Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trying Something Different

Since my running this summer hasn't been going the greatest, I have decide that it might be time to change my training both mentally and physically. The first thing will be to keep the mileage down and give my body a break. I would like to get more quality runs in, instead of quanity. I would also like to do some different cross-training, so yesterday I got my butt out of bed and met a group in Mansfield for a boot camp class. Let me tell you, I used some muscles that I haven't used for a long time!!! My poor butt along with my legs are sore today!! It's all good because I needed a change!!

Now the mental part will be much harder!! As I get older, I'm starting to realize that I can't keep up with the youngins' anymore!! I am tired of trying!!!!!! I need to train and race without beating myself up all the time!! I am going to try to have fun and quit being so competitive all the time. If I can't win a race, I should be happy with an age group win or just a finish! RIGHT?? Why can't I run a training run or a race and have fun without worring about other runners and what place I'm in??? This Saturday, I will try!! The Xterra series will be at MO this weekend with a 11 mile race and I plan on not tapering and running without a care in the world!! I plan to do the same thing next weekend at the BT 50k. Wish me luck!! I think this will be a lot harder then cutting down on the miles!!

Anyway, after yesterday's boot camp, I ran 7 miles with 5 of those miles on the Malabar track going 2 minute pick-ups. It was in the pool after that for a 1 mile swim with 10x25yd sprints.
Today, I met up with Don Baun and Rob Powell for a trail run around Malabar Farm. I have never been on these trails before so the change was nice. We ran to the top of Mt. Jeez, what a view!! Even though it was hot and humid,,we had a great 10 miler and great company even though poor Rob about lost his cookies over the smell of a dead animal!! LOL!! Thanks, Don for showing us the trails!! Oh, can't forget the weight lifting session when I got home!! Until the next time................

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ultrarunnerbrianphilpot said...

I allways mix it up! So my body can recover and never know what it will have to do. My body never knows what I'm going to do and sometimes I don't till I do it. At 39 I'm no spring chicken, but I feel good.