Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Crapy Weekend!!!

It's really been a bad weekend other than the two good trail runs.

It seems like everybody in the house just can't get along. We are all on each others nerves and all I want to do is go run on the trails or lock myself in the bedroom!! I guess we all have those times!!

Had two very relaxing trail runs at Mohican. On Saturday, I ran 12.5 miles and Sunday, I ran 15.5 miles. I didn't push myself and felt good! As a ran today, I could just kick myself for not getting into The Bobcat Marathon. It's my fault for waiting to long and getting closed out. Oh, well, the rest from racing probably did me good :) I'm looking forward to next weekend, which will be Bill's Bad Ass 50k.

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Anonymous said...

Crappy weekend and you got to run trails both days.