Sunday, August 16, 2009

Got 11 miles in and a trip to OWU

Went to see Kyle today at OWU. We had to take his desk and couch to his house. Took a picture of Kyle in his room, Kyle with his housemate, Lauren and the outside of his house.

This morning I didn't get up like I wanted to. I planned on either running with the Y club in Mansfield or running on the trails. I didn't do either!! I did run, however. After I hit the alarm a hundred times I finally got up because I knew it would only keep getting hotter. I was out the door before 8:00am and ran 11 miles. Even though it was hot, I felt fairly good. After my long run yesterday, I didn't know how I would feel, but all was pretty good. When I was done, I did a short session of weights. There will be no swimming at the MansfieldY this week because they drained the pool for cleaning. If I want to swim the week, it will be in the cold water at the Loudonville pool.

Still haven't heard from Corey down in Marietta. I'm alittle concerned because it was suppose to be100 degrees today in Marietta and they had football practice at 2:30 this afternoon. Hope he is ok? I'll everyone know how he survived the heat!!

Tomorrow is another run with the C-C team in Loudonville. I think they are doing a tempo run. So much for tapering this week! LOL

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