Sunday, February 28, 2010

Indoor Track

I had to get up fairly early this morning because Keith had a HS indoor track meet at Kenyon College and I had to finish up Corey's laundry before he headed back to Marietta.

Ran 8.5 miles and did a light lift. I felt pretty good after yesterday's long run. My plan at this point for next weekend will be to run the Green Jewel 50k on Saturday for a training run and then try to survive the Arnold P&R on Sunday. It will be a light week of training which my poor body could use after two 80 mile weeks :)

Keith ran extremely well today at Kenyon. He was the third leg in the 4x800 and improved his time by 7 seconds!! So proud of him because he does not enjoy running that race. The team as a whole ran an 8:42 for third place, improving by 11 seconds and at this point will be going the state meet along with running the 4x400. The same guys run both races, Keith, Bryan Derr, Jace Wolford and Nick Kopp. Great job, boys!!!!! Keith struggled in the open 400, running only a 58 but I think he was tired from the 800, so that's ok! A good job by all, including coach Daon Baun!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

An 80 Mile Week

Yesterday - a good 10 miles on the treadmill. Did 8 x half mile pick-ups at 7 minute pace. Very snowy and windy outside and Keith had another snow day. Corey came home for the weekend and Kyle's 4 x 800 won with a time of 7:57 at the Last Chance meet at Dennison College.

Today - Ran 16 miles. Tired and slow but I got it done. It gave me 80 miles for the week!! Now the question is, a 50k on Saturday or the Arnold P&R on Sunday or who knows both!!! Either way, I plan on backing the miles down next week to 50 or 60. A much need rest on my tired legs! Think SPRING everyone!!!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Miles!!

Nothing to exciting today! Woke up this morning with a dusting of snow outside. I'm really getting tired of this stuff and from what everyone is saying, we are going to get more! Ran 13.2 miles out on country roads. most of the roads were clear and wet but the gravel roads south of town were covered. Not a very fast run but I got it done!! Some days it just doesn't matter how fast you go!!! I really just wanted to log in the miles inorder to get my 80 miles in for the week!! After my run, I did abs and went to the Y. Swam a mile and a half with 400yd pull. Then went to Wal-Mart for groceries. It's amazing how bare the cupboards are when I don't have time to shop, only run!! Tomorrow, Corey is coming home for the weekend before spring break. He is going down to Texas some where on an island so he needs all his summer clothes. Kyle will be running down at Dennison tomorrow night. He will only be in the 4x800. The coach is resting everyone for the conference meet next weekend!! That's about it, however, I do have a house full of teenage boys downstairs. Keith and his friends are working on some project but it sounds like they are not getting much work done! A lot of noise!! To be young again!!! Until tomorrow...............

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tired but Satisfied

I'll start with yesterday since I had a really good day of training!! I ran 8 miles in the morning, feeling strong! Lifted weights, did cleaning around the house, took a nap and in the evening went to Mansfield to run with the Y run club. Hooked up with Kay Hunt and Mitch Myers and had a good 5 mile run. After that alot of conversation with the group about running and then off to the pool and swam 1 mile. Tired but satisfied! 13 miles total for the day :)

Today was a different story :( Got an 8 mile run in but the minute I started running down the road, I knew it was going to be a struggle. Body was very tired to the point of my stomach being upset, weak and sluggish. However, I did get my lift in and then called it quits for the day. I wanted to run with Keith and the LHS indoor track team in Wooster but decided I would be better off just resting! Tomorrow will be another day and I plan on doing a 10-15 miler and a swim. Hopefully, my body can hold up!! Probably won't get in any speed workouts this week. That seems to be my real down fall in my training. If I want to get faster, I need to run faster!!! Maybe next week :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Marietta Football

Yesterday, we made a road trip down to Marietta to attend the Marietta College football banquet with Corey. It was a little bitter sweet because this was the true end to Corey's football career :( When they were showing the football highlight film, I could see how hard it was on Corey knowing that those pads would never be on his shoulders again. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it! It did turn out to be a good time. Corey recieved his second year letter and was awarded the Joe Deppen - Unsung Hero Award. The coach told everyone about how hard Corey worked, his dedication and his drive never to give up! We were told about his lack of speed but how he would make it up in other areas out on the field, he never missed a practice or a lift and he had told the coaches that he would not leave the field, they would have to drag him off!! Also mentioned was the fact that he not only played CB but he was their place kicker and would have to stay after practice to get his kicking in!! Unheard of in college ball!! All I could think of was, THAT'S MY BOY!!! very proud of him!!! As I look back at the last four years, I have come to realize, that he must have had to work extremely hard, pushing never to give up!!! He will go very far in life, that I am sure of!!!!!

The other good thing that happened was Keith's HS indoor track meet. Loudonville ran at Kent State and did extremely well! I think about everyone who ran either ran a PR or broke a record!! Keith ran the open 400 and ran a PR for indoor,57.7 and ran the second leg in the 4x400 which broke the school indoor record, 3:42.7, placing 3rd and 7th in the state!!!!!

Now for my running, yesterday - 12 miles

Today - Monday - 8.2 miles, lifted weights and swam a mile and a half

Saturday, February 20, 2010

84 Miles!!

Reached my goal and then some :) I ran 84 miles for the week! My body is tired but no injuries to report and I'm starting to feel like my old self!! WHIPPPPEEEEE!!!!!

Today, I only needed to run 8 miles but feeling good so I ran around 11 miles. Around 7 miles, my garmin shut off so I had to go out and measure the rest of the run in the car. Hope it's right!! Did a lift afterwards :)

Yesterday, I ran 8.5 and felt sluggish and tired. Lifted weights and finally went to the pool and got in a mile and a fourth.

Kyle ran down at OSU last evening and placed third in the 800m with a time of 1:57.4. He is getting frustrated about his time not dropping. Two weeks until his conference meet so hopefully it will happen then. He would like too go under 1:55, we'll see!!!!!!! I think he can do it!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Clear Roads, Make For A Good Run!!

Woke up to ice on the roads instead of snow! Enough is enough!! Keith had a two hour delay, so instead of getting up to run, I went back to sleep until about 9:00am and got Keith up for school. By the time I went out to run around 10:00am, the roads were in good shape, only wet. I had a great 10.5 mile run!!!! I felt like my old self, no pain and constatntly pushing the pace :) After yesterday's run, I'm surprised I felt as good as I did. Since I'm trying to get 80 miles in for the week and the way the weather has been, I haven't been able to get to the pool as much as I would like. However, I'm still able to get the lifting in :) I guess I can only do so much and I have to be careful that the ol' body can take it! LOL

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Getting It Done!!

Another run on snow covered roads :( I'm really getting tired of all this snow and Keith needs to get back to school but once again he had another snow day! Ran 7 miles which totally exhausted me because of the slushie roads. Needed to get out of the house so, when Keith went to lift at the fieldhouse, I took off to the Y and swam a mile and a fourth with 450yd pull. After lunch, I layed down and took about an hour nap and then headed up to the Wooster indoor track with Keith for track practice with the team. Very tired so decided just to run on my own and ran 6 miles. I tried to pick up the pace during miles 4 and 5 but was just to tired to do much more. Total miles for the day - 13 Goal for the week 80 miles

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine FA

Sunday, 2-14-10 - Ran the Valentine FA in Gambier, OH which is Kenyon College. Thanks to Kim Boner, who put on the run and had great trail markings and wonderful soup and cookies. However, because of the snow, I think runners decided to stay home so it ended up being Kim, Mark Carroll and myself. For the first 9.5 miles we ran on the trails that were covered in snow up to our calves.It was very hard going and we became very tired in a short period of time. In the first 100 yds., I was breathing so hard, I was afraid I wouldn't even make a mile! We ran when we could and hiked through the snow when it was up to our knees. By the time we got through the first 9 miles, I was so tired that I didn't want to do anymore, but my dear FRIEND, Mark, convinced me to keep going! We then decided to continue our run on the country roads around Kenyon College. We found a 5+ mile lope and ran it twice. Total for the day 20.5 miles. Don't get me wrong, we had a great time and figured that if we were by ourselves we wouldn't have gotten in the miles. Thanks, Kim and Mark! The run was suppose to be a marathon distance but 20 was good enough for me. However, I did find out later that Mark ran again later that night in order to get in his marathon! Good job, Mark, you are the WINNER!!

Monday, 2-15-10 - I was afraid that I would be tired from trudging in the snow on Sunday but actually I felt pretty good running. I ran an easy 8.5 on the roads that were dry and snow free :) Lifted weights and then called it quits for the day! I need to start swimming more but it seems like all the running in the snow has been really making me more tired then usual. I need to quit being a baby and suck it up!!!

Today, Tuesday, 2-16-10 - No school for Keith today because of about 5 more inches of snow that fell last night. Once again, the roads are covered with ice and snow :( I'm really getting sick of this!! Out the door for 6 miles, lifted weights and did abs. Late afternoon, I got on the treadmill and ran 6 more miles of farlek running. Total of 12 miles for the day. No swimming, again :( Maybe tomorrow unless we get more snow :(

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow On The Roads AGAIN

Woke up this morning to a dusting of snow on the roads. By the time I got out the door for my run, it was snowing fairly hard and the roads were snowy and slippery again :( It was hard to get much traction anywhere I tried to run but I was able to get in 7 miles. Only did abs afterwards. I figured I need to save my energy for tomorrow for the Valentine FA in Gambier,OH. We will be attempting to run a marathon on the deep snow covered trails by Kenyon College!!

Kyle ran in the All-Ohio Div.III indoor track meet today at Otterbein College. He ran the 800m in the distance medley, placing first. In the open 800, he placed third with a 1:58.6. Of course, he wanted to do better but I'm so proud. Since he had to double today, it might have hurt him in the open. I do believe it will only make him stronger!! The wins and times will come!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Getting Through The Day

My entire body was tired this morning when I got up. However, knowing that if I didn't get out and run my whole day would be off schedule! Got to stay on my schedule! LOL I need a total of 14 miles today and tomorrow inorder to get in my 70 miles for the week. Surprisingly, I felt pretty good running today and got 8.5 miles in on the road. Legs are very dead!! At least most of the roads are no longer snow covered which made running easieer! Lifted weights for the biceps, triceps, shoulders and did abs. Went to the Y and swam a mile and a fourth with 450yd pull. The body is totally wiped out but a good workout over all. Too tired to cook, so we ordered pizza and looked forward to a night of r&r infront of the tv watching the Olympics!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Running On Tired Legs

Yesterday - No school once again for Keith. I wasn't going to let a little weather stop me so out the door I went and ran 6 miles on the slushy roads in Loudonville. I just couldn't bring myself to get on the treadmill plus I was tired from running twice the day before. It took the rest of my energy to get my lift in. I had planned to do a second run but was totally drained from running in the snow the last couple days, so decided against it. Did abs in the evening with Keith.

Today - 6 miles outside again and the roads were not much better. It's like running in loose sand and really zaps the life out of me! Even though I'm tired, I know that is exactly what I need. I need to keep going even though it's physically demanding, as long as I don't get injuried! Did some abs,went to the Y and swam 1 mile. This evening, I went to the Wooster indoor track with Keith and the Loudonville track team for intervals. Legs were exhausted but I got through it :) 1 x 200, 1 x 400,and 1 x 600 and then back down. With the warm-up, warm-down and the jog betweens, I got in 6 more miles. 12 miles total for the day

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I woke up this morning just as the snow was beginning to fall and they just called school off for Keith! Lucky him, he got to sleep in :) I figured I had better get up and get going before the roads got to slippery and snow covered. When I first started out on my run, it wasn't to bad but the longer I ran, the harder it started to snow. The roads became covered, mushy and slippery, plus the wind started to blow!! I ran 7.2 miles but the last couple of miles were pretty brutal!! Covered in snow and tired at the end, but at least I got it done!! Lifted weights - benched, flies, shoulder press and abs. In the afternoon, I decided I needed to run alittle more so, I jumped on the treadmill and ran 5 more miles at about an 8 min. mile pace, with the last mile alittle faster. Probably will have to be on the treadmill again tomorrow! UGHHHHHHHH!!

12 miles total for the day.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow and Cold!!

The first picture is all the snow we got last Saturday morning!
The second picture is the Alum Creek group run on Sunday, minus myself, taking the picture and David Huss, lost in Delaware!

OH, MY!!! Saturday morning we woke up to about 16 inches of snow! It's been a couple of years since we have gotten that much snow. Anyway, minus all the shoveling, it was very pretty and do I dare say fun!! I decided I would go out and explore in the morning on the roads, since we didn't have to go to Keith's track meet because it had been canceled the night before. I wore my screwed trail shoes and very slowly ran through calf high snow and ice. I did manage 6 miles and I'm sure people once again either thought I had lost my mind or were angry because I was in their way! To end my workout, I decided to lift. Kyle's track meet was still on at Capital University but only Mark went down because I have gotten to a point were I'm way to nervous to watch him run. I stayed at home and waited for Mark's call. It was a good call because Kyle won the 800m with a time of 1:57.4 and placed second with his 400m relay team. I think Kyle wanted to run faster in his 800 but like his mother, he has to be patient! Good things come to those who wait!!!

Sunday, I drove down to Alum Creek and ran with a new Central Ohio Trail Group. We ran the advanced mountain bike trail which was about a 6 mile loop. With the snow being above ankle deep, the first time around was pretty tough. By the time we got to the second and third time around, we had a pretty good path going. However, it was a very tough and slow going run! Trudging through the snow like that had me very tired and with each loop I prayed to God to get me through it! He did and along with die hards like Mark Carroll, Michael Patton, David Huss, Steve(sorry forget his last name) and myself we managed to do 20 miles. Man, was I trashed!!!! Last evening I took a nap and did absolutely nothing!! Not really sore just tired!! I was a very fun day meeting new runners and getting to run with familiar faces!!

Today, surprisingly I wasn't sore or tired! I managed 6.5 miles in 2 degree weather and actually felt pretty good :) Got a lift in and went to the Y for a mile and a half swim. Now, I'm trying to decided how I will get my miles in this week if we get all the snow they say is coming. I guess the treadmill and I will become good friends LOL

Friday, February 5, 2010

A Nice Trail Run!

Yesterday, I did any easy 8.5 miles on the road. I was very tired do the fact that I ran rather late in the evening the day before plus I'm not use to running tempo runs at this point in my training. Lifted weights and finally got back into the pool for a mile and a fourth swim. Went to Wal-Mart to pick up Kyle some food stuff since he came home on Thrusday evening. He has a job interveiw next Wednesday at a sports performance gym and needed a haircut. He only trusts one lady in Loudonville to cut his curly locks :) He spent the night last night and had his hair cut this morning before going back to class. I would post some pictures but I'm not allowed LOL

Today was a great day on the trails at MO. Ran with Joe Crawford, Wayne Snyder, Kay Hunt and Duane. Kay and Dwane ran 10 miles, Wayne ran 15 and I'm not sure how far Joe went. His plan was to run at least 25 miles to a 50k. I ran 11 miles with Joe and then picked Wayne up and finished 15 miles with him. Since it was such a nice day and I was feeling good, I decided to go back out and run 5 more, for a total of 20 miles. In the mean time, Loudonville Schools were dismissing at 1:00 so Keith and Shelby wanted to go up to the Y. No snow yet, so to the Y we went. They ran and then swam so I was able to get a mile of swimming in. It was quite a day!!

Now as the snow is coming down and my belly is full, I pretty tired!!

Keith's track meet at OSU is cancelled and we are waiting to here if Kyle is still running at Capital. It will probably be a treadmill run tomorrow but I think it would be fun to run in the snow in the AM. We'll see........

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Need For Speed

Yesterday nothing much happened. Went back to bed after Keith left for school :) Got up at 9:30 and lifted weights. No Running!! However, alot of housework and grocery shopping done!

Today, I decided to hit it hard once again! Ran 5 miles in the morning and it felt like a heat wave! Lifted weights and then did more housework. The house is really starting to look clean! LOL Since the Loudonville HS indoor track team had practice at Wooster on the indoor track, I decided to go up with Keith and do something with a little speed. I ended up running 7 miles, 1 mile warm-up, 5 mile tempo run and 1 mile warm-down. It actually felt pretty good :) I didn't know for sure what would happen,since this was the first time I did anything with speed since I have been injuried. Didn't even have that annoying foot slap!! All seems well right now, we'll see in the morning! After my run and lift tomorrow, I need to get back into the pool.

12 miles total for the day

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Weekend Of Running

The weekend started by running the No Shirt 50k FA in the CVNP. I think about 20 runners started the event with about half of us finishing the entire 50k. The thing about Fat Ass runs, is that there is no pressure to run a certain way. You run on how you feel and no one really cares as long as everyone is out there having a good time! If you want to run hard, go for it, if not, that's ok, also. I decided to really take my time and not push myself. My concern going into this weekend, was weither or not I would make the distance and run without getting injuried! The run was great despite the freezing temperature! It was all good once you got moving! I took my time from the very beginning and met some really great runners along with running with old friends. It was an out and back course,so I hooked up with Brian Musick, Mike George and Mark Anson on the way to the turn around point. At the turn around point, Dan Bellinger was kind enough to crew for us, and was waiting with food and water. From that point, I ran the entire way back with Roy Hegar. The things you can learn from Roy is awsome!! What a great guy and he really entertained me the whole way back! Thanks, Roy! We even negitive split, on the way back :) The best part of the run, I had no back or leg pain only tired legs :) A special thanks to my sister, Pam, for letting me spend the night with her on Friday and Dan Bellinger for showing me how to get to the start!

Sunday morning was a training run at Mohican for the PR 50k. I was only alittle stiff when I got up in the morning but knew if I took my time I would be fine. That's exactly what I did, nice easy running. No reason to push myself right now, all though sometimes it's hard not to :) I ran with Dan Baun, Mitch Myers, Luca Blengio, Julie Bowmen-Miller, Rob Powell, Tom Patton and Dwain, from Mansfield. Michelle Bichsel, Jay Smithberger and a couple of guys that I didn't know were in the fast group and took off from the very beginning and we never saw them again. Maybe someday, I will be back to running with them :( Patient, Terri!! Had a great time and once again no pain!!! Still feeling pretty good, I went to the Y and swam a mile and a half. Crazy, I know!!

Today, I ran with Don Baun, Bo Schroer,Vanessa Pitterger-Ragozzine and Gary Wright. We got 15.5 miles in and once again no pain :) Not as cold as the last two day, but still pretty fridged. A good time was had by all, although we were all tired at the end.

60 miles in the last three days and feeling better and better, makes me a happy camper :)