Monday, August 31, 2009

Around Town

I have a course here in the big town of Loudonville, inwhich I circle the entire town for a 6 mile course. Keith left for school and I put on my running shoes after I stretched(I'm still old school and stretch before I run) and got 6 miles in. It was an easy run which was ok by me. Did my bicep and shoulder lifts plus abs and headed to the Y for a swim. Really didn't want to swim, getting lazy I guess, but once I was in the water I was ok. Did a mile and a fourth with 16 x 25yd sprints. It's been a couple of weeks since I have did anything fast in the pool so I'm sure I will feel it tomorrow. I need to start the spinning class at the Y that I did last winter. I haven't been on the bike for a couple of months so I had better get started. It's great cross-training! I would also like to try crossfit. It seems like some runners do this also and really like it. Oh, well, one can only do so much or at least that is what I am told. On the schedule tomorrow is Kyle's first C-C meet of the year at Kenyon. GO BISHOPS!! Also, Don Baun and his C-C teams travel to Crestveiw, GO BIRDS!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kept on Running

Woke up later than I wanted, mainly because I didn't get to bed until about 1:30am. Anyway, I was out the door by 8:ooam, thinking about only running about 6 miles. Once I got going however, I was feeling pretty good and running under 9 min. miles, I thought why not go a little farther since I knew I wouldn't be lifting and swimming today. Got to mile 8 and thought why not go further. Ended up running 10.5 miles. I ran it under 1 hr.and30min. which is not fast but since I have been trying to take it easy for a couple weeks and finally recovered some what from the back issue, I was ok with the run.

Went to OWU to take Kyle out to lunch and had a real nice time. We took him down a big screen TV and a futon for his room. He is doing good although he is a little worried about his Italian class. His first C-C meet is this Tuesday at Kenyon and they only have to race a 6k. Everybody say a prayer for him and keep your fingers crossed that he does well! The fall season has begun for the Lemke's. Corey will have a season opener at Marietta this Saturday, Kyle starts Tuesday, Keith will play every Friday night and I have to fit a couple races in also. Let the good times roll!!!

Here is a picture of Keith going into the locker room before the game.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just got back from Keith's football game at Ontario. It was a make up game from last night do to a thunderstorm. We won 35-7. Keith played on offense all night and did some very good blocking. He also played defense in the second half. A good night overall and it wasn't raining like last night.

Yesterday, I ran 6 miles and swam a mile and a half with 450yds pull.
Today, I got in 11.5 in the morning with Haley Young, a girl on the C-C team here in Loudonville. I actually ran 8 miles with Haley and by the time I ran from my house to her's and back, it ended up being 11.5. Overall, It was a good run and for a change I felt pretty good. I think that running with others really helps. I also think that I am recovered from the race last weekend. I need to remember to take it easy the week after I race and not freak out about it! After my run, I lifted. Did benching, flies, shoulders and abs.

Tomorrow we are going down to see Kyle at OWU. Since it was his B-day this week, we are going to take him out to lunch. I probably won't get to bed until late because Keith is with a FRIEND and won't be home until12:30am so I'm not sure how far or where I will run tomorrow. Talk Later........

Thursday, August 27, 2009

6 miles and Kyle's Birthday

Got up this morning around 7:00am. Had to get Keith up for school and make him breakfast. After that, went for a 6 mile run and then lifted weights. Did a bicep workout along with abs. Felt much better running today. Once I'm out the door, things are good. It's getting out the door that I am struggling with. I just have to make myself do it!!

Today Is my middle son"s Birthday. Can't believe he is 20. Kyle is my unique and creative one. He is the quietest of the three and has a very kind heart. He's always thinking of others infront of himself. He was born in Wooster. OH at 5:40 am, weighed 7lb 12oz, and 20 inches long. He was the lightest of the three boys. We always tease him because he looked like ET when he was born. He had long arms, fingers and legs. He is the one who goes against the norm. His hair is long, he thinks instead of speaking and he enjoys being different. He is a smart kid with a 3.4 grade pt in HS and a 3.8 right now in college. I always tell him he is like an oreo cookie. He is the good, gooy stuff in the middle. That's my Kyle!! He is also the runner. I'm glad one of the boys turned out to like running!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just Another Run

Nothing exciting, just another 5.5 mile run. At the start felt tired and sluggish but came out of it the longer I ran. Just so unmotivated and out of sync. Hopefully , I will get out of this funk soon or I'm going to quit running. LOL Sometimes I think it's just not worth it. Saw Don Baun as I was running by the track. They are resurfacing the track so Don was unable to get in his interval workout in. He said he was just going home and do a run. Hope you got it in, Don.
No lifting and went to the Y and swam one and a fourth mile.

Tomorrow is Kyle's 20th birthday. It's hard to believe he will be that old. I wish he was little again so I could hold him in my arms but they must all grow up!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another 5 miles and the House to Myself

Today was Keith's first day of his sophomore year at Loudonville High School. Since he just got his license, he was able to drive down to the school for the first time. Even though we only live a half mile from the school, it was weird not to have to take anyone to school. He and the neighbor boy, Trevor Mowery look real excited!! LOL

After they left, I ran 5 miles and did some lifting. Did close grip bench, bench press with dumbbells{DB}, hammer curls, pull ups, diamond push-ups, straight arm flies, med. ball push-ups and abs. I need to get back to swimming tomorrow. Not to motivated to do much of anything, so I need to start focusing and decide what to do next.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Taking It Easy

Ran 5 easy miles. Felt ok except for my calves, they are both really sore. I have no idea why because I sure as heck don't run on my toes or run fast enough to get up on my toes. I'm sure in a few days they will recover. I did some light lifting today, also.
I think for the rest of the week, I'm just going to take it easy and run 5 or 6 miles a day. I am going to look into taking a CrossFit class in Ashland. I have heard a lot about this and would like to give it a try. Maybe it will help my fitness level and running.
Now it is time to start arguing with Keith about his sleeping habits. He is my night owl and with school starting tomorrow he needs to get to bed soon. I'm sure we will fight about this every night. I will say one thing about my boys, I have never had trouble getting them up in the morning, no matter how late they stay up. We are all early risers in our house. The battle is about to begin!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Actually, I'm feeling pretty good today. My body must be getting used to these ultra things. My legs and back are a little stiff but other than that everything is good! Seems like I must have done everything right after the race. I drank chocolate milk, got out of the car every hour on the way home, stretched last night and took an ice bath. After all these years I think I have the recovery thing figure out OR I ran way to slow yesterday. That is probably why I'm feeling ok, the running slow part!!
I swam a mile today instead of running. The water was cold but I think it helped my muscles recover. Tomorrow I plan on running, probably 5 or 6.
Went to Wal-Mart to get Keith his school supplies. Corey and Kyle start classes tomorrow and Keith starts school on Tuesday, where did the summer go!!
Nap time!!

Just remembered to add a picture of our dog Rollo at the Loudonville swimming pool. They had a dog swim since today was their last day open for the summer. He was not a happy camper!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Germantown 50K

I finished and actually did better than I thought. It wasn't great or anything but I'm not going to complain since I have had this back and leg issue. Finished 4th for the women and I think about 15th overall with a time of 4 hrs.54 min.
The day started out and stayed overcast with no humidity. I think the temp. never reached 70, so all was good there. At 8:00am we all started out on a single track trail. The leaders were really moving from the start. I on the other hand, probably started out to slow which might have cost me in the end. Really wasn't into the race in the beginning, so I went out at a comfortable pace, probably around 9min. mile pace{I'm guessing} At around mile 7 we hit the road and bike trail for about 3 miles and I started to feel better and pick up the pace. At this point I was running in 6th place for the women. At the turn around point, I caught up to the 5th place woman. I got with a group of about 5 guys and the pace picked up which felt really good and comfortable. At mile 20, we were back on the road again and passed the 4th place woman. The pack, I was with dwindled to about three and we pushed each other for the next 5 miles. This is the place were I started to feel my back start to ache. I had no pain up until this point. Of course, my legs were tired and I started to slow down. I knew that if a kept at a steady pace, I would break 5 hrs. The last 3 miles were pretty long but I kept on going and didn't walk the hills. At the end I was glad it was over and right now, even with a 3+ hour drive home, I not too sore. That tells me I should have ran harder!!
The race director did a good job putting this race together. I was afraid I would get lost but had no trouble following the course. Part of the course actually reminded me of Mohican so I felt right at home.
As for what's next, I'm not sure. I want to run Akron Marathon but my husband said I was running with my right shoulder down and he said I looked stiff and uncomfortable. I suppose it's because of my back. Right now, I'm just not sure what will be next. I'll just have to wait and see!!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009


Got up about 8:00am this morning and ran about 3 miles. I felt so bad yesterday when I ran, I thought that if I run alittle bit this morning it would make me feel better about tomorrow's 50k. Still felt bad! It is like I'm just getting over the flu. I feel tired, sluggish,weak and have no energy. Hopefully it's just nerves since this is my first race since MO 100. I will just try to run the best I can and hopefully I can get through it. I'm going to try not to worry about my time and pace and just go with the flow and have fun!!

Keith has a football scrimmage tonight at Chippewa. After the scrimmage, Mark and I are driving down to Dayton and will be staying at a hotel for the night. It will take us over 3 hours to get there. Hopefully, we will be there around midnight. It will be a short night and a long day. All I want to do is survive. I'll fill everyone in on how the race went when I get home tomorrow. Say a prayer for me, Keith and the Loudonville football team!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

After the Storm

Got in 7 miles this evening. I waited until after the storm went by. I felt horrid!! real tired and sluggish. I think I'm sleeping to much and my body is not use to it.LOL

Corey had a scrimmage today at Bethany, WV. I didn't go but Mark made the trip. From what I was told he did well. He made an extra point and had about 3 or 4 tackles. He was pleased. The team however, is not so good. I think they are young and don't have much experience. There are only 8 seniors. It's going to be a long season I'm afraid!! Not much else happening and it's late....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hosting the OWU C-C team

The OWU C-C team came to Loudonville today. Kyle, my middle son, is a member of the team and is now a soph. They ran first, boys doing a 10 mile hilly course at 6:40 mile pace and the girls going about 7 miles. I decided against running with them because I didn't know if I could keep up with them plus I didn't want to embarrass Kyle by having his old mom running with them!! After that they went canoeing and then to our house for pizza. In the picture above, Kyle is in the second row in the dark shirt. In the first picture, he is on the top right.

Today, I had to do something, so I went to the Loudonville pool and swam 1 and1/2 miles. Didn't feel the best. Tired and sluggish. Tomorrow I plan to run with the y run club on the trails. We normally run about 8 miles. That will be it until my race on Saturday. The best part of the day, was this morning when I got to sleep in again 9:30 am. I could really get use to that. I do feel real lazy hopefully it will all pay off!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sleeping In

Can you believe it, I slept in until 10:00 today. It was so wonderful!!! I did nothing today, as far as working out. No running, lifting or swimming. I just kept telling myself that my body needs to rest for this weekend. It's very hard for me not to run or do some type of working out. A little OCD wouldn't you say!! I did fine until this evening, then I started to feel sluggish and fat!! Tomorrow I will probably swim or I may run with OWU girls C-C team when they come down for a fun time at Mohican. It all depends on how far they go and HOW FAST!!

I did keep busy today getting the house and pool ready for the team. I think they will be here around 1:30. They will run, canoe and end up at our house for pizza and a swim. Hopefully everyone will have a good time.

Kyle called me this morning after his 2 mile time trial at OWU. He got 2nd with a 9 min 54 sec. First mile was a 4:59 and he negitive split the 2 mile with a 4:55. Pretty awesome! He deserves it because he worked hard this summer. Real proud of him. Corey seems to be doing well down at Marietta. Not as hot today so practice went better for him. He has been kicking well, making 45 yd field goals! Keith went to get his schedule for the up coming school year and thank God they didn't screw anything up. He got all the classes he needs. Just giving you alla short update on the boys. LATER............

Monday, August 17, 2009

Time To Taper

Ran with the Loudonville girls C-C team this morning at 7:00. They moved practice up an hour to beat the heat but it was warm by the time we got done. Ran 6 miles with Haley Young. However, I ran down to the school 1/2 mile, 1/2 mile warm-up and a 1/2 mile back home for a total of 7.5 miles. I need to start tapering so tomorrow I am going to sleep in and do nothing except some housework.Ugh!! After the run, did one more day of light lifting. That will be it for the lifting until after the 50k on Saturday. I won't get any swimming in either this week. It drives me crazy when I don't follow my workout schedule but I need to rest for the race.

I would like to ask anyone who reads this to say a prayer for one of Keith's friends, Nate Scarberry and his girlfriend Kate Thompson. They were in a car accident today. She was driving and lost control of the car. Nate was thrown out and recieved a concussion, a broken finger[which he had to have operated on] broken collar bone and cuts and bruises. Kate recieved a broken wrist. He has been a friend of Keith's since they were little.They play sports together and have had a lot of good times. It could have been a lot worst. I'm greatful that once they heal, they will be fine. It really makes you think about how things can happen in an instant!! Everyone please drive safe!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Got 11 miles in and a trip to OWU

Went to see Kyle today at OWU. We had to take his desk and couch to his house. Took a picture of Kyle in his room, Kyle with his housemate, Lauren and the outside of his house.

This morning I didn't get up like I wanted to. I planned on either running with the Y club in Mansfield or running on the trails. I didn't do either!! I did run, however. After I hit the alarm a hundred times I finally got up because I knew it would only keep getting hotter. I was out the door before 8:00am and ran 11 miles. Even though it was hot, I felt fairly good. After my long run yesterday, I didn't know how I would feel, but all was pretty good. When I was done, I did a short session of weights. There will be no swimming at the MansfieldY this week because they drained the pool for cleaning. If I want to swim the week, it will be in the cold water at the Loudonville pool.

Still haven't heard from Corey down in Marietta. I'm alittle concerned because it was suppose to be100 degrees today in Marietta and they had football practice at 2:30 this afternoon. Hope he is ok? I'll everyone know how he survived the heat!!

Tomorrow is another run with the C-C team in Loudonville. I think they are doing a tempo run. So much for tapering this week! LOL

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Hot Summer Day

Started my run at Mohican this morning a little before 8:00am. Mark, my hubby, ran the first 10 miles with me. We ran the purple loop and to the lodge. The heat wasn't to bad at this point but we sure were sweating! Mark had enough at the covered brigde. We stopped at the cars to refill the water bottles and eat alittle. Mark left for home and I started up to the fire tower. Sunbury's C-C team was a little ahead of my so I caught up with them and ran a couple of miles in their company. After the fire tower. I headed down on the bike trail which took me back to the covered bridge. About 15 miles in at that point. I needed 5 more, so I started on the orange loop which is pretty much all up hill. I ran three miles and then turned around and got to run down the hill. I was really beat at the finish. When I started the last 5 miles I could tell the heat was taking it's toll. But you know me there is no stopping! lol. Ran it in a little under 4 hours so I guess that's ok for today. Next weekend however, for the Germantown 50k, I'll have to be quicker. Hopefully I'll be ready!!

Tomorrow I plan to run 10 miles before I start to taper. I will either head back out to the trails or go run with the Mansfield y running club. I'll see how I feel in the morning.

Stay cool!!!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Running with the C-C team

Today I ran with the Loudonville C-C team, coached by Don Baun. I took a picture with him in it but it was blurry. Sorry Don. I ran with Haley, the girl on the far right in the bottom row. After warm-ups, some runners had to run 6, 7 or 8 miles. Haley and I ran about 8.6 according to Don's calculations. Don ran with us for about 3+ miles and then he had to go back and check up on other runners. Don really does a great job with the kids!! It was fun talking and catching up on the summer. I have run quite a bit with Haley in the past except when I'm injuried. A really great girl and runner. She is a senior and is looking at college possiblities for running. Don should have good teams this year, both boys and girls. I ended up running extra inorder to get 10 miles in. It sure makes a difference when you run with others!!!

When I got home, I did my bicep weight lifting and no swimming. Tomorrow I hope to get in close to 20 miles on the trails.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

More MIles

Ended up running 11 miles today. I was tired when I got up at 6 am to pack Keith's lunch for football two-a-days. I really wanted to go back to bed because I DID NOT want to run. I knew however, that if I didn't go out then, I would be extremely upset with myself. SO, I stretched alittle laced up the good old running shoes and off I went. Really wanted to only run 6 to 8 miles but ended up doing more. The longer I ran the better I felt. I just wasn't into it today. I figured that I had to push myself even when I'm felling lazy and sluggish. I'm worried about Germantown 50k on the 22nd. I don't feel like I have put enough long miles in plus with this leg and back issue, I'm not sure if I'm ready. I guess i can just run and have fun.LOL I plan to run long on Saturday 20+ miles and then taper from there. Tomorrow I'm going to run with the Loudonville c-c team, probably around 8 miles.

After I ran, did tricep work with the weights. It included things like close-grip bench, tri kickbacks, skull crushers, dips, DB rows,incline tri. ect. also abs. I went to the Loudonville pool today instead of the Y. Swam 11/4 miles in cold water. I drove home quickly and took a long, hot shower.

The shopping trip with Kyle got canceled until Sunday. I'm glad because I wasn't in a shopping mood. Kyle is bringing some running teammates home tomorrow for a run. It will be good to see him. Time to clean some bathrooms. ugh!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Busy Lemke Day


Corey at Marietta

Ran 8 miles at 5:30 this
morning because we had a lot going on. That was all I had time to do today because of Corey leaving and Keith's football scrimmage at Smithville. Mark Went with Corey and I went to watch Keith.

Corey, age 21, is a senior at Marietta College and wants to be a PA. He plays cornerback and is their place kicker. However, when he first was recruited by Marietta, he was a QB. At Loudonville High School, he played QB and kicked varsity all four year. He holds the following records:most passing in a season, most rushing TD's in one game, most pts. scored in one game, most rushing attempts in one game and most rushing yd.'s in one game. That is pretty much life for Corey, FOOTBALL!! He had a hard time going from HS to college! Honestly I never thought he would stick it out but he did and now loves it. I'm very proud of him!! After his freshman year, Marietta weeded out the QB's and sent Corey to defense. He didn't care because all he wanted to do is play. That is were he is at now, playing at CB and kicking.

Keith got to play varsity today, both defense and offense. He's a wide receiver and CB. He played well but it was hard to tell who was who because they only had practice jerseys on without numbers. I did see him make an interception and some tackles. I think I missed everything else. Even though two of the three boys play football, it's not my favorite.

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll get a long run in plus swim. I am going down to OWU in the afternoon, to take Kyle shopping. Until then...........

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Miles

-- Ran 7.5 in the morning

--Lifted weights-bench, shoulders, flies,and abs

--Swam 11/2 miles

Getting Corey ready to leave for school at Marietta. He has football camp for two weeks before classes start. This is his senior year and then on to grad school. We hope! The house will sure be empty with only Keith around. I guess they all have to grow up sometime!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hot on the Road

Got up and was out on the road around 7:30am. If I got up when my alarm first went off, my run would have been cooler. I love that snooze button!! I planned only to do about 6 miles but I was feeling good and no leg pain, so decided to go longer. At about mile 6, the heat started to take it's toll, plus it was very humid again. Got 81/2miles in but I was suffering at the end. I think with the long run in the heat yesterday and today was alittle much! But, I'm tough, right!!!LOL Felt week and tired afterwards so I only did abs, push-ups, pull-ups and chin-ups. No swimming !!

This afternoon, we took Kyle back to school. We moved him into his house that he is sharing with three girls! Nice place for college kids and his best friend Loren, will take good care of him!! I forgot to take the camera but we have to go down Sunday to take him more things. I will try to take some pictures.

Oh, about the race in the pool yesterday. Corey was able to win by about a pull. Keith was second, and poor Kyle was third. I will post pictures later because it is to late and it still takes me awhile to figure the picture thing out. Until tomorrow, keep running!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hot on the Trails

Met up with Don, Nick and Luca at Mohican this morning around 7:30. It was quite pleasant when we started out on the red loop, but by the time we made it to the green loop, the heat and humidity was taking a toll on us. By the time we were done, everyone was feeling a bit light headed and zapped!! Ended up with 21, however, I ran back about 1/2 mile to pick them up. That gave me 22 miles for the day. I never did find them so 1/2 mile out was enough. I figured Don would have ran somewhere different on the way back, since he is the trail master!!LOL

The big thing that is going to take place tonight is a breaststroke competition at the Loudonville pool between my three boys. They all have swam the breaststroke for the summer league here in Loudonville. Corey, also swam in the winter. Each of them have won the breaststroke in the league championship in their age group for many years. They want to see who is the best, so they are going to race a 50m breaststroke. I'm not sure who will win but it will be a blast!! I'll let everyone know how ift goes! Now off the my mom and dad's house to visit with my sister who came down from Wadsworth. Later........

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Nice Morning on the Trails

I'm finally posting a picture of Keith on his 16th Birthday. Wouldn't it be nice to be young again! Well, maybe not that young! Sometimes I look back and think that I would do some things different but I actually have no complaints!! Well, their are somethings but I won't get into that now!!LOL

Ran 15.5 on the trails. Did the orange loop at Mohican. Really a nice morning! It rained a little but not enough to get me wet under the trees. Since it was cloudy, the sun didn't bake me and the humidity was not high. Ran the loop in under 3 hours which was a very comfortable pace plus my leg and back were hurting again so I didn't want to push to hard. It doesn't hurt enough not to run but it just feels very irritated. I have to look back and try to see why one day I'm ok and the next day I'm hurting. I'm starting to think it might have to do with the weight lifting. I might try to back off alittle bit and see if that helps. I think the swimming is ok plus it is the only way I can do any kind of speed workouts and I never have pain when I swim. So, with that being said, what did I do after my run , I lifted. REAL SMART. Tomorrow, I plan to run 20+ miles on the trail again and I promise I'm not going to lift!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Stay Off the Roads!!!

Keith got his license today!!! I don't know who was more nervous, me or him! He got a100% on his maneuverability test and a 95% on the driving part. I have mixed emotions on this? I'm happy he passed but worried about him being on the road. Corey had his license taken away for speeding about 6 months after he got his license. Kyle has totaled one car driving out to DON BAUN'S house about 2 months after he got his license, got picked up for speeding, and his girlfriend at the time, totaled his second car when he was 17. So, as you can see am alittle nervous but I guess you have to leave them go sometime!! God be with him!

Ran 6 miles this morning and I do believe my leg and back are getting better!!HEY!! Did weigths and swam 1 and a fourth mile with 350m pull and 100m kick. Even though I am feeling better physically, mentally I have been struggling a bit. I kind of have to force myself to run. Hopefully, once the races start in the fall I'll feel better. I'm posting a picture of corey, kyle and I before our run on Thrusday. I'm planning on doing two long runs back to back this weekend. We'll see!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Keith's 16th Birthday

My youngest turned 16 today!! He was born at 1:30am in the morning and was supposed to be my little girl. I wouldn't trade him for the world. We didn't do anything to exciting except a small party at my mom and dad's house here in Loudonville. Earlier in the day we drove to Ashland to pick up his cake and he wanted to drive around a bit to practice for his driving test tomorrow. I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow!! In the evening, his ex-girlfriend came over which no one except him was happy about, but it was HIS b-day after all!!

At 7:00am this morning Corey, Kyle and myself went out and ran 8 miles. Corey had never ran that far before and wanted to go long before he goes back to school next Wednesday. We had great fun just talking , laughing and messing around. About 8:30 pace which was comfortable for me, easy for kyle and Corey did great but was tired near the end! I'm really proud of him!! I'm proud of all three of my boys. They are really great sons and I could not ask for anything better. Don't get me wrong, we do get in some pretty good fights!! I have some pictures of the day and will try to post them later. After, our run, went for a swim. Swam a mile and a half with 500m pull. It's late and morning will come to soon!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

On The Road Again!!

Woke up to pack Keith his lunch for football.Kyle was up getting ready for his run and I was in no mood to do my run so, back to bed I went for another hour! It felt great!! Got back up about 8:00am and made Corey a good breakfast because he was leaving to take his GRE. He was very relieved to get that over with. He will need to go to grad school to become PA. Where he will go will be determined sometime this winter. It has been a very stressful time for him! Plus, this will be his last year playing football at Marietta which has been bother him some. Next spring, he wants to train for a half marathon. I would love to run his first half with him so we are planning to run the Athen's half-marathon in the spring. I love doing this kind of thing with the boys! Last summer, Corey and
I did a sprint triathlon together which was great fun!!

I finally got out for my run about 10:00 and was planning on doing 8 miles since I ran twice yesterday. Once I got going however, I was feeling pretty good so why not go for 10,which is exactly what I did. My leg and back are much better but my pace is still pretty slow. I will just have to keep working!! Didn't swim again, but lifted weights. Today, I worked on biceps and abs.

Tomorrow will be a big day because it is Keith's 16th birthday! Can't hardly believe it!! Not going to do to much since he will have football a big part of the day. In the evening, we are going to my mom and dad's house to celebrate!! I will let everyone how it goes! Later......

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


-ran 7 miles in the A.M.

-lifted weights-close grip bench, tricep workout and abs

-ran 5.3 with the Mansfield Y running club in the evening-had good conversation with Wayne during the run

-total miles for the day-12.3 miles

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Busy Day

I got up at 6:00 this morning and hit the floor running. First however, I had to pack Keith's lunch because High School two a days started. Keith is my baby and will be a sophomore at Loudonville High School. He playes corner back and receiver and is hoping to play varsity this year. They practice from 7:30am to 1:00pm. That makes for a long day!
After I got him down to the school, I went out and ran 6 miles. The run went pretty good but my pace is so slow that it drives me crazy!! The slower I run however, the better my back and leg feel. So I guess that will have to due for now! Did my benching, shoulder press, flies and abs for my weight workout. Also had to pack Corey's lunch for work. Kyle had the day off so he slept in and then went out mid-morning for 11 miles at 6:20 pace. Not Bad!! After my lift, I went to the Y for a 1 1/4 mile swim. I did 3 sets x 100m freestyle sprints, 100m pull and 100 kick with kickboard.
While I'm doing all this, a repair man came to fix our upstairs shower.It had some kind of leak. I got home from the Y just in time to pick Keith up from practice and say good bye to Kyle who was leaving for the day to go spend time with his roommate for this school year at OWU. Her name is Lauren and they are best friends. She is a great gal and a runner also. Hopefully, she will keep an eye on Kyle for me this year. LOL I then had to get Keith lunch and take him to work.
Once home, I cleaned the floors because of the mess the repair man made and made some more homemade applesauce. Time to make dinner, which was meatloaf, clean-up the kitchen and now finally sitting down to write on my blog. I now have to get after Keith to go to bed because of practice in the morning. He is my night owl!! I think I have everything done for now, so, finally off to bed.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tired, Sore and Stiff But Got It Done!

Woke up this morning about 6:00am but couldn't even image trying to get up and run. Reset the alarm for 8:00am and some how got my butt out of bed. I was stiff and sore from my fall yesterday. My right hip, ankle and the top of my foot were black and blue but not swollen but of course that didn't stop me. LOL After streching and rolling on the foam roller, I felt much better. Ran 10 miles but at snail pace. So slow the I am embarassed to say how slow but I got it done and not much back or leg pain. Maybe that fall did me good.!! I went up to the Y in the afternoon and swam 11/4 miles with some pulling and kicking. Then I was done for the day!!

Growing up my mom was a big gardener. She grew all kinds of veggies in her garden and would do a lot of canning in the summer. I always had to help her with the picking of the veggies and canning and hated it. Once I had a family, I came to realize why she did all that work. It's very healthly for you and in the winter it saves you money plus you have the fresh tasting vegetables. So I picked up her passion and do canning of my own. As a matter of fact, my kids will not eat vegetables out of a can or from a frozen bag from the store. I don't grow my vegetables but buy them from a farm in Wooster. Today, was the second time I canned green beans this summer and so far have canned 24 pints. A lot of work but well worth it! Thanks,Mom!

Congrats to all the runners who ran the BR100!!! My hat goes off to all of you!!!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Depressed on the Trail

I even feel more depressed than ever after following everybody during the burning river 100 on the computer. It looks like everyone is hanging in there!! I bet the heat in taking it's toll. I'm saying lots of prayers for everyone.

Got up this morning and was out on the trail about 8:ooam. I was pretty down that I wasn't running with everyone at the BR100. I thought that a trail run would lift my spirits and not be so hard on my back and leg. It was a nice morning although humid. Not many bikers out either which was nice. It was quite so it gave me alot of time to think about the race going on, my injury, training and the goals I need to set. I got in 18.5 without to much pain until...with 2 miles left I tripped and slid down the trail. It took me a minute to collect myself . I haven't fallen in a long time so I guess I was due for a spill. I layed there for a minute and saw my water bottle slid down the trail infront of me. When I fall it's not pretty and it jars my insides. No blood but I did fall on my bad leg. My ankle and hip were hurting and the top of my foot. Started to walk down the trail to try and walk it off and it seemed to work. Ran the rest of the way without trouble. However, I do think I will be stiff in the morning. To bad I didn't fall the other way, Maybe it would have pushed my back the other direction to help the pinched nerve!! When I got home,did some light lifting and abs.

This coming Thrusday, Keith, my youngest will turn 16. So, I decided to go Birthday shopping. I think the walking and spending money helped loosen me up. LOL. Talk Later!!!