Wednesday, August 5, 2009

On The Road Again!!

Woke up to pack Keith his lunch for football.Kyle was up getting ready for his run and I was in no mood to do my run so, back to bed I went for another hour! It felt great!! Got back up about 8:00am and made Corey a good breakfast because he was leaving to take his GRE. He was very relieved to get that over with. He will need to go to grad school to become PA. Where he will go will be determined sometime this winter. It has been a very stressful time for him! Plus, this will be his last year playing football at Marietta which has been bother him some. Next spring, he wants to train for a half marathon. I would love to run his first half with him so we are planning to run the Athen's half-marathon in the spring. I love doing this kind of thing with the boys! Last summer, Corey and
I did a sprint triathlon together which was great fun!!

I finally got out for my run about 10:00 and was planning on doing 8 miles since I ran twice yesterday. Once I got going however, I was feeling pretty good so why not go for 10,which is exactly what I did. My leg and back are much better but my pace is still pretty slow. I will just have to keep working!! Didn't swim again, but lifted weights. Today, I worked on biceps and abs.

Tomorrow will be a big day because it is Keith's 16th birthday! Can't hardly believe it!! Not going to do to much since he will have football a big part of the day. In the evening, we are going to my mom and dad's house to celebrate!! I will let everyone how it goes! Later......


Don: said...

Terri, it sounds like you are really kept busy with the boys.
Are you interested in a trail run at Mohican on Friday morning? Let me know. I plan on 15-20 miles.

Sounds like Keith will be doing battle against his brothers on Sunday. But he will be 1 year older, so age shouldn't be an excuse.

4-EVER RUNNING said...

Sorry Don, if you read this I can't Friday but I can run on Saturday. Call me. The swim race on Sunday should be interesting!!