Friday, January 28, 2011

2 Hour Delay

Woke up this morning to about 1-2 inches of snow which made the roads icy. The local tv channel indicated that the Loudonville-Perrysville schools were on a two hour delay. Good for Keith to be able to sleep in but also good for me too!! I should have got up for a run but instead I decided to take a two hour delay also and went back to sleep!!!

Two hours later, Keith was off to school and I was off for a run on the road. Planned on only doing 6 miles but once I go started and was feeling good, I kept on going for an 8 miler!!! I think by running in the snow on the trails for the last couple days, made my legs feel light on the roads!! Maybe, all this hard work trudging in the snow will pay off!!!

I didn't have time to get to spin class but I did make to the Y for a swim. Swam 1.25 miles and that also felt good. I need to try harder to get more cross training in in order to help my running.

Corey came home for the weekend so that means extra cooking and more laundry. Luck me!!!!!

Looking forward to the weekend with two PR training runs :) Hopefully, I'll be able to get in 20+ miles both days!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Snowy Trails

The plan was to meet Mark Carroll this morning and do a long run at MO. Unfortunately, Mark had to cancel, so I was on my own. I was in no big hurry to get started since I was still tired from yesterday's run, so around 10am I headed out the door.

I really didn't have any plans on where to run or how far, but I did want at least 10 miles on the snow covered trails. I hope that all this slow trudging in the snow will have it's benefits come this spring. I started out at the old PR start/finish and headed onto the orange loop. The first 5-8 miles were not too bad since the snow has been trampled down alittle. After that, my legs started to scream at me and it seemed like the snow was getting deeper with no tracks to follow except those that were made by the little wild creatures! Running was pretty difficult between miles 9-11. No tracks to follow, just alot of snow to plow through!!! From the CB back to campground A was easy sailing, running on mostly backed down snow but I was TIRED!!! Total of 16 miles and at this point, I should hit around 90 miles for the week :)

If running 16 miles in the snow wasn't enough, I decided to lift weights when I got home! I didn't have much strength but I at least I went through the motions!!

Can't wait for spring and warmer weather :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Running With Kimba

This morning I met up with Kim Love-Ottobre at Mohican. Kim wanted to get a long run in on hills of Mohican so I jumped at the chance to run with some good company :) Kim is preparing to be the first woman in Ohio to finish MMT 100 and I truely believe she will do it!!!!

We started our adventure around 9am and soon found that the running would be slow going due to the poor footing caused by the snow. No hurry, it's time on your feet that is most important when preparing for 100 milers!! Kim is such a strong and agile runner that the snow gave her no problem. As for me, by the end of the run my quads were tired and my right knee was hurting. Two days of running long in the snow makes this old body breakdown!!!! It was fun to see all the little, wild animal tracks in the snow and wonder what they had been doing or where they were going!! We had a great time and good conversation along the way, which makes the time go fast and before we knew it, we were done. Total 18 miles.

Thanks, Kim!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who Needs A Trainer

I felt like Rocky, today!!! The scene were he is running through the snow, was me, only I didn't have any weight on my back!! That is exactly what I was thinking, as I was trudging up the first big xterra hill, which will be the first hill on the new PR course. It sure was slow going but I tried to push myself the best I could!!!

The other thought that came into my head, was the thought of how great it was to put my body through this type of conditioning and not have to pay for it!!!lol All you have to do is run on the trails, in the snow and you have a great workout for free!!! I think I was using every muscle trying to stay upright from all the slipping and sliding. Sometimes you are running fast and sometimes you are barely walking!! You use everything from leg muscles, to the core and even the arms!!! No wonder I'm tired tonight :)

11 miles in for the day, followed by weights.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Good Days

As I said in my post yesterday, the good days always out weigh the bad ones, well, today was one of those days :) After about a week of really crappy runs and workouts, I finally had a GOOD one!!!!!!

I ran 6.5 miles on the treadmill due to the cold weather and felt great!!! So good, that I did a fartlek run that included 4x1 min, 4x 1:30 min, and 4x 2 min pick ups at a 5k race pace. I could have went longer but I forced myself to stop while I was still feeling good!! I had a great swim afterwards, swimming 1 and a quarter mile and felt strong!!! Then did a 45 min spin class and pushed myself hard. Did leg curls and extentions after class with some core work. Very happy with myself but tired :) On a day like today, I can say "Bring It On"!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Wrapup

Well, the weekend is over and it had it's good and bad moments!!

First of all the good. I'm finally feeling better after about 2 days of the stomach flu and then 3 days of trying to recover. After an entire week, I got to the Y for a mile swim. Got shopping done and some of the house cleaned plus very grateful that we have a warm house since it has been so very cold out!! Got some miles in although they were slow and I was tired!! Kyle placed second for OWU in the 800 at their home meet on Saturday. He is finally starting to come around after his broken foot and knee problems. Corey seems to be settling in at Kent and Keith is enjoying his second semester classes thus far. He is also enjoying the snow days but will have to start making them up if they have anymore :(

Now for the not so good!! I will start by saying"I hate being and getting old!!" It seems like my mind says go, go, go but my body feels otherwise!! Because my body is suffering, my mind is starting to give up!! And the vicious cycle goes round and round!! I tell myself to be gracious and wise and except the changes in my body but it is so very hard!! I try to remind myself of this as I am running on the snow covered trails, trying to keep from crying. It was just so hard running in the snow and every part of me was saying STOP!!!!! I drudged on for 16 miles finally stopping and wondering why I do this to myself and wondering why I think I can stay up with those 20 years younger. I don't know if I can answer these questions but I can tell you that I LOVE TO RUN and it is in my blood!! I just have to get through this age and change of life thing!!! I know that there are going to be bad days, but the good days always out weigh those darn bad ones!! SO, I shall continue to try to be the best I can!!!!!!

Saturday - 6 miles on the dreadmill in the am, 1 mile swim that included 300yd pull and 6 miles on the road in the pm

Sunday - 16 miles on the trails at MO

Friday, January 21, 2011

Still Under The Weather

Still not feeling well :( No energy and the stomach is still upset which means no eating which is why there is no energy!!lol Kind of a merry-go-round cycle!!! The price of getting old, I guess!!! I sure hope this passes soon!!!

I was able to force myself on the treadmill by late morning. Keith had a snow day and Corey had came home the night before so since they all slept in, so did I :) I knew the roads would be in bad shape and I didn't want to fight the snow covered trails so I decided it would be on the wonderful dreadmill!!! 10 miles of trying not to throw-up was no fun but I survived!! I then decided to lift weights which was not a smart idea since I had no strength, but I got that done!! You guessed it, I was trashed the rest of the day and have now spent all evening lying around.

Maybe a trail run in the morning with friends!! Stay tuned.......................

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sick :(

For the last two days, I have been struck with the terrible stomach flu!!! No fun at all, but I have survived!! Still feeling weak and alittle unsettled but I'm sure that will pass soon. I need to start eating in order to gain some energy but the good old stomach is still kind of yucky!!

Two days of no running is sort of making me squirm!!!! Tomorrow, I will definitly run but it might have to be on the dreadmill. It will all depend on how much snow we will have by morning. Hopefully, I will be back to normal and the rest of the family doesn't get the bug! Between getting sick and all the snow and cold weather we have been having, my training has started to suffer!!! It is time to get on with it.......................................

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Damp Kind Of Day

After a day off yesterday, the legs have bounced back nicely :) The quads are alittle sore but after my short, slow run today, they are fine!! The goal for the week will be to run only 6 miles a day plus cross training until the weekend and then hopefully, I will try to get in a couple of 20 milers on the trails.

Today was wet and dreary but at least it was warm :) I even thought about running in shorts but chickened out at the last minute!! Ran a nice and easy 6.5 miles on the road and felt good so I guess the day off did me some good!! I thought about running on the trails but I figured they would be pretty sloppy and I have had my fill of snowy, sloppy trails so the road sounded pretty darn good :) After my run, I lifted weights and did some much needed house work. I also took an unplanned nap but it sure felt good!!lol

Until tomorrow.................................

Monday, January 17, 2011

One Week

This is what I have been doing this week........ I am going to try very hard this week to blog more :)

Sunday 1-9-11 11 miles on the road. abs

Monday 1-10-11 6 miles on the road, 1.25 mile swim and 45 min. spin class

Tuesday 1-11-11 10.5 miles on the trail and lifted weights

Wednesday 1-12-11 Snow day for Keith so I slept in also :) 8 miles on the dreadmill with 2 of those miles walking on the highest incline and lifted weights.

Thrusday 1-13-11 1o miles on the road and did not feel very good. I have been fatigued with no energy. I think it has to do with the change of life thing!!! That will have to be a subject all on it's own!! Lifted weights after my run. I need to start to taper a tiny bit for Run With Regis 50k on Sunday.

Friday 1-14-11 6 miles on the road, 1.25 mile swim with 450yd pull and 45 min. spin class.

Saturday 1-15-11 6.5 miles on the trails which were very snowy and difficult to run on!! abs

Sunday 1-16-11 Run With Regis 50k A cold and snowy day. To be truthful, it beat my body to hell!!!!! There was about a foot of snow on the trails which were slippery and slushy making running very difficult :( Image running on the beach in the deep sand for 6 hours, that's how it was except it was cold!! I did get my PW(personal worst) with a time of 6:16 but there was no way I could have gone any faster!! However, all is good and it will only make me stronger as soon as I get over the soreness!! First female finisher and 8th overall.The best part was seeing and running with all my friends :) A big thank you goes out to Tanya Cady and all the volunters for a great race!!

Monday 1-17-11 Martin Luther King Day A complete day of REST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Back To The Cross Training :)

My three sons at Christmas - Keith, Kyle and Corey

Ran a cold, 6 miler, this morning!! Double pants, shirts and gloves, UGH!!!!
It's time to get back to my regular workout routine and do some cross training!! So, after my run, I went to the Y and swam 1.25 miles and did a 45 min. spin class. I could tell I haven't been in the pool or on the bike in a while, which equals out to tired legs!!!! I do need to back off at the end of the week for the Run For Regis 50k on Sunday. Not really a goal race so time really won't matter, it's all about the miles!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sleeping In

WOOOWEEEEEE!!!!!!! I got to sleep in today :)

My plan was to get up and run with a group in Lucas, a small town close to Mansfield, but when the alarm went off around 7am, I just was too tired :( I guess staying up until 1am was not a good idea!! Plus it was just too cold :)

An eight hour+ night of sleep did me wonders and it has been a long time coming!!! Sooooo, around 9am, I managed to drag myself out of bed, put on the running clothes and enjoy the sunshine even though it was about 12 degrees!!! I also made Mark come out with me so I didn't have to run alone!!!!

Mark ran about 4 miles and then I continued for a total of 11 miles on the road. No big push, just a nice steady pace :) Did some core work and called it a day...................

p.s. The real Christmas tree downstairs finally came down and upstairs, we are still celebrating Christmas with the artificial tree!! lol
p.s.s. Really am missing the boys :( I guess I'm going through the empty nest syndrome even with one boy still at home! I hate to think what it will be like when he leaves in a year and a half :( I'll just have to workout more!!!!!!!lol

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Running In The New Year

It's been an entire week since I have been on my blog so I will try to give a summary of a very busy first week of the year. With all three of the boys home, there seems to be a lot of activity here at the Lemke household!! I do love it but sometimes it's a little overwhelming when they all need something!! I have had to do about everything for everyone which gave me little time for working out, of course, with the exception of RUNNING :) Between Christmas and New Year, cooking, cleaning, extra laundry, colds, the flu, cold and snowy weather and simply spending time with each of the boys, left me with little time for myself except running and an occational weight lifting session. No time for cross training which probably was a blessing in disguise!!! Corey has left for nursing school at Kent State, Kyle left to go back to OWU and Keith is starting his 2nd semester as a Jr. at LHS. This equals out to be a very sad mom and a very quite house :( Sooooo, it's back to running, swimming, spinning and lifting, with the possiblity of starting up bootcamp in Feburary!!

The first week of the year went like this...........

Saturday 1-1-11 Get you Fat Ass To The Bio 50k at Granville, OH near Dennison University. No one really knows for sure if it was exactly a true 50k but it was fun! Started out in the 60's with rain and ended in the 40's with rain!! A very muddy and wet 7+ mile loop that you could run at least 4 times. I did the 50k with the the first two loops at a pace under 5 hrs for a 50k but then suffered on the third loop which cost me some time and then came back on the fourth loop. My time was somewhere around 5:10. Very pleased :) Thanks to Chris Gillman, who ran with me the first two laps and to Jay Smithberger for putting on the event!!

Sunday 1-2-11 No soreness from Saturday's run!! I guess the chocolate milk thing really works!! Ran 8.5 miles on the trails at Mohican.

Monday 1-3-11 10.3 miles on the road and lifted weights.

Tuesday 1-4-11 12 miles on the trails and swam 1 mile that included 450 yd pull.

Wednesday 1-5-11 6 miles on the road in the AM and lifted weights. Kyle needed to do a track workout, which he can do at the indoor track in Wooster, so I decided to tag along. I ended up with 5 more miles in the PM. 1 mile warm-up, 3 miles of 200 and 400 yd pick-ups and 1 mile warm down.

Thrusday 1-6-11 Kimba's Birthday run at Mohican. Dan Bellinger, Cheryl Splain, Nancy Dillion, Chris Gillman and myself, celebrated her birthday with a 16 mile run!! Itwas a wonderful morning as the snow began to fall and turn the trails into a winter wonderland. When we got to the Big Lyons Falls, we were surprised by a huge ice sculpture that had formed from the water falling off of the falls!! Really neat!!! After the run, we all enjoyed cupcakes that I had made :) I decided I wanted more miles, so I ran 4 more, for a total of 20!!

Friday 1-7-11 8.6 miles on the road with very tired legs and lifted weights. Went with Kyle, again, to the track and ran a 4 mile tempo run!!

Saturday 18-11 11 miles on the trail along the river and then up the hill on the bike path. It was hard running due to the snow that fell during the night!! It's muzzle loading season so I needed to stay close to the park.

Total for the week(Sun.-Sat.) 84.4 miles

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Beginning

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

I hope everyone finds what they are looking for in the year 2011!!!!