Thursday, August 27, 2009

6 miles and Kyle's Birthday

Got up this morning around 7:00am. Had to get Keith up for school and make him breakfast. After that, went for a 6 mile run and then lifted weights. Did a bicep workout along with abs. Felt much better running today. Once I'm out the door, things are good. It's getting out the door that I am struggling with. I just have to make myself do it!!

Today Is my middle son"s Birthday. Can't believe he is 20. Kyle is my unique and creative one. He is the quietest of the three and has a very kind heart. He's always thinking of others infront of himself. He was born in Wooster. OH at 5:40 am, weighed 7lb 12oz, and 20 inches long. He was the lightest of the three boys. We always tease him because he looked like ET when he was born. He had long arms, fingers and legs. He is the one who goes against the norm. His hair is long, he thinks instead of speaking and he enjoys being different. He is a smart kid with a 3.4 grade pt in HS and a 3.8 right now in college. I always tell him he is like an oreo cookie. He is the good, gooy stuff in the middle. That's my Kyle!! He is also the runner. I'm glad one of the boys turned out to like running!

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