Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Out Of Sync!!!!

Ran 5.5 miles this morning and I was still very stiff and sore from the weakend of running :( Just all kinds of aches and pains going on! I even wondered if I would be able to make 5 miles but as always, I survived!!

Did weights after my run and I feel like I am sort of starting over. I am not able to lift as much as I did a month ago, so I'm staring a new and trying to lift correctly and slowly :) I hope in a week or so, I'll be back up to my normal lifting weight. In the mean time, I will probably be sore!! I have also decided to continue with boot camp and try to add in a couple of days of spinning. I'm worried it might be too much, so I'll just have to try it and see how it goes.

A short up date on my son, Corey and his broken heart. Things have settled down some, mainly because they are talking again. She wants to be his FRIEND but at the same time she calls him every night and says how much she misses him!! The poor boy is very confused and is in limbo!! I, on the other hand, pray that she is not leading him on!! It seems like she wants him there when SHE wants him there and to hell with what he wants!! Such drama!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned..........................

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