball. Tomorrow , the plan is to get up and try to run before boot camp which will be around 4am. I'll try it and see what happens!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Keith's 17th Birthday

This past Friday, August 6th, my youngest baby turning 17. It's really hard to believe that he is that old already but a fine young man he has become. I miss the cute little chubby kid he once was but am amazed at the person he has become and I am anxious to see how much more he will develop and change. I love my, Keithie!!!
He had a busy day, football practice, football pictures, work and the athletic booster drive. The party began in the evening! His girlfriend, Katelyn and a friend, Meme came to the house, baked a cake and decorated the pool area. Friends from the football team began to arrive and fill the pool. When the kids were young, the pool seemed so big but now, the pool is rather small with all the big bodies. I use to worry about the kids drowning in the pool and now I worry about them doing stunts off the board and cracking their heads open! There is always something to worry about!! Anyway, I think they all had a good time with swimming, pizza and cake.
We continued the party on Saturday night, when my parents came over with more cake and of course, presents. Now on the Kyle's birthday in a couple of weeks, when he will turn 21!! Now, I do feel really old!!!!

My workouts since last Tuesday --

Wednesday 8-4-10 Boot camp and 16 miles at CVNP with Dan Bellinger and Kim and Mike Boner. The heat relly got to me on that day!!

Thruday 8-5-10 6 miles on the road in the AM and 7.1 miles on the trails at Malabar Farm with the Mansfield Y run club in th PM.

Friday 8-6-10 Keith's Birthday - Boot camp, 8 miles and 1 and 1/4 mile swim with 250yd pull and 200yd kick.

Saturday 8-7-10 18 miles at MO with 15 of those miles with Kim Boner.

Sunday 8-8-10 21 miles at MO with Mike Keller and Melissa Cairnes and Mark joined us for the last 10 miles.

Monday 8-9-10 Boot camp, 8 miles and 1 and 1/4 mile swim with 350yd pull and 100yd kick

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On The Other Side

Got up Saturday morning and got my 10.5 miles in on the trails at MO and then my husband, Mark and I headed up to CVNP to work at the covered bridge aid station for the Burning River 100. We were to work there through the night but decided to go up early to watch the runners, which some were my friends, go through some of the other aid stations. I had mixed feelings about being there and not running. I really wanted to run but my head was not into it and I don't think I would have been able to live through another DNF. What better way to give back to the running community that I so love, than to help others in their time of need! It was inspiring watching runners come to the aid station at mile 80. Some looked like they just ran 5 miles and others were struggling to continue. It has made me yearn to get back out there and try again, maybe this fall, hint, hint!! It was amazing to watch Jay Smithberger in the top group, Michael Patton, who was going for a PR, Star Blackford, who was pacing a group that wanted to run 24hrs and then she managed to run 22 hrs. Poor Stephen Zeidner, came into the aid station very sick, but managed to run 26 hrs and then, of course, you have Roy Hager and Ron Ross, who are two of the most amazing men I know, always stead fast and strong. Congrats, to all runners and thank you for giving me back the yearning to try again!!

Sunday - Finally a day of rest!!!

Monday - Boot camp, 7 mile run, 2 of those miles were at tempo pace, 1 mile swim with 10x25yd sprints and 300yd pull.

Today, Tuesday - 10 miles at MO, abs with NO lifting. I am going to take a week off of lifting and see if the boot camp will be enough without losing any strengh?