Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fools 50k

Finally, I'm trying to get caught up on my blog! First thing, the two days before the Fools race.

Friday March 26 - 5.5 miles on the snow covered trails at Mohican. I think we got about 3 inches the night before so it proved to be a a challenging run but beautiful! Swam 1 mile that included 300yd pull and 150yd kick.

Saturday March 27 - 3 easy miles on the road and then a road trip to see Kyle, who broke his foot during track practice late last week :(

Sunday March 28 - Fools 50k The course consisted of two 25k loops and runners could either run one loop of two. The race started out cool and dry with the trail conditions mostly dry with wet and muddy spots, no big deal. My plan was to start out at a comfortable pace for the first lap and then see what would happen from there. I did just that, nice and easy, talking to fellow runners on the way. During the first lap, I ran with Mark Carroll and Kyle Fahrenkamp, until I had to stop behind a tree for a potty break. I hate doing that because you lose more time than you think. I was able to catch back up with Kyle but Mark was out of my reach and he ended up running extremely well, breaking 5 hrs. Great job, Mark! I finished the first lap with Kyle and started out on the second lap when I felt the first drops of rain! By the time I reached mile 20, it was raining pretty hard and the dry trails turned into mud! At this point, I was running with a man by the name of David Klimas. Thank you so much David for running with me and keeping me going the last 10 miles. With 4 miles to go, I took a nasty spill at the last aid stop, slidding head first in the mud. My water bottle bottle went flying into the woods and I was covered with mud from my head to toe. I wasn't hurt but it just kind of stunned me and took a couple minutes to collect myself. By that time, David had already left the aid station, so I continued the last three miles by myself. I could just kick myself for stopping at that aid station and fussing with my water bottle. That's what I get for not paying attention! At this point, I'm covered with mud, my knee is bleeding and the trails are nothing but pure mud. I was slipping and sliding all the way to the finish! Overall, place wise was good but the time not so good. 2nd female, 13th overall with a time of 5 hrs and 11 min. I guess, I should be pleased but made some mistakes, like making a pit stop and stopping at that last aid station and losing focus! I guess you learn from your mistakes! A special thanks goes to race director, Lloyd Thomas and his wife for putting on such a great race and to all the voleunteers who stood out in the rain to help!

Monday March 29 - Recovery day! 1 and 1/4 mile swim which included 300yd pull and 150yd kick, plus a 45 min. spinning class.

Today, Tuesday March30 - 8.25 miles on the road and lifted weights


Trail Boy said...

Oooh, I could just feel your fall. A tough break, but nice writing. Take care of your knee.

E-Speed said...

congrats on a great run!