Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trying To Recover

Sometimes it's such a struggle!!! Getting out of bed, running, working out, cleaning the house, cooking, shopping, finances and of course, worrying about the kids. I think, how can I go on, day after day?? I manage somehow, although this week has been a stuggle!!

The 50k last weekend, has taken it's toll on my body. Not the run itself but the fall that I took. My right leg, foot and ankle have been giving me trouble this week. It's swollen, bruised and cut, and giving me trouble in boot camp, running and even swimming. However, the good news, today the leg is much better :)

Probablly the big thing, is not taking a day off on Monday!! Yesterday, I was really stupid!! I ran 11 miles in the am at MO and then about 3 hrs later, I went back out and did another 5.5 miles! It totally exhausted me!! 16.5 total miles for the day.

Today, I drug my butt out of bed at 4am for boot camp. Afterwards, ran 8 miles and swam 1.25 miles with 12x25yd sprints and 450yd pull. I came home and tried to sleep but I think I was to tired to even do that. I had a very lazy day, doing nothing but watching mindless TV. I guess a day like that is ok every once in a while :)

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