Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Green Jewel 50k and Arnold Pump & Run

Saturday March 6, 2010 - I ran the Green Jewel 50 K starting in Rocky River, OH and finished in Brecksville. It was a well organized race, great race directors and volunteers. Thanks to Vince Rucci and Joe Jurczyk for putting on a great race and to all those who volunteered at the aid stations! For me, the race was filled with different emotions. I was excited to run the race but worried about injury due to the fact it was all on pavement. My plan was to run at a steady pace that was comfortable, around 9 minute miles, which I ended up at a 8:45 minute pace. All good, right! NOT!!! From the minute the gun sounded for the start, I knew it was going to be a long day!! I started out very tight and sluggish and was hoping that I would come out of it once I warmed up. That never happened and the longer I ran, the worse I felt! It just wasn't my day, no matter what I did, I never came out of the funk!!! Half way through the race, I had to force myself to keep on going and remind myself that when I start hurting during my 100 mile races, I just have to push through it! I was tired and in pain( some back and leg) and just wanted to give up. Honestly, it was probably the worst race I have ran in a long time. It just didn't click!!! Finished 2nd female and in the top 20 overall with a time of 4:31.

Sunday March 7,2010 - Went down to the Arnold Pump & Run in Columbus. Stiff and sore when I got up in the morning and my right calf muscle was extremely stiff and sore. For the pump, depending on your age, you could bench up to 30 reps and then run a 5k. I knew, I wouldn't do very good in the run after Saturday and the lift is really not a big deal for me since I only have to do something like 40% of my body weight. Once I was up and moving around, I loosened up and felt somewhat normal! LOL I got my 30 reps up and ran a 22 minute 5k. I felt a heck of alot better running on Sunday than Saturday even though I was tired and stiff! I averaged 7:20 minute miles which really surprised me. I haven't check where I finished in the results, maybe top 10?

Monday March 8, 2010 - Day Off!!!!!!!!

Tuesday March 9, 2010 - Ran 6 miles and lifted weights

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That's a good weekend of running! Great job!