Friday, July 30, 2010

Wearing Down, Just a Little

The last couple of days, I have been tired, well, I guess I feel tired most of the time, but lately I'm feeling pretty wrung out! I think it is a combination of things. Not much sleep, adding boot camp to my workout, plus 70 miles weeks, weight lifting, swimming, and then of course life in general! I know I should eliminate something but my OCD kicks in and I start to panick. I talked to the boot camp instructor today, and he told me I should not be lifting, but I have worked to hard not to continue. I will however, trust him for a week or two and see if I lose any strength. That might help some. Usually my weeks have been looking like this.. Sunday-long run and lift, Monday-boot camp, run and swim, Tuesday-long run and lift, Wednesday-boot camp, run and swim, Thrusday-two runs, am and pm and lift, Friday-boot camp, run and swim and Saturday- long run. Do you think I'm over doing it??? I Don't but I probably am!! I just don't want to take anything out of my schedule.

Yesterday, Thrusday - I ran 6.5 miles in the morning, lifted weights and then met the Mansfield Y run club at MO for another 6 miles. It's always such a relaxed, fun time running with the group!

Today, Friday - Boot camp with alot of jumping rope, kicks and push-ups, 7 mile run and 1 and 1/4 mile swim with 300yd pull and 150yd kick.

Before I end, I just wanted to wish all the runners who will be running Burning River 100, Good Luck!! I will be working the other side this time, at mile 80, which is the covered bridge aid station! It should be a good day!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All In An Instant

Alot of things happen in an instant. You can't remember how or why but it is done and over with before you know it. You can't take it back or change it, only live with the outcome. We have all had these instances, good or bad, in our lives. Last night, my youngest son, Keith got word that three of his classmates and their drill team coach/ English teacher were in a car accident. They were hit by another driver, who was killed. Keith's three friends are all ok, but have been bruised and battered. Their coach, who was driving the car, is in far worse shape. Internal injuries and broken bones, listed in critical but stable condition. It only took an instant for this all to happen and change everyone's lives forever. I'm so greatful that the three girls will be ok and am praying for their coach. I am also praying for the family of the young man who was killed. Life can be so cruel at times but I do believe lessons can be learned. I need to realize to be greatful for the things I have and the people I love because it can all be taken away in an instant!

Workout for the day - Boot camp, 7 mile run and 1 mile swim that included sprints of 1x25yd, 1x50yd, 1x75yd, 2x 100yds and 400yd pull.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Always Alittle More

Started my day later than I wanted, but that's ok, nothing really important going on. Keith was up at 6:30am for football conditioning but I just couldn't do it. I yelled good-bye and have a good one, laid my head back down until about 7:30am. I really wanted to hit the trails today, so that takes a little bit longer to get ready. Water bottle, extra water, snack, dirty trail shoes that need to be put on once I get to the trails, a towel for drying and cleaning off afterwards, garmin and of course the drive to the park. It probably takes an extra 20 minutes or more to get ready but it's all worth it once you are out there!! My goal today was to run no more than 10 miles maybe only 8 depending on how I was feeling. Of course you all know me, I ended up running 13 miles mainly because I miss calculated the route I was running, thinking I was only going to end up with 10-11 miles :) Got it done and actually felt pretty good doing it. Lifted weights when I got home and called it a day other than the usual chores around the house!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Always Playing Catch-Up

For some reason, I can never keep up with things. Whether it's posting on my blog, the kids, house cleaning, grocery shopping, running or sleeping, time always slips by and I am behind once again!!I haven't posted anything since last Wednesday, July 21st, so I'll start with Thrusday July 22nd.

Thrusday 7-22-10 Ran 6.5 miles on the trails, lifted weights and 6 miles at Mo with the Mansfield Y run club. Both runs were very hot and humid! I really struggled with the second run. I don't know if I didn't eat enough or if it was the weather.

Friday 7-23-10 Boot camp, 8 miles on the road and 1 and 1/4 mile swim that included 450yds pull. It was another hot and humid run and it was starting to take a toll on my body!!

Saturday 7-24-10 15.5 miles on the trails at MO. VERY HOT and HUMID!!!! A great weekend because the whole family was home. Kyle even made spaghetti and meatballs for everyone and we invited my mom and dad over for supper!

Sunday 7-25-10 12.5 miles on the trails at MO. It was not only hot and humid but it also poured down rain the entire time :( Quite a miserable run but got through it and then lifted weights.

Monday 7-26-10 Boot camp inwhich we worked on core the entire hour, ran 8.6 miles on road, and swam 1 and 1/4 mile swim with 450yd pull. I had a great run since the humidy was down and I wasn't sweating to death!!!

So here I am, all caught up for the moment :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This Old Body!!!!

Sometimes I wonder how much can one's body take?? When you are young, you don't think about all the aches and pains, you just go because you can. There is no stiffness or soreness and injuries are far and few. You can jump out of bed, put your running shoes on and go out the door in a matter of minutes. The start of your runs are just as fast as the end of your runs and then you are ready to go at the day hard without the thought of a nap to revive yourself!

As I get older, I feel the aches and pains and pray everyday I can make it without an injury. It now takes me about 45 mins. to get out the door for a run in the morning and believe me, I don't jump out of bed anymore!! Most days I live for a nap and that doesn't even revive this body at times!! But, I keep at it because I LOVE the sport, the competition and how it makes me look and feel!! Through all the aches and pains over the years, I have learned alot about myself and have met some really great people. I have learned how to be tough and endure pain that only a runner can imagine. The most painful losses and lessons have made me the runner I am today and I wouldn't trade it for anything. As I start to age and those aches and pains become more frequent, I ask myself why I keep at it, it's because I CAN!!!!!

Today's boot camp made me think of all this, as I'm stuggling to keep up with the youngins'. I constantly remind myself that I am strong and tough, even though I'm almost 50, I CAN stay up with those youngins' and be a role model to them. Hopefully, they look at me and keep pushing themselves. I want the younger generation to realize that with age things may change but it's all good and you can continue to make and reach goals you set for yourself. Yes, you do slow down with age, but I'm starting to realize that you can't fight it. Enjoy it, embrace it, and work with what you have. Believe me, I will continue to strive to be the best runner I can!!

As for today, boot camp that included 1 mile for time in the beginning and 1 mile for time in the end. Remember, this old body needs lots of warming up, so my first mile was only a 7:20 but the second mile was around a 6:50. In between the miles, we did alot of leg work, so I was pleased :) I then ran an easy 5 miles from the YMCA and then swam a mile with 8x50yd sprints. And, YES, I will be stiff and sore in the morning!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Losing Makes You Stronger

This past Saturday was Loudonville's summer swim league championship. All three of my boys have swam on the team since they were 4 yrs. old until they graduated from HS. Keith is the only one left swimming and for some odd reason, didn't think he had to go to practice, only show up for the meets. That worked for the two meets he swam in but for the championship, he learned his lesson, as hard as it may be! All three of the boys are natural athletes. They could/can do any sport they choose and with alittle effort, they excel very well. For some odd reason, when it comes to swimming, they are all very good breaststrokers. Corey holds the league and pool breaststroke records and swam in the winter during HS. Kyle stopped swimming after JH and decided to come back for his last year and won the breast in the league champs after 5 yrs. of no swimming. And then we have Keith. He has always been trying to get Corey's records and seems to fall short by tenths of seconds. Last year, he won the breast in the champs, in his first year in the 15-18 age group. This year, he THOUGHT he would have no trouble repeating!! He was seeded first by 3 seconds, so from what I understand, his head got alittle big! I, of course, was running the BT 50k and missed the meet :( He raced to 7th in the 50m freestyle and 10th in the 50m butterfly, which was no surprise because the only thing he cared about was the breast!! Mark told me that Keith was very nervous before the start of the race. He had a good start and pull out but another swimmer from another team was right with him. At the turn, Keith had a slight lead but soon lost it and found himself neck and neck with the other swimmer. At the end, it looked like they touched at the same time but they gave first to the other swimmer. I think Keith was in total shock. I'm sure alot of emotions were running through his mind, shock, anger and disappointment. The things you learn about yourself coming in second!! He lost by less than a tenth of second but none the less, it was a loss. As we all have learned, losing only makes us stronger and wanting it more. Sure it hurts, but in the long run, we get over it and try harder. That's the lesson Keith has learned this summer! I'm positive, he will be back stronger than before and he probably will go to more practices :)

My week had started out fairly strong after taking Sunday off. Monday was boot camp, 6.5 mile run and 1 and 1/4 mile swim with a 450yd pull. My legs were tired from the 50k but not sore. Today, I was sore from boot camp but managed
8.5 miles on the trail and weights.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Buckeye Trail 50K

The Summer Buckeye Trail 50k was held yesterday at CVNP. My goal for this race was once again to run an even paced race with out punishing myself. I also wanted to run it in 6 hrs. Score!! Both goals accomplished!! My time 5 hrs.56 min. without too much punishment or pain except for the extreme heat and humidity!! The race actually started out rather cool compared to earlier this week, so I'm thinking this won't be to bad. By the time the race was half over, it was hot and starting to take a toll on all of us runners!
The first half of the race was fine. I was running a comfortable pace at around 10 min. miles. I was blessed to meet up with two guys, one from PA and one from the Orrville area, that kept me in check with pace and time but at the same time, we had great conversation. I didn't catch their names but thanks, guys!!
At the turn-a-round, I noticed that I was feeling alittle dizzy in the heat, so I took alittle longer at the aid station inorder to consume more liquid. Once I left the aid station, my though was to try to pick up the pace, which I did for awhile, but the heat and humidity started to take it's toll and instead of worrying about time, it became trying to get to the finish! Thanks to Mark Carroll and Dan Bellinger at the Snowville aid station, who made me gatorade and poured water on me in order to revive my withering body! With 3 miles to go, I probably walked more than I should of but I was able to pass four runners. Once again, I get comfortable with my place and pace, and just finish without a strong push!! Oh, well, it wasn't a goal race, no tapering and plain old running for the fun of it, so i'm happy with my performance. I think I placed 7th for the women and in the 30's overall. I did however, win the old lady award, so that's something!!!
The great thing about this race, is the fact that it's an out and back course, so you pass alot of new and old faces, calling out encouragement to each other! Congrats, to all the runners!!!!! Once again, Vince Rucci put on a great race!! Thanks, to him and all the volunteers at the aid stations! We couldn't run without you!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

No Tapering For Me !!!!

Well, I guess the BT 50k this weekend will turn into a training run. I haven't let up at all this week. Right now, I'm so sore from the boot camp yesterday that I can barely walk without pain. My butt muscles, groin and quads are very, very sore!! Once I get warmed up I'm ok, but I don't know what will happen when I hit mile 20 during the race. I put in 12 miles today in two different runs. I ran 5.5 this morning on the trails at MO and then this evening, I went back out to MO and met up with runners from the Mansfield Y run club. Don Buan, Mike Keller, Michelle Bichsel, Kay Hunt, Wayne Snyder, Don Conrad and two runners I didn't know, had an enjoyable 6.5 miles, in the heat, of course!! The ice cream at the Perrysville dairy helped cool everyone down!! AND of course, I lifted weights between runs!! I plan on taking it easy tomorrow, doing only the boot camp class. I will then head up to Cuyahoga Falls in the evening, to stay with my son before the race on Saturday. It will be nice to spend some time with the oldest :) I hope to run close to a 6 hr run but with warm weather and no rest it might be hard. Whatever happens, happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Football, Already??

Yesterday was my youngest son, Keith's first football 7 on 7. I can't believe it has started already!! I didn't go, I'll tell you why in a second, but my husband went and I was told that he did well! They have changed him from a wide reciever to a running back which will give him more time with the ball and he plays safety, on defense. Now, I'm going to start on my soap box with team sports!! I hate going to games such as football, basketball, volleyball and baseball because parents, me included, and coaches just don't let the kids play. I know that they have to be coached and the object of the game is to win but I think that there is way too much politics involved. Most of the time, the player sees field time depending on your last name and how much ass kissing the parents do to the coaches. I'm really tired of seeing and hearing parents standing around complaining about their child,someone else's child and the coaches. Like I said before, just let the kids play!! It is nice to watch Kyle run because you either do good or you don't and know one can deny the stop watch!!! I will always support my kids and have their backs in whatever they do, I just wish there was a way althetes could play according to their talent and not who they are or parent getting involved. Well, enough said on that subject :)

Yesterday, I ran 5.5 miles and had a good weight lifting session. I was tired and sore from Monday, but I loosened up once I got started. Today, I went to boot camp which kicked my butt!! There was 15 stations of different exercises, like curls, abs, push-ups, one legged squat thrusts ect. and you were at each station for 3 minutes. A real butt kicker!!! After that, I ran 8.5 miles and swam 1 mile with 6x50yd sprints and 300yd pull. I guess I won't be tapering for the Summer BT50k, this weekend :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Weekend Of Racing And Friends

I started the weekend by running the Xterra 11 mile trail race at Mohican. Didn't taper and really didn't care how I did. I went into the race thinking of only a fun, easy pace race, purely for enjoyment!! Still at the beginning of the race, the nerves kicked in. Off we went, about 100+ runners, up two miles or so of very steep hills. After the first couple of miles, things leveled off, until the end, when we had to run the hill on the north rim trail. Although, the hill is not half as bad going up on a 11 mile race compared to a 50k :) I raced exactly how I wanted!! A 10min. mile pace that didn't punish my body :) A very relaxed effort that didn't tax my body. Very happy with the results considering I could have gone faster!! 2nd female and 33rd overall with a time of 1:49.50. I didn't even feel the effects of the workouts I did the day before which consisted of 1 hr. core class, 6.2 mile run and a 1 mile swim.

Yesterday was another fun day :) A group of us met at 7:30am at Mo, which included Mark Carroll, Mark Lemke, Star Blackford, Lindsey(sorry don't know her last name) a youngin form Fredricktown, Suzanne Porkorny and Michelle Bichsel. We all had a fun, relaxed run and good conversation. Even though it became hot and humid most of us ran 15.5 miles with some going more and a couple doing less. I felt guilty for not running more with Michelle so I came home and did my weights :)

Today, I guess I'm tired from the weekend miles because it was hard getting up this morning for my core/boot camp class. The class started out with a 2.2 mile run and let me tell you, those ladies in that class can run!! I felt like I was running a 2 mile time trial!! LOL We did an ab workout when we were done. After that, I deciced to punish myself some more and ran another 6.8 miles for a total of 9 miles. Didn't feel the best on tired legs. I have to decide if I should train through the 50k race this weekend or taper, maybe alittle of both!! Got in the pool and swam for a mile and I was finished by 9:30am!!!!! I think an afternoon nap is in order!!!!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trying Something Different

Since my running this summer hasn't been going the greatest, I have decide that it might be time to change my training both mentally and physically. The first thing will be to keep the mileage down and give my body a break. I would like to get more quality runs in, instead of quanity. I would also like to do some different cross-training, so yesterday I got my butt out of bed and met a group in Mansfield for a boot camp class. Let me tell you, I used some muscles that I haven't used for a long time!!! My poor butt along with my legs are sore today!! It's all good because I needed a change!!

Now the mental part will be much harder!! As I get older, I'm starting to realize that I can't keep up with the youngins' anymore!! I am tired of trying!!!!!! I need to train and race without beating myself up all the time!! I am going to try to have fun and quit being so competitive all the time. If I can't win a race, I should be happy with an age group win or just a finish! RIGHT?? Why can't I run a training run or a race and have fun without worring about other runners and what place I'm in??? This Saturday, I will try!! The Xterra series will be at MO this weekend with a 11 mile race and I plan on not tapering and running without a care in the world!! I plan to do the same thing next weekend at the BT 50k. Wish me luck!! I think this will be a lot harder then cutting down on the miles!!

Anyway, after yesterday's boot camp, I ran 7 miles with 5 of those miles on the Malabar track going 2 minute pick-ups. It was in the pool after that for a 1 mile swim with 10x25yd sprints.
Today, I met up with Don Baun and Rob Powell for a trail run around Malabar Farm. I have never been on these trails before so the change was nice. We ran to the top of Mt. Jeez, what a view!! Even though it was hot and humid,,we had a great 10 miler and great company even though poor Rob about lost his cookies over the smell of a dead animal!! LOL!! Thanks, Don for showing us the trails!! Oh, can't forget the weight lifting session when I got home!! Until the next time................

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot and Humid

What the heck!!! I love summer and the warm weather but lately it has been sooo hot and humid, I don't even want to go outside! Even in the early morning, when I get up to run, it is already all most unbearable!!! Yesterday, I should have went down to Hocking Hills to run with a group but since it was the holiday and the boys were home, I decided not to make the trip. I did however, get in a good run in with Don Baun. He was kind enough to show me the Xterra 11 mile course that will take place this Saturday at MO. I have decided that I will run this race so I thought it would be a good idea to know where I was going. We had a good run but by the time we were done it was HOT!!! Afterwards, I went to the Y and swam 1 1/4 miles with 4350yd pull. I am going to run the xterra race and NOT put any pressure on myself. I want to run, have fun and not worry about my time or place!!!!! We'll see what happens!!
Today, I went out on the road in the blazing sun, even though it was only 7am. Lifted weights and swam 1 mile with 4x100yd sprints and 400yd pull.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bouncing Back

Slowly but surely, I'm trying to get back into my running. Everyday since Mohican, I'm feeling better and better and looking to make some goals, both in the near future and on down the road. My week went like this :

Monday 6-28 6 miles on the road and lifted weights

Tuesday 6- 29 6.5 miles on the road with a 1 mile swim that included 4x25 yd pick-ups, 4x50 yd pick-ups and 400 yd pull.

Wednesday 6-30 6.5 miles on the road and lifted weights

Thrusday 7-1 10.5 miles on the trail and swam 1 mile which included 4x 75yd pick-ups and a 400yd pull

Friday 7-2 8 miles on the road and lifted weights

Saturday 7-3 15.5 miles on the trails. Did the orange loop and down along the river at MO. Watched fireworks in Loudonville from our house :)

Sunday 7-4 Happy 4th of July!! Ran 10 miles with the Mansfield Y run club and lifted weights