Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Always Alittle More

Started my day later than I wanted, but that's ok, nothing really important going on. Keith was up at 6:30am for football conditioning but I just couldn't do it. I yelled good-bye and have a good one, laid my head back down until about 7:30am. I really wanted to hit the trails today, so that takes a little bit longer to get ready. Water bottle, extra water, snack, dirty trail shoes that need to be put on once I get to the trails, a towel for drying and cleaning off afterwards, garmin and of course the drive to the park. It probably takes an extra 20 minutes or more to get ready but it's all worth it once you are out there!! My goal today was to run no more than 10 miles maybe only 8 depending on how I was feeling. Of course you all know me, I ended up running 13 miles mainly because I miss calculated the route I was running, thinking I was only going to end up with 10-11 miles :) Got it done and actually felt pretty good doing it. Lifted weights when I got home and called it a day other than the usual chores around the house!!

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