Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Days

You gotta love the weather, the past couple of days!! Such beautiful fall days makes everything so much better!! I love the cool, crisp mornings and the warm afternoons with the smell of leaves in the air. It is even better whien you are able to go runnning on the trails and realize all the beauty there is. It makes life's problems seem so small and unimportant!

Yesterday moning, I met up with Don Baun, Dan Bellinger, Tom Patton, Julie Miller and Cheryl Splain, for the most peaceful, gourgous run. We ran the orange loop and then along the river for 15.5 miles and didn't see a soul. No bikers, hunters or hikers, just us runners listening to our breath and the crunch of the leaves beneath our feet. If you have never been out on the trails to experience this, it is really priceless!!!! Try it sometime and I assure you, you'll love it and be hooked!!!!

Today, November 10, 2010, 6am boot camp that included all kinds of lounges, kicks and jumps and then 1 mile timed run. On tied legs, I ran a 7:15 min. mile without really pushing myself :) After class, I ran an easy 5 miles and then 1.25 mile swim. The swim included 500yd swim with a sprint every 25 yds. and a 400 yd pull.

On to the family drama!! Corey is still struggling with this girlfriend, or I should say ex-girlfriend. She is so using him right now but he just can't see it. Maybe, one day the light bulb will go off and he will realize that there is other fish in the sea!

Keith has decided not to play basketball which I am really struggling with. I have been really upset with him for not playing but am getting over it. The good news, which we just found out, he made the MBC team(football) for the conference and will be recognized at a banquet on Nov. 22. So proud of him!!!

On to Kyle! He has been doing well at school and is back to running. He is getting ready for the indoor season and seems to be doing well at this point. Hopefully, the season will go well for him! Other than not having heat in his house, things seem good :)

Enjoy these fall days, everyone............................................................

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