Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Football, Already??

Yesterday was my youngest son, Keith's first football 7 on 7. I can't believe it has started already!! I didn't go, I'll tell you why in a second, but my husband went and I was told that he did well! They have changed him from a wide reciever to a running back which will give him more time with the ball and he plays safety, on defense. Now, I'm going to start on my soap box with team sports!! I hate going to games such as football, basketball, volleyball and baseball because parents, me included, and coaches just don't let the kids play. I know that they have to be coached and the object of the game is to win but I think that there is way too much politics involved. Most of the time, the player sees field time depending on your last name and how much ass kissing the parents do to the coaches. I'm really tired of seeing and hearing parents standing around complaining about their child,someone else's child and the coaches. Like I said before, just let the kids play!! It is nice to watch Kyle run because you either do good or you don't and know one can deny the stop watch!!! I will always support my kids and have their backs in whatever they do, I just wish there was a way althetes could play according to their talent and not who they are or parent getting involved. Well, enough said on that subject :)

Yesterday, I ran 5.5 miles and had a good weight lifting session. I was tired and sore from Monday, but I loosened up once I got started. Today, I went to boot camp which kicked my butt!! There was 15 stations of different exercises, like curls, abs, push-ups, one legged squat thrusts ect. and you were at each station for 3 minutes. A real butt kicker!!! After that, I ran 8.5 miles and swam 1 mile with 6x50yd sprints and 300yd pull. I guess I won't be tapering for the Summer BT50k, this weekend :)

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