Thursday, November 4, 2010

Miles At Mohican

Met up with Don Baun, Dan Bellinger, Tom Patton and Cheryl Splain, this morning at Mohican. We ran the x-terra course and added on an additional mile to get in 12 miles. It was a cool start but warmed up as the morning went on. I didn't plan on running the entire 12 miles but I felt good and for once there was no aches or pains. Did weights when I got home that included tris, shoulders and core.

I couldn't believe what happened late this afternoon, after Keith got home from lifting. The head basketball coach and two players that are good friends of Keith's pulled into our driveway. The coach really wants Keith to play, so I guess he thought a house call was necessary! We have never had that happen before so I thought that it was pretty cool that somebody thinks that much of Keith that they want him to play for them. He hasn't made up his mind but practice starts tomorrow so I guess the decision will have to be made tonight!! He really just wants to lift and get stronger for football, which is good but I think he needs more to get faster and quicker!! Mark and I are leaving it up to him, although we try to weigh the pro and cons for him! I know it will be alot of work and time and if his heart isn't in it, it will be a long winter! I'll let everyone know when the decision has been made...................

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