Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Last 24 Hrs.

I'll start off first talking about my Dad. Tuesday evening, I got a call from my Mom saying that my Dad had passed out AGAIN while eating at a resturant and they were taking him to the ER. My Dad has a condition in which his heart does not beat fast enough causing not enough blood flow to the brain, causing him to faint. He is on medicines for the condition but it doesn't seem to be working. They kept him in the hospital on Tuesday night and ran a battery of tests. Nothing was found :) No stroke or heart attack, all heart valves and artieries are clear, so for an 80 year old man, he is in great shape! They did find out that the medicine he was taking was to strong and slowing his heart down to much causing the blackouts. Hopefully, the change in medicine will take care of the problem! That's how my Wednesday went, time with my parents in the hospital waiting for test results. Not a problem, I would wait all day with them, I love them very much!!!
After all day at the hospital and bringing my dad home, I get home to find out Keith and his girlfreind, for about a year, had broken up!! Oh, My!! It's hard to deal with a young heart that has been broken. I guess she had been talking with another boy and Keith got mad, said some things he shouldn't have and that was the end of that!! It's really hard to see your kid hurt like that, but I think everybody goes through it at least once in their life time :( A growing and learning experience!! Tonight, was another tough night, but he's a Lemke, he'll get through it! I'm so glad he has some great friends to lean on!!!
As for me, 6 miles, lifted weights and swam a mile. Running has been a real struggle since the weekend of racing. I just don't feel good and it takes alot of effort to get out the door :( Sometimes I wonder if all the effort, pain and time is all worth it! Carry on everyone..........

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Nick Billock said...

All in time, Terri. All in time. It's all worth it...imagine life without it!

I hope your dad stays strong. His slow heart rate reminds me of myself. I have vasovagal syncope and in certain conditions, my heart will stop and I'll pass out. Resting heartrate when sleeping or relaxing is under 40. My cardiologist even offered me drugs and a pacemaker if I wanted one! It's ironic how a strong and healthy heart like your dad has (or I have) can hurt. Lots of hydration seems to be critical for me in keeping me from going down.

All the best to you! Keep your head up!