Friday, August 14, 2009

Running with the C-C team

Today I ran with the Loudonville C-C team, coached by Don Baun. I took a picture with him in it but it was blurry. Sorry Don. I ran with Haley, the girl on the far right in the bottom row. After warm-ups, some runners had to run 6, 7 or 8 miles. Haley and I ran about 8.6 according to Don's calculations. Don ran with us for about 3+ miles and then he had to go back and check up on other runners. Don really does a great job with the kids!! It was fun talking and catching up on the summer. I have run quite a bit with Haley in the past except when I'm injuried. A really great girl and runner. She is a senior and is looking at college possiblities for running. Don should have good teams this year, both boys and girls. I ended up running extra inorder to get 10 miles in. It sure makes a difference when you run with others!!!

When I got home, I did my bicep weight lifting and no swimming. Tomorrow I hope to get in close to 20 miles on the trails.

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