Monday, September 27, 2010

Kokosing Odyssey 6 hr. Run

Friday 9-24-10 boot camp, 8 mile run and 1.25 mile swim. Kyle came home in the afternoon for a haircut and Troy Lemke, my nephew, came to watch Keith play football and spend the night. Loudonville played Johnstown and lost 27-6. Keith had another good game but the boys just couldn't pull it together for a win. It was Homecoming with Mary Reinthal being crowned as queen!! Keith decided not to go to the dance the following night. I guess he saved some money but I wish he would have went for High School memories!!

Saturday 9-25-10 Met up with Michelle B, Kim B, Rob P and Lindsey B for a 15.5 mile run at Mohican. It was a good run with good friends!!

Sunday 9-26-10 I decided to run the Kokosing Odyssey 6 hr. run at Kenyon College. At the beginning of the week, I toyed with the idea of running the Akron marathon but saw the 6 hr. run was on Sunday. I would much rather run on the trails then the road :) I ran the Odyssey last year so I thought I would give it a shot again. The run started at 12pm and is run on a 5k loop on the trails. It's how many miles you can get done in six hours. Last year, I ran 34 miles so my goal was to run the same amount or more!! It is a very well organized and low key event so no stress, right? Once again, I started out way too fast and my achillies was bothering me. After about 9 miles, I settled into a 10-11 min. mile pace whichwas comfortable for awhile. On the 6th loop(18 miles) I started to feel the effect of the pace and slowed down some. Thanks goodness, I was be able to run with my good friend Mark Carroll, off and on throughout the race. He really helped me to keep going, weither he was infront of me or behind me!! Thanks, Mark! I came through the 50k mark at 5:05 which really surprised me, a pleasant surprise, I might add :) On lap number 11, I tried to push the pace as best I could on tired legs. I caught up with Mark and we finished last and final lap in 25 minutes!! 34 miles in 5:30!! A good day and I learned that I can still push myself even though I'm tired! That is something that I have seemed to have forgotten!! It will be nice to have that push again going into Oil Creek 100 in a couple of weeks!! Afterwards, my concern was the achillies. It was sore and swollen, but hopefully nothing that some ice and rest can cure :)
When I got home, Corey was home for the evening with his laundry. It was great to see him but I had to stay up late to do the laundry!! Not a good thing for a 4am start in the morning!!

Monday 9-27-10 Woke up at 4am for boot camp but was just too tired to go plus my achilies was sore :( I wimped out and went back to bed!! In the afternoon, I did manage to go for a 1.25 mile swim with a 45 yd pull just to loosen things up. I may take off from running again tomorrow depending on how the achillies feels. Not to worried because I am seriously going to taper for Oil Creek and it started today !!!!

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