Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kyle's Broken Foot :(

Since I didn't do much blogging last week, I didn't write about my middle son, Kyle, who runs for Ohio Wesleyan. Last Thrusday evening, we get a call from Kyle saying that his right foot is swollen, he can't walk on it and he wasn't able to finish their interval workout on the track that afternoon. At this point, he is very upset and I'm trying to do everything I could do to keep him calm! The next morning, he went for x-rays and sure enough, he broke the third metatarsal on the top of his foot. At this point, he is wearing a boot and is on crutches :( He will be out for 4-6 weeks. No running but he can swim, bike and lift. The outdoor track season, I guess is out of the question, but I'm sure he will heal and come back stronger than before. He is just upset because he ran one outdoor meet and did well in the 800 with a time of 1:56.7. He was looking for big things this spring but will have to wait until next season. He seems to be handling everything pretty well, although I think it is hard for him to see all his friends running. He's a Lemke, he is tough and he will be just fine! I believe, disappointments make you stronger!! Love you, Kyle!

Today, I woke up at 7am and got my lift done before I went out to run. I went down to the track, to run with the LHS track team. Ran 4.5 miles with my friend, Haley Young and finished up by myself to get in 10 miles. Felt tired and stiff but I need to keep the miles up for MMT 100 training!! Of course, that wasn't enough, so crazy me went to the Y and swam 1 mile. I hear the trails calling my name for tomorrow :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fools 50k

Finally, I'm trying to get caught up on my blog! First thing, the two days before the Fools race.

Friday March 26 - 5.5 miles on the snow covered trails at Mohican. I think we got about 3 inches the night before so it proved to be a a challenging run but beautiful! Swam 1 mile that included 300yd pull and 150yd kick.

Saturday March 27 - 3 easy miles on the road and then a road trip to see Kyle, who broke his foot during track practice late last week :(

Sunday March 28 - Fools 50k The course consisted of two 25k loops and runners could either run one loop of two. The race started out cool and dry with the trail conditions mostly dry with wet and muddy spots, no big deal. My plan was to start out at a comfortable pace for the first lap and then see what would happen from there. I did just that, nice and easy, talking to fellow runners on the way. During the first lap, I ran with Mark Carroll and Kyle Fahrenkamp, until I had to stop behind a tree for a potty break. I hate doing that because you lose more time than you think. I was able to catch back up with Kyle but Mark was out of my reach and he ended up running extremely well, breaking 5 hrs. Great job, Mark! I finished the first lap with Kyle and started out on the second lap when I felt the first drops of rain! By the time I reached mile 20, it was raining pretty hard and the dry trails turned into mud! At this point, I was running with a man by the name of David Klimas. Thank you so much David for running with me and keeping me going the last 10 miles. With 4 miles to go, I took a nasty spill at the last aid stop, slidding head first in the mud. My water bottle bottle went flying into the woods and I was covered with mud from my head to toe. I wasn't hurt but it just kind of stunned me and took a couple minutes to collect myself. By that time, David had already left the aid station, so I continued the last three miles by myself. I could just kick myself for stopping at that aid station and fussing with my water bottle. That's what I get for not paying attention! At this point, I'm covered with mud, my knee is bleeding and the trails are nothing but pure mud. I was slipping and sliding all the way to the finish! Overall, place wise was good but the time not so good. 2nd female, 13th overall with a time of 5 hrs and 11 min. I guess, I should be pleased but made some mistakes, like making a pit stop and stopping at that last aid station and losing focus! I guess you learn from your mistakes! A special thanks goes to race director, Lloyd Thomas and his wife for putting on such a great race and to all the voleunteers who stood out in the rain to help!

Monday March 29 - Recovery day! 1 and 1/4 mile swim which included 300yd pull and 150yd kick, plus a 45 min. spinning class.

Today, Tuesday March30 - 8.25 miles on the road and lifted weights

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taking It Easy, I Think?

Yesterday - March 24,2010 - No running again, Swam 1 and a fourth mile and did a 45 minute spinning class at the Y. Rode pretty hard but felt good and rested

Today - March 25, 2010 - Ran 7 miles on the trails at Mohican. Legs were tired from yesterday's spin class. I got done before the rain started, thank goodness!! Lifted weights and did some touch up painting on the woodwork in the house. Always drama at our house, Keith is on spring break and will be out with his friends, which makes me nervous, Corey is still trying to get into grad school and Kyle, just called and is having trouble with his foot He can hardly walk let alone run :( It almost makes me want to crawl into bed and throw the covers over my head!

Good luck this weekend to those that are running Umstead and the Fools 50k!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not Much

Nothing really exciting today, not that there ever is! LOL Ran 7 miles this morning and felt fairly decent! Lifted weights that included triceps, shoulders and abs. Cleaned some of the house, did laundry and watched tv, this evening! It's great when I'm tapering because I get alot of sleep, watch alot of tv and the house gets clean! Gotta love it!!!!! However, I'm already thinking about after the Fools 50k and how much I'm going to have to ramp up the miles again! So, I had better enjoy!!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Did not run today! However, I couldn't just sit around and not do anything, so I swam 1 mile and did a 45 minute spinning class. Gotta love the taper!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Taper Week

It's time to taper for the Fools 50k next Sunday. I'm tired both physically and mentally so this will be a good week to regroup and rest. I took my husband, Mark out with me to Mohican this morning for a recovery run. We ran a nice, easy pace on the purple loop to the lodge and back, plus a little down by the river to get in 10 miles. It was once again, a wonderful morning!! Lifted weights when we got home. I will probably take a day off of running tomorrow but will spin and swim. Hopefully, I will be smart and not do too much this week!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

94 Miles!!

My plan for the week certainly did not include a real high mile week, but I logged in 94 for the week! I haven't done that since I was in college when we would put in 100+ miles in, the old school way!! It was fairly easy, maybe my old legs are starting to get use to all the pounding. I did however, have a calf issue near the end of the week but it has worked itself out. Today, I met up with Jay Smithberger, Steve Zeidner, David Huss and Kim Boner at MO for a 15 mile run. It was a pretty quick pace on my tired legs but I felt encouraged for the Fools 50K next weekend. Not sure how I'm going to race it yet. There will be some very fast runners and coming off of a high mile week I probably don't have prayer! It might just turn into a training run! I'll have to taper well this week, if that is possible :)
My milege looked like this:
Sunday - 20 miles
Monday - 7.5 miles
Tuesday - 10 miles
Wednesday - 5 miles
Thrusday - 16.5 miles
Friday - 20 miles
Saturday - 15 miles
Total - 94 miles

Friday, March 19, 2010

One Bad, One Good!

Ran with some friends from the Mansfield Y Run Club at Mohican today. Kay, Wayne, Rick, Duane and myself started at 8:00 this morning at the PR start. It was a little chilly at the start but soon warmed up and turned into a beautiful morning and day!! Kay and Rick turned around at 5 miles and Wayne, Duane and myself kept going down the trail to the covered bridge. We headed out on the purple and Duane and myself stayed on the purple loop while Wayne headed to the lodge. Duane and I got in 20 miles and Wayne was looking to do 26 miles. The trails were in great shape!! I felt good even after yesterday's 15 miler :) My calf, which was sore last night, loosened up today on the run and did not give me any trouble! It seems like I have one good day and then one bad day! I will have to make sure I taper next week for the Fools 50k. The other thing that has surprised me, after counting up my miles, I will have 94 miles for the week after tomorrow's run which I hope to be around 15 miles! Maybe, that's why I'm tired and have these little aches and pain! Imagine that! LOL

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Running The Fools 50k Course

Today, I drove up to CVNP to Pine Hollow so I could run on the Fools 50k course. Met with Dan Bellinger and Tom Patton and ran the entire loop once to get in 16.5 miles. It was a beautiful day to be out on the trails with good company! The trails were in great shape, only alittle mud! Thanks Dan for being such a good guide and stashing water for us!! I did have a slight problem with my left calf muscle. About 2 mile into the run, I noticed a cramp like feeling but thought it would work itself out. Of course, it did not, but only seemed to feel tight and uncomfortable. I tried to stretch it out but it didn't help much and as I sit here this evening , the calf muscle is sore :( What next!!! Hopefully it will be better tomorrow, I would like to run 15 miles at MO with some of the runners from the Mansfield Y run club. We'll see? After the run, I went to Vertical Runner in Hudson(love the store) to get my free trails shoes from the Bobcat Marathon, 2nd place finish, plus some smartwool socks. That's all for tonight! It's getting late and I need some beauty rest! LOL

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One Day At A Time

The weather has been great the last couple of days! Even though the mornings have been alittle chilly, it's been wonderful to be out running in the sunshine. Yesterday, I headed out to Mohican and ran 10 miles on the orange loop. Unfortunately, for some reason, maybe the long miles this past weekend, my back and leg hurt! it bothered me the rest of the day but I did get my lift in and swam 1 mile.

Today, only ran 5 miles and there was no pain :) I lifted weights, 45 minute spinning class and swam 1 mile. All seems to be good, this evening :)

I wanted to share this poem, my youngest son had to write for 10th grade English class. It's about running and I thought he did a good job thinking this one up!

The world passes me by,
As I look at things change.
Nothing I can do but watch,
As my life passes by
So I run, run, as fast as I can.
To make sure I don't get passed by,
I'm not afraid of the past,
Only what I missed.
I can't take back what I've missed.
I put my running shoes on.
Begin my stretch to keep my legs fresh.
I stand ready to keep my feet on the ground.
I run because of the joy it brings.
The sweat makes me feel good, making my clothes wet.
But the feeling of running and running as fast as I can makes me feel good.
I feel free as a bird, nothing holding me back.
I almost fly as I run with both feet being of the ground at the same time.
Nothing to hold me down but my own dismay.
No help from anyone, but myself to watch my back.
Now I am free, free at last and now moving and the world standing to watch me.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Back On The Trails!!

After a month of not running on the trails because of all the snow, I finally got two days in at Mohican! It was wonderful!! It was exactly what I needed!! The trails were wet and muddy but I'll take that over running on the roads anyday!! Both Saturday and Sunday were training runs for the PR race.

Saturday - We started at the Covered Bridge in a light drizzle that turned into a down pour and back to a drizzle. It was that way most of the day! Star Blackford, Mark Carroll and myself did the orange loop at a pretty good pace until Mark took a spill and twisted his ankle. From there, we slowed things down for Mark to recover. Mitch Meyers and Rob Powell caught up to us and we went on the trail by the river, which at times was completely under water due to the high river. We made it back to the CB in one piece but totally drenched by the rain!! Mark and I waited for Rob and Michelle and then the four of us headed out on the purple loop, to the lodge and back. We ended up with 24 miles but Mark and I, as anal as we are, needed to get in two more for a marathon distance. We headed back out and got in our 2+ miles in to end up with 26 miles!

Sunday - It wasn't raining but everything was still wet and muddy. We started at the CB, to the Firetower and back to the CB on the bike trail. Michael Patton lead the way at a good pace, followed by a couple of guys I didn't know and then Star and myself weren't far behind. After we got to the CB, we headed out on the purple loop again, to the lodge and back for a total of 15.7 miles. I wanted to get in 20, so Star, Darris and myself headed out along the river to get in 4 more miles. I was tired but felt good. It was so nice running with old and new friends and being able to catch up with all the latest in running!

Today - I planned on doing a 6 mile recovery run but ended up running a hilly 7.75 miles. I was surprised at how well I felt after two days of long runs! Lifted weights and rode my bike on the windtrainer for 10 miles.

In the mean time, Kyle made it back to OWU after a week at home on spring break. Corey got back from South Padre, TX safely and Keith did well at this track meet at Oberlin, running a 57.7 in the open 400.

Until tomorrow....................

Friday, March 12, 2010

Even Better

I don't know why I've been in such a funk this week :( You would think that with the great weather we have been having, I would be feeling great! However, I did feel pretty good today on my run :) Ran 7 miles, lifted weights and swam a mile and a fourth. Both the run and swim were at a good effort so I'm feeling pretty good about that!! This weekend, I'm planning on two runs at Mohican with the PR training group. It's probably going to be wet and muddy but I'm excited to finely be back on the trails. It' time to hit the long runs on the trails to prepare for MMT!!!

At the Lemke household, things have calmed down a bit for now. Kyle will go back to school on Sunday, Corey is flying back from South Padre Island, TX tomorrow and the youngest is still struggling with the girlfriend break-up but he is coping :( Hopefully the weekend will be a good one!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Running went alittle better for me today :) Ran 6.5 miles, lifted weights and swam a mile and a fourth that included 500 yd pull. I think I'm just feeling sorry for myself!!! One boy with a broken heart, one boy going back to school after spring break and one boy didn't even come home for break makes for a sad mother :(

Good news, my dad is going great!! Mark, Kyle, Keith and myself had dinner with the folks and for now everything is good :)

Actually, looking forward to the weekend of running at MO with all my friends! It's been about 3 weeks since I have been on the trails. It will be so good for the soul!! I hope it doesn't rain because that will equal mud!! See ya on the trails :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Last 24 Hrs.

I'll start off first talking about my Dad. Tuesday evening, I got a call from my Mom saying that my Dad had passed out AGAIN while eating at a resturant and they were taking him to the ER. My Dad has a condition in which his heart does not beat fast enough causing not enough blood flow to the brain, causing him to faint. He is on medicines for the condition but it doesn't seem to be working. They kept him in the hospital on Tuesday night and ran a battery of tests. Nothing was found :) No stroke or heart attack, all heart valves and artieries are clear, so for an 80 year old man, he is in great shape! They did find out that the medicine he was taking was to strong and slowing his heart down to much causing the blackouts. Hopefully, the change in medicine will take care of the problem! That's how my Wednesday went, time with my parents in the hospital waiting for test results. Not a problem, I would wait all day with them, I love them very much!!!
After all day at the hospital and bringing my dad home, I get home to find out Keith and his girlfreind, for about a year, had broken up!! Oh, My!! It's hard to deal with a young heart that has been broken. I guess she had been talking with another boy and Keith got mad, said some things he shouldn't have and that was the end of that!! It's really hard to see your kid hurt like that, but I think everybody goes through it at least once in their life time :( A growing and learning experience!! Tonight, was another tough night, but he's a Lemke, he'll get through it! I'm so glad he has some great friends to lean on!!!
As for me, 6 miles, lifted weights and swam a mile. Running has been a real struggle since the weekend of racing. I just don't feel good and it takes alot of effort to get out the door :( Sometimes I wonder if all the effort, pain and time is all worth it! Carry on everyone..........

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Green Jewel 50k and Arnold Pump & Run

Saturday March 6, 2010 - I ran the Green Jewel 50 K starting in Rocky River, OH and finished in Brecksville. It was a well organized race, great race directors and volunteers. Thanks to Vince Rucci and Joe Jurczyk for putting on a great race and to all those who volunteered at the aid stations! For me, the race was filled with different emotions. I was excited to run the race but worried about injury due to the fact it was all on pavement. My plan was to run at a steady pace that was comfortable, around 9 minute miles, which I ended up at a 8:45 minute pace. All good, right! NOT!!! From the minute the gun sounded for the start, I knew it was going to be a long day!! I started out very tight and sluggish and was hoping that I would come out of it once I warmed up. That never happened and the longer I ran, the worse I felt! It just wasn't my day, no matter what I did, I never came out of the funk!!! Half way through the race, I had to force myself to keep on going and remind myself that when I start hurting during my 100 mile races, I just have to push through it! I was tired and in pain( some back and leg) and just wanted to give up. Honestly, it was probably the worst race I have ran in a long time. It just didn't click!!! Finished 2nd female and in the top 20 overall with a time of 4:31.

Sunday March 7,2010 - Went down to the Arnold Pump & Run in Columbus. Stiff and sore when I got up in the morning and my right calf muscle was extremely stiff and sore. For the pump, depending on your age, you could bench up to 30 reps and then run a 5k. I knew, I wouldn't do very good in the run after Saturday and the lift is really not a big deal for me since I only have to do something like 40% of my body weight. Once I was up and moving around, I loosened up and felt somewhat normal! LOL I got my 30 reps up and ran a 22 minute 5k. I felt a heck of alot better running on Sunday than Saturday even though I was tired and stiff! I averaged 7:20 minute miles which really surprised me. I haven't check where I finished in the results, maybe top 10?

Monday March 8, 2010 - Day Off!!!!!!!!

Tuesday March 9, 2010 - Ran 6 miles and lifted weights

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Feeling Sluggish

Only ran 5 miles this morning and felt sluggish and tired :( Don't really know why? Maybe it was the late workout last night or maybe my body is not use to getting rest! Whatever it is, I sure hope it gets better by Saturday!! You know me, always worried!! I did feel better swimming and swam 1 miles with 350yd pull and 100yd kick. Tomorrow will be a complete day of rest!! YEA!!!!!

Corey leaves for spring break tomorrow and Kyle will be running in the 800m prelims tomorrow night at Dennison College for the NCAC Conference. There are three heats and they take the winner of each heat plus the next six fastest times for the finals on Saturday. Last year, Kyle was the 800m champ for the conference but this year there are a couple of runners from Walbash that can run in the low 1:50's. He'll have to run hard but I think he can do well!!! Makes me so nervous but at least it takes my mind off of my racing :) Good Luck to us all!!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Leg Turnover

Wow!! I got to sleep in today! Sleep I did until about 10:00 this morning! It was GREAT!!! Got up and did my lifting and went to the grocery store. This evening, I went up with Keith and the LHS indoor track team to the Wooster indoor track and ran 5.5 miles. I did alittle speed workout with them that consisted of 4 x 600's. Not real fast but enough to make me work! I think it would have been at a little over 7:00 min. mile pace. Just exactly what I needed coming into the weekend of racing!!

My other big thing is my diet. I got to thinking about it after a woman at the Y started talking to me about a vegan diet. Sounded interesting, so I have been going some research and may give it a try. At this point, I can use all the help I can get for my running!! The other thing that I would like to do is to cut out sugar, which may be a hard thing to do!! I'll keep everyone informed on how it's going. So far after one day, pretty good!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Week Of Tapering :)

This will be a nice low mileage week which should give my body a break from long, hard miles.
Today - 6.1 miles, lifted weights, practicing the bench for the Arnold P&R on Sunday and swam 1 mile.
Yesterday - 7.2 miles, lifted weights and swam 1 mile.
Don't really know what I got myself into, running a 50k on the road but I'll give it a shot. It will probably turn into a training run but that's ok. I just don't want to get injuried. I will then turn around on Sunday and do the Arnold P&R but it may only turn into a run and not the pump! I know I will have to look to the heavens above to help me out!!!