Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just Another Run

Nothing exciting, just another 5.5 mile run. At the start felt tired and sluggish but came out of it the longer I ran. Just so unmotivated and out of sync. Hopefully , I will get out of this funk soon or I'm going to quit running. LOL Sometimes I think it's just not worth it. Saw Don Baun as I was running by the track. They are resurfacing the track so Don was unable to get in his interval workout in. He said he was just going home and do a run. Hope you got it in, Don.
No lifting and went to the Y and swam one and a fourth mile.

Tomorrow is Kyle's 20th birthday. It's hard to believe he will be that old. I wish he was little again so I could hold him in my arms but they must all grow up!

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