Monday, July 12, 2010

A Weekend Of Racing And Friends

I started the weekend by running the Xterra 11 mile trail race at Mohican. Didn't taper and really didn't care how I did. I went into the race thinking of only a fun, easy pace race, purely for enjoyment!! Still at the beginning of the race, the nerves kicked in. Off we went, about 100+ runners, up two miles or so of very steep hills. After the first couple of miles, things leveled off, until the end, when we had to run the hill on the north rim trail. Although, the hill is not half as bad going up on a 11 mile race compared to a 50k :) I raced exactly how I wanted!! A 10min. mile pace that didn't punish my body :) A very relaxed effort that didn't tax my body. Very happy with the results considering I could have gone faster!! 2nd female and 33rd overall with a time of 1:49.50. I didn't even feel the effects of the workouts I did the day before which consisted of 1 hr. core class, 6.2 mile run and a 1 mile swim.

Yesterday was another fun day :) A group of us met at 7:30am at Mo, which included Mark Carroll, Mark Lemke, Star Blackford, Lindsey(sorry don't know her last name) a youngin form Fredricktown, Suzanne Porkorny and Michelle Bichsel. We all had a fun, relaxed run and good conversation. Even though it became hot and humid most of us ran 15.5 miles with some going more and a couple doing less. I felt guilty for not running more with Michelle so I came home and did my weights :)

Today, I guess I'm tired from the weekend miles because it was hard getting up this morning for my core/boot camp class. The class started out with a 2.2 mile run and let me tell you, those ladies in that class can run!! I felt like I was running a 2 mile time trial!! LOL We did an ab workout when we were done. After that, I deciced to punish myself some more and ran another 6.8 miles for a total of 9 miles. Didn't feel the best on tired legs. I have to decide if I should train through the 50k race this weekend or taper, maybe alittle of both!! Got in the pool and swam for a mile and I was finished by 9:30am!!!!! I think an afternoon nap is in order!!!!!!

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