Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Working Out :)

The day started out at boot camp. We did all legs today such as lounges, jumps, squats, ect. My legs are still tired from the weekend so it was rather difficult!! Actually, I kind of felt sick after class, totally spent!!!! I started to wonder how I would be able to get in my miles on very tired legs??

After class, I went straight home to make sure Keith was up and getting ready for school. Mark has been down in Florida this week for buisness, so I wanted to make sure Keith didn't sleep in! LOL However, his girlfriend, Kate beat me to it and came over to wake him up!! Young love, I guess!!!

Headed to the trails around 8am. I decided I would run the xterra 11 miler course. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how well my legs felt, if only my achillies was feeling better!! Other than a pit stop and a fall( I'm glad it rained yesterday to soften up the trails), the run was a good one!! Maybe it was the cool weather and the smell of Autumn in the air!! p.s. You can now legally cross the covered bridge on the walk way!!!

Since I haven't done any upper body wieghts in a week, I decided to lift after I was done running!! Stupid me!!! I probably won't be able to get out of bed tomorrow and I promised to taper!! LOL

A quick shout out to those who are running Grindstone 100 this weekend!! Good luck and my God be with you!!! I will be thinking about you all Michael P, Dave H, David P and Sandi N .

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I hate rainy days!! Today was no diferent, making me feel tired, sluggish and unmotivated!! My achillies was bothering me this morning so instead of running in the morning, I decided to do the swimming first. I swam 1.25 miles with 10x50yd sprints and 300yd pull.

When I got home, I iced my achillies and then went to get a much needed haircut!!

An hour after my haircut, I decided to hit the trails and test out the achillies. My legs are still tired from the 6 hr. run on Sunday but the achillies was feeling good until the end. I ran 7.5 miles on trails that needed the rain we got in the morning. At about mile 5 the good old achillies started to stiffen up but I don't think I made anything worse!

I really need to get this thing taken care of before Oil Creek. I think with my taper and plenty of ice, I should be in good shape :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Kokosing Odyssey 6 hr. Run

Friday 9-24-10 boot camp, 8 mile run and 1.25 mile swim. Kyle came home in the afternoon for a haircut and Troy Lemke, my nephew, came to watch Keith play football and spend the night. Loudonville played Johnstown and lost 27-6. Keith had another good game but the boys just couldn't pull it together for a win. It was Homecoming with Mary Reinthal being crowned as queen!! Keith decided not to go to the dance the following night. I guess he saved some money but I wish he would have went for High School memories!!

Saturday 9-25-10 Met up with Michelle B, Kim B, Rob P and Lindsey B for a 15.5 mile run at Mohican. It was a good run with good friends!!

Sunday 9-26-10 I decided to run the Kokosing Odyssey 6 hr. run at Kenyon College. At the beginning of the week, I toyed with the idea of running the Akron marathon but saw the 6 hr. run was on Sunday. I would much rather run on the trails then the road :) I ran the Odyssey last year so I thought I would give it a shot again. The run started at 12pm and is run on a 5k loop on the trails. It's how many miles you can get done in six hours. Last year, I ran 34 miles so my goal was to run the same amount or more!! It is a very well organized and low key event so no stress, right? Once again, I started out way too fast and my achillies was bothering me. After about 9 miles, I settled into a 10-11 min. mile pace whichwas comfortable for awhile. On the 6th loop(18 miles) I started to feel the effect of the pace and slowed down some. Thanks goodness, I was be able to run with my good friend Mark Carroll, off and on throughout the race. He really helped me to keep going, weither he was infront of me or behind me!! Thanks, Mark! I came through the 50k mark at 5:05 which really surprised me, a pleasant surprise, I might add :) On lap number 11, I tried to push the pace as best I could on tired legs. I caught up with Mark and we finished last and final lap in 25 minutes!! 34 miles in 5:30!! A good day and I learned that I can still push myself even though I'm tired! That is something that I have seemed to have forgotten!! It will be nice to have that push again going into Oil Creek 100 in a couple of weeks!! Afterwards, my concern was the achillies. It was sore and swollen, but hopefully nothing that some ice and rest can cure :)
When I got home, Corey was home for the evening with his laundry. It was great to see him but I had to stay up late to do the laundry!! Not a good thing for a 4am start in the morning!!

Monday 9-27-10 Woke up at 4am for boot camp but was just too tired to go plus my achilies was sore :( I wimped out and went back to bed!! In the afternoon, I did manage to go for a 1.25 mile swim with a 45 yd pull just to loosen things up. I may take off from running again tomorrow depending on how the achillies feels. Not to worried because I am seriously going to taper for Oil Creek and it started today !!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Moody At Mohican

I have been in a real bad mood this week :( I have no idea why, but today was not any better!!

It was hard getting out of bed this morning and I just really didn't care if I made it out to run of not. Keith left for school and I laid back down for about an hr. before I struggled once again to get up! Stiff and sore from boot camp or WHATEVER, I forced myself to get on my running clothes. I knew it would be a warm one since it was already 9:30am, but I really didn't care!

Drove to the Covered Bridge at MO and started my trek on the trail to Hickory Ridge. Usually I feel better once I get going, but not today!! I almost hated it out there!! It just wasn't fun!! Plus, Mr. groundhog decided to scare me as he sat on the trail and refused to move!! I had to find my way through the weeds to avoid him, which caused me to get scatched up once again!! I was not a happy camper but I really didn't want to get chased by a rodent!!! Got to Hickory Ridge and turned around which for some reason made me come out of my funk :) On the way back to the CB, I started to feel more like myself and started to enjoy the run, other than the sweat that was soaking my body like it was the middle of the summer!! Some days you just don't have it and today, was one of those days!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trying To Recover

Sometimes it's such a struggle!!! Getting out of bed, running, working out, cleaning the house, cooking, shopping, finances and of course, worrying about the kids. I think, how can I go on, day after day?? I manage somehow, although this week has been a stuggle!!

The 50k last weekend, has taken it's toll on my body. Not the run itself but the fall that I took. My right leg, foot and ankle have been giving me trouble this week. It's swollen, bruised and cut, and giving me trouble in boot camp, running and even swimming. However, the good news, today the leg is much better :)

Probablly the big thing, is not taking a day off on Monday!! Yesterday, I was really stupid!! I ran 11 miles in the am at MO and then about 3 hrs later, I went back out and did another 5.5 miles! It totally exhausted me!! 16.5 total miles for the day.

Today, I drug my butt out of bed at 4am for boot camp. Afterwards, ran 8 miles and swam 1.25 miles with 12x25yd sprints and 450yd pull. I came home and tried to sleep but I think I was to tired to even do that. I had a very lazy day, doing nothing but watching mindless TV. I guess a day like that is ok every once in a while :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

YUT-C 50k

Friday before the race, no running, only boot camp, 2 hr. nap, and Keith's football game. Buy the way, they won in an OT, 20-14 against Danville. Keith scored the second touch down, his first varsity score!!!!!

Mark and I got up at 4:30am to get ready for the race, so we could leave around 5:00am, but of course we left late!! However, we got to the race site in Youngstown in plenty of time for my pre-race rituals. LOL I was really nervous for some reason. I think I set goals for myself and I really wanted to meet them. I felt better once I was there amoung my friends and fellow runners. The race started at 8am sharp after Bob Combs gave us race instruction. I had no idea what he was talking about when it came to the course instruction. I just prayed to God that I could follow someone throughout the race. It turned out, that the course was well marked! Thanks to Bob Combs and the volunteers for a well organized race!!

I set the pace alittle to fast in the beginning. I knew I was, but I was feeling good and I thought why not!! When Mark Carroll came up beside me around mile 10 and asked me what the hell I was doing, I thought, oh, no I am running to fast and a glance at my watch told me that I was running about 7:30 min. miles!! Way, way, too fast!!!!!

We had to run a figure eight, doing the top part twice and then the lower part twice. The course is very technical with rocks and roots throughout the entire course. After doing the top loop twice and running back to the start/finish, I was still feeling fairly good as I started the lower loop for the first time. That's when I fell!!! I fell hard!! Hard enough to shake me up and lose my focus!! Right after I fell, I heard someone else go down and there was Mark Carroll laying on the ground saying some choice words!! We walked for a few seconds before we started to jog. Mark picked up the pace and encouraged me to stay with him but I just couldn't. The fall threw me off and I kind of lost it!! I was bleeding from my right shin and my right ankle hurt. I lost my focus and drive and totally slowed down :( It took me about 5 miles to regroup and try to save the race. I was running in first place for the women and had no idea how far back the second woman was. My plan, just keep on running!! It worked and I was able to refocus . With one more time around the bottom loop, I started to feel better. The worst part about the bottom loop was the monkey hills. Up, down and around steep hills!! Once I got through that the last time, I was good to go and finished fairly strong!! 1st place woman, 10th overall, 5:19 Very please since I reached all my goals :)

My plan was to run the Mansfield Y half marathon on Sunday. However, when I woke up, I was so stiff and sore, not from running but the fall. The right side of my body was pretty beat up! Bruised and swollen ankle, shin, hip and elbow, not to mention the gash on my right shin!! I scratched the idea of the half and headed out on the trails. I got in 8 slow miles but I think it helped loosen me up!

Today, boot camp, 8.2 miles and 1.25 miles in the pool with 400yd pull. Still sore from the fall but it's not bad once I am loosened up. I guess when an old lady goes down, it takes a while to recover! LOL

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Quick Post

I only have a couple of minutes before we leave for Keith's football game at Danville. Best of luck, Keith and please boys stay safe!!

I have tried to taper this week, but I don't think I feel anymore rested than if I would have put in 90 miles for the week! However, with YUT-C 50k tomorrow, I will have alittle over 70 miles in for the week, so maybe it wasn't that great of a taper :) But, hey, I tried!!

Yesterday, I ran 10.5 miles on the trails after the rain went through and then swam a mile.

Today, I got up for boot camp, which wasn't very tough for a change (thank you, Chris), got Keith out the door for school and then went back to bed for about 2 hrs!! At least I can say I'm not sleepy :)

Tomorrow, I will run YUT-C 50k in Youngstown. I'm nervous because I would really like to have a good race for a change but I don't know if that will happen. I just can't compete with those youngins anymore. My goal is to win the masters age group and try to run between a 5:15-5:30 without killing myself!! I'll just have to see what unfolds during the race!!!

I don't have time right now to write on the subject of Kyle, who has been stuggling with his running :( More to come on that subject!!

Until the next time...................

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting Some Rest :)

Finally, I think this tapering is starting to work!! With only two days of running so far this week, my legs and mind are feeling rested. The achillies is feeling goood and I even have energy to do things around the house!!!!

Boot camp was a killer this morning, but I felt strong and quick!! No running again, only a 1.25 mile swim. It will be interesting to see how my legs will feel tomorrow when I run. Tomorrow will be the last day of running before YUT-C, so I think I should be rested. I really have no race strategy for YUT-C, I'll just go on how I feel.

Sometimes the boys surprise me! Just when I think they pay no attention to me and all that I do, they say the most heart touching things. Tonight my youngest son, Keith, said "I hope that when I get older, I am as tough as you are, Mom!" It was great to hear and I am glad I can be a positive influence. Love you, Keith!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Going For It!!!!!!!

11 miles at Mohican this morning. I felt heavy, sluggish and stiff :( So much for the day off yesterday, I thought it was suppose to make me feel better! If it hadn't been for the beautiful Fall morning, I think I would have felt even worse! Thanks to the trail gods who have been out clearing the trails from last week's storm. There are a lot of trees are down that are blocking the trails.

The decision has been made for Oil Creek. I will be attempting my 3rd 100 miler this year. I have mixed emotions about it, but I really want to give it a try and complete one of these darn things!!!! I think I have the miles under my belt, I now have to learn how to rest my body so I don't go into the race fatigued. I think it will be hard for me to hold back but to complete the 100, I really need to try!!!

Stay tuned...............

Monday, September 13, 2010

Just More Running.......

It's time to catch up on my blog so I'll start with.....

Thrusday 9-9-10 Headed out to Mohican to run on the trails. It was such a fall day :) The leaves are starting to do their fall thing, weeds and grass are dying, the acorns and hickory nuts are falling off the trees and you have warm afternoons and cool evenings. When this all starts to happen, you know the year will be ending before long but it's such a beautiful time of the year and so enjoyable to be outside. I only wanted to run 10, maybe 15, but you all know me, and I ended up running 20 :) I, of course couldn't stop there, so I lifted weights when I got home!!

Friday 9-10-10 Boot camp at 5am, followed by a 7 mile run with 6x400 pickups which really hurt my achillies :( Stupid me, I should of known better! Swam 1.5 miles 10x50yd sprints, 450yd pull and 100yd kick. Keith and the Loudonville Redbirds lost to Hillsdale Friday night 40-27. Keith, personally had a good game, with 15 tackles and 4 carries for about 70 yds.

Saturday 9-11-10 I did another solo run at Mohican until about mile 7, when a horse and a rider joined me for the next 8 miles. We had great conversation and I learned alot about trail horses. 15.5 miles total for the day. The trails were a mess from Wednesday nights storm. It looked like a tornado went through on some parts. The trails being nearly blocked in some places but someone had been out clearing! Thank you!! Kyle and the OWU C-C team ran at Liberty Park, Saturday morning. Many runners struggled, as did Kyle. Kyle has been having knee issues and his foot bothers him from time to time! Hopefully, things will get better for him!!!

Sunday 9-12-10 Mark and I, headed down to Delaware State Park to meet up with some runners. Mark Carroll invited everyone down to run and then have cookout at his house. Mark C, Michael P, Dave, a friend of Michael's, Lisa F and myself run 20 while Mark L, Julie M, Luca B and Lindsey B ran 10. Julie's husband also ran a couple of miles, I think he's getting the bug !!!! Afterwards, Mark and I went to Kyle's house to shower and then we headed up to Mark C house for the BIG PARTY!!!!. Mark's house was on the route of a local 5k and the Little Brown Jug Horse parade. Many were there like Lisa F, Nick L, Tom P and his wife, Luca B and his wife, Casey and family and many more! We cheered on Stephen Z and Michael P( who just got done running 20 miles with us ) to a 1st and 2nd finish. Also getting our support was Shannon F and Leigh Z! Good job to all!! Thanks, Mark for the wonderful time!!

Today, Monday 9-13-10 Boot camp and 1.25 mile swim with 1x25yd, 1x50yd,1x75yd and 2x100yd and then back down. I decided not to run inorder to give my achillies a rest plus I am going to do a slight taper for YUT-C 50k this weekend.

Like I said, just more running.....................

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hocking Hills

First thing is first. Today at 12pm, my dear husband sat at the computer for me because his typing skills are much faster than mine, and got me into Umstead 100. I think it was like 7 minutes after registration opened so his typing skills payed off for me :) Thanks so much, HONEY!!!!! I'm super excited, plus Michael P, David H and Lindsey B also got in, so I am sure we will have many long runs together this winter!!

On Monday, which was Labor Day, Mark and I got up at 4:30am to make the 2+ hour drive down to Hocking Hills for a FA. Michael Patton and family put on a FA run consisting of a full marathon or a half. I was excited to run somewhere new and run with great people! I think about 30 runners showed up and after Michael's explaination of the course, we all started out! At the start, we were a little chilly but within a mile things started to warm up. What a beautiful place to run!! There was all kind of terrain that included rocks, cliffs, falls, bridges and of course the usual sticks and roots, which Star and Heather found out can be dangerous. Both took a spill that brought some blood! As the saying goes, you aren't a real trail runner until you fall and bring blood!! The trails were also very dry and dusty! We were covered with dust and dirt when we were done, which turned to mud on our sweaty legs! I was never so glad to get home and take a shower!!

Anyway, the day went every well for me except for the nagging pain in my right achillies. I spent most of the day running with Darris, Darrin, Star, Michael, David, Stephen, Jay and a couple of guys that I didn't know, plus low and behold, my dear husband, who ran the half, had a real good run and was able to keep up through most of the half. It was nice that Mark and Steve's wife, Leigh were able to run together and keep each other going!! We ended up running somewhere around 28-29 miles.

A special thanks goes out to Michael and his family. Michael and his dad, Tom marked the course the day before and Jen and Michael's mom headed up the aid stations with tasty treats! Star named Jen "Queen Jen" for being out there all day at the aid stations!! Thanks so much Pattons for putting on such a great FA!!!!!

Yesterday, Tuesday 9-7, I woke up with my right achillies swollen and achy :( I was bound and determined to go for a run so after I was up and walking a bit, I finally got out to the trails around 9:30am. I knew the run would be slow mainly because of the miles the day before. I was sluggish, tired and worried about the stupid achillies so things just didn't go well :( To top it all off, I fell!! No blood but I do have a pretty good size scrap and bruise on my right hip! The only good part, was seeing Don Baun and stopping and chatting for a minute or two :)

On to today. Boot camp, 8.6 slow miles and 1.25 miles in the pool with 10x50yd sprints and 500yd pull. My achillies did feel better today after icing it twice yesterday :) I guess, I need to do that again! Until the next time.................

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Believe it or not, I took a day of rest!!!!!! The only thing I did today, other than eat and eat and eat, was a trip in a kayak down the Blackfork river with Mark!!!!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Thrusday 9-2-10 Ran 8.5 on the trails in the am, lifted weights, ab work and ran 5.5 on the trails in the pm with Don Baun and Mark Lemke. Total of 14 miles

Friday 9-3-10 Boot camp, ran 6.5 miles, 2.5 miles on the stair climber at the Y,1.25 mile swim that included 450yd pull. Keith and the Loudonville Redbirds lost to Crestview 27-0. Keith had a good game on defense and one interception.

Saturday 9-4-10 20 miles at MO with David Huss and Stephen Zeildner, the last 10 miles Mark L joined us.

Total for the week - 84 miles

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Ho Hum Day

Nothing special happened today. I guess that is a good thing!! I got up at 4am for my 5am boot camp class. Ran 8 miles and swam 1.25 miles. I actually felt pretty good working out, but by the time I got home, I was ready for a nap! Slept for about an hour, did laundry, went to the grocery store and then went to pick up our dog at the groomer. Poor dog, he's so old, can't hear or see, and has bad skin allergies that makes him lick sore spots on his body. Rather disguisting!!!!! We have to put a halo collar on him so he won't lick his skin. Love the dog but sometimes he is alot of work :)