Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Probably To Much, Oh, Well

The above picture is of the boys on Thanksgiving and for some reason they all hate to get their picture taken!!

I have gotten a little behind on my blog, so here is a recap of the last five days........

Friday 11-26-10 Met at the Covered Bridge at MO with Michael Patton, Steve Zeidner, Mark Carroll, Lindsey Brokaw, and Cheryl Splain. To everyone's surprise, both entrances to the CB were closed and by the time we decided on what to do, the rangers came and opened the road, so we were good to go. Everybody stayed together for the first five miles, which was part purple loop and then on a trail which I think ended up being the Stage Coach trail. From there, everyone ended up running different distances. I attempted to hang with Michael and Stephen for 21 miles. They were kind enough to slow down every once in a while so I could catch up!! It was a good run for me, do to the fact that I pushed myself but not to the extent of exhaustion :)

Saturday 11-27-10 Ran once again at MO, this time on my own. I did the 11 mile x-terra course and surprisingly felt good :) That was about all that was good on that day! I am not in the Christmas mood at all and my attempt to put up decorations only put me in a VERY bad mood! It is just one more thing to do and seems like a real chore this year!! Hopefully, this will change as the holiday continues!! Kyle left to go back to school, which is always a struggle for me!! I always hate when the boys leave!!

Sunday 11-28-10 Another run at MO!! I want to get my fill because this week is deer gun season and it won't be safe to be in the woods. Mark went out with me this time. We parked his car at the PR start and then drove my car to the trail head by the Firetower. We ran 9 miles to Mark's car on the bike trail starting somewhere before mile 16. He stopped at his car and I ran back and then had to add on for a total of 20 miles. The legs were tired by the end but over all a good run!!

Monday 11-29-10 Boot camp in the am, 6 mile run on the roads and 1.25 mile swim. By the time I got home, I felt like I was getting the flu but I think the last three days had finally caught up to me and my body was crying out for some rest!! I slept most of the afternoon and ate a good meal which brought me out of the funk!!! Not a great way to taper for Bigfoot 50k on Sunday, so I think I'll try to slow things up alittle and rest!! Well, maybe! LOL I'm not really planning to race on Sunday, so a big taper is not really necessary. I would just like to run a strong, solid race and alot will depend on the weather.

Tuesday 11-30-10 A very rainy day!!! Ran 6.5 miles but thankfully, the rain stopped for me and started back up just as I got done!! I ran into my friend, Haley, for a couple of miles. We had a good chat and it seems college life is treating her well :) Lifted weights and once again, attempted to put more decorations up. This time, I was in a much better mood :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!

I hope everyone has had a blessed day!!

I am so thanksful for all the blessing I have!! I have a great, healthy, happy family, great friends and just an overall great life that the good Lord has gave me!! I have to remember this more often and not just on Thanksgiving!!

I am thankful for the rain we had this morning, making me stay under the covers and take a much needed day of rest :) However, watch out tomorrow!! It will be a mega mile day!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Am Thankful For Just More MIles

It's been a busy week so far!! With Thanksgiving tomorrow, The BIG holiday season upon us and the three boys always coming and going, there just isn't any time to put my feet up and relax!!!

Monday,11-22-10, was a good but busy day. Got up at 5am for boot camp and then met up with Kim Boner for a run at Mohican. We got in 22.5 miles on a warm day. It was great seeing Kim and we had great girlie conversations as we pounded the trails. Monday evening was the Mid Buckeye Conference fall sport banquet in Newark, OH. Keith was invited because he received 2nd team for football!! SOOO very proud of him!!!(3rd and 4th pic.) He has accomplished a lot this year and has improved so much!!!!! Kyle also came home for Thanksgiving break. He is looking good and the above pictures(1st and 2nd pic.) are the before and after haircut!! What a difference!!!

Tuesday,11-23-10, woke up tired and sluggish. It was hard to get motivated but I finally got out the door around 10am for a 6 mile run. Went to the Y for a swim. Did 1.25 miles that included 450yd pull. I really struggled in the water :( It felt like I was pulling a boat!!!!!!

Today, Wednesday,11-24-10, 6am boot camp, 6.5 miles on the road and 1.25 mile swim. I struggled with all the workouts, probably over doing it again!! Simply, TIRED!!! Maybe, tomorrow, if we get all the rain they say we are to get, I will take an entire day of rest!! Do you think that will actually happen?????

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Always Playing Catch Up

For some reason I just can't keep up with my blog :( There seems to be more important things going on and yes, I do get a little lazy :) So here goes..........

Thursday 11-18-10 10.1 miles on the road and weights. Loudonville had their fall sports banquet and Keith received his second football letter. So happy for him!!! Each player had to tell everyone what they liked best about football, and of course, Keith said he liked wearing tight pants on Friday night!! It just figures!! HAHA

Friday 11-19-10 Corey's 23rd Birthday!!! I did another brutal workout!! Boot camp, 7 mile run on the road, 1.25 mile swim that included 10x25yd sprints, 500yd pull and 100 yd kick, and 45 min. spin class.

Saturday 11-20-10 10.5 miles on the trail and weights. 4 of those miles, Mark ran with me.

Sunday 11-21-10 14 miles on the trail and Mark ran 5.5 miles with me. Did abs when I got home. Tonight, Corey will be home and we will celebrate his B-Day

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Corey

Just a short note, that on this day, 23 years ago at 4:35pm, I gave birth to my first son, Corey!! He was 9lbs 6 oz and 21 inches long. The c-section was a must!!

I can't believe it's been that long ago!! My, how time flies!!!!

Happy Birthday, Corey!!

He has grow into such a fine young man!!! There has been so many good times and a few bad, but I wouldn't trade any of it!!

Love you!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cold and Rainy Runs

I very much dislike running in the rain but I hate running in the rain in 40 degree weather!!! That is the way it has been most of the week with the exception of a treadmill run. There is nothing worst than running in the cold rain and freezing during the run and after. It usually takes me all afternoon to warm back up!!!

Tuesday 11-16-10 20 miles at Mo with Don Baun, Tom Patton and Cheryl. We ran the red/green loop and stayed together until we reached rock point. Don and I decided to pick up the pace a bit and just as we left RP, it started to rain! The last 10 miles were pretty miserable but we got it done!! Thanks Don for making a not so pleasant run, bearable :)

Wednesday 11-17-10
6am boot camp
6 miles on the treadmill - 1 mile warm-up, 4 miles of 1 and 2 minute pick-ups, all under 8 minute pace, 1 mile warm-down
1.25 mile swim that included 500yd pull
45 min. spinning class

Thrusday 11-18-10 Got a late start this morning and because of that, I ran in a cold, damp drizzle. Ran 10 miles on the road. It has been a long time since I ran that far on the road and on tired legs, I was amazed at how well I felt!! Weights after my run :) Now it is time to get ready for the Loudonville sports banquet!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

50 Miles In Two Days

Friday Nov. 12, 2010 - 6am boot camp followed with a 1.25 mile swim. No running so I could be a bad ass on Saturday!!

Saturday Nov. 13, 2010 - Wild Bill's Bad Ass 50k - 7th overall, 2nd female with a time of 5:22.40. The FA consisted of 6 laps of the famous Perkins loop in CVNP. I felt horrible the first lap :( Really didn't want to run and I felt sluggish and heavy so the first lap was way slow. After I got going, things started to get better!! The more laps I completed, the fast I got! At the end, I didn't even feel like I was pushing myself and I think I could have ran faster!! I wish all my 50k's felt that way!! It was nice not killing myself :) It was really fun running with and seeing alot of my running friends!!! A special thanks to Bill Wagner and Chef Bill Bailey for putting on a great FA!!

Sunday Nov. 14, 2010 - Ran a 20 miler with Michael Patton, Don Baun, Mitch Myers and Michelle Bichsel at Mohican. We ran the bike trail in the opposite direction, which is part of the trail that I don't run much. It was a nice change of pace!! Michael and Mitch headed to the bridle trail and then to the purple loop while Don, Michelle and myself went straight down to the covered bridge, down along the river and then back up onto the bike trail by the way of the short loop!! (I hope that makes sense!!) My leg were tired and I was hungry most of the run but it ended up being a pretty good run!! Thanks, everyone!!

Monday Nov. 15, 2010 - Skipped boot camp this morning :( Way to tired!! Made it to the Y for a 45 min. spin class and then a 1 mile swim. Thought about resting the whole day but just couldn't do it!!! LOL I did however, take the day off from running because tomorrow will be another 20 miler at MO!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Slow Start

I got a late start this morning, just unmotivated, I guess!

Finally, around 9:30am, I got out the door and drove to the Covered Bridge at Mohican. Really didn't know which direction to take but finally decided to do the purple loop, minus the hand over hand climb and then on to the lodge loop. I had to add alittle more down the flat side of the river to get in 10.25 miles. I felt tired most of the run so I didn't push and enjoyed myself in yet again, another gorgous day!!!

Tomorrow, I plan on taking the day off from running inorder to rest alittle for the weekend of running. It will probably be a high milage weekend with Wild Bills Bad Ass 50k and a long run at Mohican :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Days

You gotta love the weather, the past couple of days!! Such beautiful fall days makes everything so much better!! I love the cool, crisp mornings and the warm afternoons with the smell of leaves in the air. It is even better whien you are able to go runnning on the trails and realize all the beauty there is. It makes life's problems seem so small and unimportant!

Yesterday moning, I met up with Don Baun, Dan Bellinger, Tom Patton, Julie Miller and Cheryl Splain, for the most peaceful, gourgous run. We ran the orange loop and then along the river for 15.5 miles and didn't see a soul. No bikers, hunters or hikers, just us runners listening to our breath and the crunch of the leaves beneath our feet. If you have never been out on the trails to experience this, it is really priceless!!!! Try it sometime and I assure you, you'll love it and be hooked!!!!

Today, November 10, 2010, 6am boot camp that included all kinds of lounges, kicks and jumps and then 1 mile timed run. On tied legs, I ran a 7:15 min. mile without really pushing myself :) After class, I ran an easy 5 miles and then 1.25 mile swim. The swim included 500yd swim with a sprint every 25 yds. and a 400 yd pull.

On to the family drama!! Corey is still struggling with this girlfriend, or I should say ex-girlfriend. She is so using him right now but he just can't see it. Maybe, one day the light bulb will go off and he will realize that there is other fish in the sea!

Keith has decided not to play basketball which I am really struggling with. I have been really upset with him for not playing but am getting over it. The good news, which we just found out, he made the MBC team(football) for the conference and will be recognized at a banquet on Nov. 22. So proud of him!!!

On to Kyle! He has been doing well at school and is back to running. He is getting ready for the indoor season and seems to be doing well at this point. Hopefully, the season will go well for him! Other than not having heat in his house, things seem good :)

Enjoy these fall days, everyone............................................................

Monday, November 8, 2010

Workout Crazy

This how the day went - 6am boot camp
5 miles on the treadmill which I did 1 mile warm-up, 3 miles tempo and 1 mile warm- down
1 mile swim
45 min. spinning class
pumkin pie in the oven
steak for supper
to bed early :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Crapy Weekend!!!

It's really been a bad weekend other than the two good trail runs.

It seems like everybody in the house just can't get along. We are all on each others nerves and all I want to do is go run on the trails or lock myself in the bedroom!! I guess we all have those times!!

Had two very relaxing trail runs at Mohican. On Saturday, I ran 12.5 miles and Sunday, I ran 15.5 miles. I didn't push myself and felt good! As a ran today, I could just kick myself for not getting into The Bobcat Marathon. It's my fault for waiting to long and getting closed out. Oh, well, the rest from racing probably did me good :) I'm looking forward to next weekend, which will be Bill's Bad Ass 50k.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Cold, Snow, and Sickness

It has been a weird kind of day!! Got up for boot camp after a short night of sleep. Very tired but drug myself out of bed. Normally, I run right after class and then swim but not this morning. Keith was home sick from school with strep and bronchitiis so I thought I had better get home to check on him. No swimming today and the running would have to wait!

After waiting hand and foot on him, just like a man likes it when he is sick, I tried to get out the door thinking that a 5 miler would be just fine! I decided to wear tights for the first time this year because I was freezing cold and I'm glad I did!! As soon as I started down the road, there came the first snow flakes of the year!! Ugh!! Not already!!! The snow didn't last long but the wind and the cold did!! I was surprised at how good I felt after a 12 miler yesterday and boot camp earlier. So good, that I ran 8 miles with little effort :)

I had to stop there because Keith needed to eat alittle something before he headed to school in the afternoon for Bio II class. He had a test and in no way, shape or form was he going to miss it, sick or not!! By the time he got home from school, he seemed to be feeling better!! Today, is his girlfriends birthday, so of course he is well enough to go and celebrate with her!!!

Really glad I'm not racing this weekend :) I'm going to try and get out on the trails both Sat. and Sun. and hopefully, have a couple of relaxing runs. Relaxing runs, who me, I promise I'll try :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Miles At Mohican

Met up with Don Baun, Dan Bellinger, Tom Patton and Cheryl Splain, this morning at Mohican. We ran the x-terra course and added on an additional mile to get in 12 miles. It was a cool start but warmed up as the morning went on. I didn't plan on running the entire 12 miles but I felt good and for once there was no aches or pains. Did weights when I got home that included tris, shoulders and core.

I couldn't believe what happened late this afternoon, after Keith got home from lifting. The head basketball coach and two players that are good friends of Keith's pulled into our driveway. The coach really wants Keith to play, so I guess he thought a house call was necessary! We have never had that happen before so I thought that it was pretty cool that somebody thinks that much of Keith that they want him to play for them. He hasn't made up his mind but practice starts tomorrow so I guess the decision will have to be made tonight!! He really just wants to lift and get stronger for football, which is good but I think he needs more to get faster and quicker!! Mark and I are leaving it up to him, although we try to weigh the pro and cons for him! I know it will be alot of work and time and if his heart isn't in it, it will be a long winter! I'll let everyone know when the decision has been made...................

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back At It

Boot camp has now been changed to 6am instead of 5am so the extra hour of sleep was nice. For class today, we had to take a fitness test! Oh, no, I knew I would be in trouble since I was still recovering from this past weekend! We did a burn out on certain exercise to see where our fitness level was at. This means we had to do the exercise until we couldn't do it anymore. These included the following, planks, front and side, push-ups, lat rows, skull crushers, bicep curls, bent over rows, lat raises, lounge jumps, squat thrusts and a 1 mile run. It was pretty difficult for me and I would share with you my results but they are embarrassing!! I'll put it this way, there is alot of room to improve :) I am glad I have decided to comtinue with the class, not only to continue to improve my fitness but because of the great people I have met!!!

After class, I ran 5 miles and then swam 1.25 miles with a 250 yd pull and 200 yd kick. Felt better in the pool then I did running!!!!

Good news for Corey!! He got accepted into Kent State's accelerated nursing program which will start Jan.10th. Good for him!!!! He needed some good news!! So proud of him!!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Out Of Sync!!!!

Ran 5.5 miles this morning and I was still very stiff and sore from the weakend of running :( Just all kinds of aches and pains going on! I even wondered if I would be able to make 5 miles but as always, I survived!!

Did weights after my run and I feel like I am sort of starting over. I am not able to lift as much as I did a month ago, so I'm staring a new and trying to lift correctly and slowly :) I hope in a week or so, I'll be back up to my normal lifting weight. In the mean time, I will probably be sore!! I have also decided to continue with boot camp and try to add in a couple of days of spinning. I'm worried it might be too much, so I'll just have to try it and see how it goes.

A short up date on my son, Corey and his broken heart. Things have settled down some, mainly because they are talking again. She wants to be his FRIEND but at the same time she calls him every night and says how much she misses him!! The poor boy is very confused and is in limbo!! I, on the other hand, pray that she is not leading him on!! It seems like she wants him there when SHE wants him there and to hell with what he wants!! Such drama!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned..........................

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Lemke Way

It was a fast and busy weekend, so I'll start on Friday 10-29-10

Boot camp in the AM followed by 1.25 mile swim with 450yd pull. No running do to the fact that I would be doing two races, well not really racing but I'll call them tempo runs :)
Keith had his last football game of his junior year against Fredricktown, who is state ranked. They ended up getting beat 40-14. At least they scored and no one got hurt!! Keith had a good game with around 16 tackles, 3 or 4 carries getting about 30 yds and 2 extra points! It has been a tough season for the boys and not all the blame falls on them. I won't dwell on the coaching but I hope things change for next year. I can only image how hard it is to coach these days. You can't make everybody happy!! Keith had a goal of 100 tackles for the year and passed that goal easily. He was second on the team for tackles and I think second in tackles for the Ashland area! He also played alot of offense this year but I am not sure of the stats yet and of course, he ended up being the team kicker which I'm sure will extend into next year!! So proud of him!! Now, the college hunt will begin so by next fall he will have an idea of where he would like to go to college. Right now, the big decision will be if he is going to play basketball. He played in elementary, jr.high, and his freshman year. Sat out his sophmore yr and now is thinking he should play again!! Stay tuned........

Saturday 10-30-10 - Mark and I got up and headed to the Mohican Lodge to do The Nu Race Trail Run. The race was for the Nu hop Camp for children and consisted of a four different races, a 3.5, 8, 13.5, 31. Mark did the 8 miler and I signed up for the 13.5. I felt good in the beginning and for some reason I found myself running with most of the 3 milers. Way too fast!!! We hit the lodge trail until we came to a trail called the stage coach trail on the other side of the road. I have never ran on that trail before and found it very hilly!! About half way through the race my dear old legs started to fail me!! I think the fast start and still being in recovery mode didn't help!! The stage coach hills had to be walked but I made it to the end for a first place finish for the women!! I won't mention the time but it was nothing to write home about!! It was great seeing Rob Powell and Joe Crawford, who did the 31 miler and Dawn Crawford who did the 8 miler. Congrats to all!! It was a nice race and for their first year, it was put together very well!!!

Sunday 10-31-10 - Happy Halloween!!! Once again, Mark and I got up very early, 2:30am, and headed up to CVNP to run Run With Scissors, marathon and double marathon. Last year, I ran the double but this year decided to only do the single because of only being 2 weeks out from the 100. The race started at 5 am which means most of the marathon would be run in the dark. Once again, I started out feeling good, running a fairly comfortable with friends that included Mark Carroll, Dan Bellinger, and Mike Keller. At about mile 16, the tiredness and fatigue started to set in and I was having trouble regulating my blood sugar. I made the stupid mistake of drinking gatoraide at the mile 10 aid station and it started to make my blood sugar crash! I had little cliff bars with me, that brought me out of it for awhile but then I would crash again! That kept going on for about 5 miles until I reached the last aid station were I could get some real food. Thank goodness Mike Keller was there to run with me and keep me going! Thanks, Mike!!! It really slowed me down, making my overall time rather depressing :( I did finish 2nd woman and 11th overall. A big thanks to Roy Hager and Shannon Fisher for putting on a top notch race! Also, thanks to all the volunteers, who stood in the cold helping the runners!

Monday 11-1-10 - 1 mile swim and 45 min. spinning class. No running!! I am thinking of dropping the boot camp class and going back to spinning! I love the boot camp class but maybe changing things up would be good for my body. Stay turned............................