Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All In An Instant

Alot of things happen in an instant. You can't remember how or why but it is done and over with before you know it. You can't take it back or change it, only live with the outcome. We have all had these instances, good or bad, in our lives. Last night, my youngest son, Keith got word that three of his classmates and their drill team coach/ English teacher were in a car accident. They were hit by another driver, who was killed. Keith's three friends are all ok, but have been bruised and battered. Their coach, who was driving the car, is in far worse shape. Internal injuries and broken bones, listed in critical but stable condition. It only took an instant for this all to happen and change everyone's lives forever. I'm so greatful that the three girls will be ok and am praying for their coach. I am also praying for the family of the young man who was killed. Life can be so cruel at times but I do believe lessons can be learned. I need to realize to be greatful for the things I have and the people I love because it can all be taken away in an instant!

Workout for the day - Boot camp, 7 mile run and 1 mile swim that included sprints of 1x25yd, 1x50yd, 1x75yd, 2x 100yds and 400yd pull.

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Kim said...

Wow, that is awful. Life is too short to spend being unhappy and not enjoying mostly every minute. I resolve *now* to enjoy more and bitch less!

Have a good weekend Terri at BR! Sounds like you are planning on having fun!