Saturday, August 22, 2009

Germantown 50K

I finished and actually did better than I thought. It wasn't great or anything but I'm not going to complain since I have had this back and leg issue. Finished 4th for the women and I think about 15th overall with a time of 4 hrs.54 min.
The day started out and stayed overcast with no humidity. I think the temp. never reached 70, so all was good there. At 8:00am we all started out on a single track trail. The leaders were really moving from the start. I on the other hand, probably started out to slow which might have cost me in the end. Really wasn't into the race in the beginning, so I went out at a comfortable pace, probably around 9min. mile pace{I'm guessing} At around mile 7 we hit the road and bike trail for about 3 miles and I started to feel better and pick up the pace. At this point I was running in 6th place for the women. At the turn around point, I caught up to the 5th place woman. I got with a group of about 5 guys and the pace picked up which felt really good and comfortable. At mile 20, we were back on the road again and passed the 4th place woman. The pack, I was with dwindled to about three and we pushed each other for the next 5 miles. This is the place were I started to feel my back start to ache. I had no pain up until this point. Of course, my legs were tired and I started to slow down. I knew that if a kept at a steady pace, I would break 5 hrs. The last 3 miles were pretty long but I kept on going and didn't walk the hills. At the end I was glad it was over and right now, even with a 3+ hour drive home, I not too sore. That tells me I should have ran harder!!
The race director did a good job putting this race together. I was afraid I would get lost but had no trouble following the course. Part of the course actually reminded me of Mohican so I felt right at home.
As for what's next, I'm not sure. I want to run Akron Marathon but my husband said I was running with my right shoulder down and he said I looked stiff and uncomfortable. I suppose it's because of my back. Right now, I'm just not sure what will be next. I'll just have to wait and see!!!!


Mark Carroll said...

Great job Terri!!

Don: said...

Terri great race. It looks like you got your running form back. And speaking of back, have you been adjusted lately?