Saturday, June 26, 2010


I'm trying to recover from my 2nd DNF in 100 mile races. Mentally, I'm really struggling. In the week after MO, I struggled to get out of bed. I guess, I was felling sorry for myself. By Thrusday of last week, I decided it was time to pick myself up and quit moping around!! I knew I still needed to rest and take it easy for both my mental and physical well being. Since then, I have been running 5-6 miles a day on the road at a very easy pace. I have also been trying to get to the pool a couple times a week plus getting back to weight lifting. I just can't get over the fact that I couldn't finish MO and I feel like I let my family down!! I know in time I'll get over it and the best thing to do is get back on the horse and try again!! What's next on my plate, I'm not sure. I'm registered for the Summer BT 50k, so I'll probably go ahead and run it, not race it!!!!! BR 100 probably won't happen but it's in the back of my mind!! Right now, I'm trying to make it FUN!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mohican 100

A DNF at MO 100 last week :( At mile 59 I called it quits after dehydration, severe leg cramps, bruised feet and a weak mind. I really don't know what is in store for me next but I do know one thing, I will try again even after being very disappointed. I need to get my body and mind back into it and that may require some rest for both!! A change in training may also help.

Congrats to all the finishers in the hot and humid conditions!! I think there was only a 30% finish rate. Also, to my good friends who ran a great race. Michael Patton, David Huss, Stephen Zeidner, Mark Carroll, Ron Ross, Roy Hager, Kyle Fahrencamp and I'm sure there are some I have forgotten, all proved to be very tough runners. My hat goes off to you!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ready Or Not !!!!!

In less than 48 hrs about 200 runners will begin there adventure in the Mohican Forest!! Everyone with a different reason for being out on the trails, running a 100 miles. All want to finish, I'm sure of that!! May God be with us all!!

Yesterday, I didn't run and I'm feeling antsy!!!!! I can't wait for the gun to go off Saturday morning and get this show on the road!!! Went grocery shopping and then to Keith's swim meet in the evening. Keith did very well!! He has not been to a practice this summer and the last time he was in the water was last year!! He earned first in the individual medley and 50m breaststroke and second in the 50m butterfly. His best stroke is the breast inwhich he was the league champ last summer. Congrats to him and the team for a big W!

Today, I ran 7 miles. I started on the orange loop, turned around at 3 miles, ran back like I was finishing the 100 in the campground. Hopefully, I'll make it that far.

Until after the race..................................................................................

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Almost Here

Three and a half days until Mohican 100!! There is a whole range of emotions that one goes through, the week leading up to the race. For me, there are times when I feel excited, nervous, scared and thoughts of what the heck am I doing!! Drop bags are packed, clothes are layed out and food is ready. Hopefully, I'm ready!!!! It sure will be an interesting race with all the mud, deep stream crossings and the heat and humidity!! I have to remember to start out slow, eat and drink like crazy!!!! My goal is to better my time from last year but just to finish will be great!!

I have been crawling out of my skin, the last couple of days!! Not much running, no swimming or lifting but I have been pretty faithful on the core work. I have alot of extra energy, so things around the house are finally getting done. The last two days, I have washed windows and blinds, dusted, cleaned the floors and did all the laundry and ironing! I am also having trouble sleeping so alittle tylenol pm does wonders :) Yesterday, I did not run and today, I ran 6 miles on the trails. I started at Bridle Staging Area and ran the red loop to the first stream crossing. I did not cross but it probably would have been thigh deep. I ran back and then found my way to the last crossing which was much deeper, probably about waist deep. It will be an interesting race with deep water, mud and those stupid deer flies!!! Good Luck to all running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Weekend

I'll start with Friday - DNR - I lifted weights and swam 1 and1/4 miles.

Saturday - I drove to Highbanks Park north of Columbus and ran with a newly formed group called Central Ohil Trail Runners. I ran 10.5 miles with Michael Patton, Mark Carroll and Stephen Zeidner. It was hot and humid but a nice run especially before MO 100. When I was done, I drove to Delaware to see Kyle and drop him off some supplies and food! We chatted for awhile before I headed home. Kyle is now a certified personal trainer :) He passed his test that morning!

Sunday - Didn't get out to run until about 10:00 am. Since Corey came home for the weekend, I wanted him to run on the part of the trail that he would be pacing me at MO. We started at the firetower, ran to the covered bridge and then to hickory ridge, for a total of 8 miles. Corey ran very well except for him rolling his ankle and the deer flies. My hamstring was bothering me but I think with the tapering this week, I should be fine!!

I would like to say congrats to all those who ran Laurel Highlands this weekend and to Don Baun who completed state number 44 and 45!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

OH, MY!!!!!

To be young again! To not really care what others think, how you look and to have a fun and care free summer!! It must be nice!! With that being said, yesterday morning, I was downstairs when my youngest son, Keith came home from summer football. I didn't pay much attention to what he was doing until I went upstairs and faced a stranger in my house!! It was Keith, but with a very different haircut!! After practice, some of the guys got together and gave each other mohawks!! Yes, my son was one of them!! My eyes about popped out of my head!! I couldn't believe it!! His beautiful blond hair was gone!! Thank goodness it is just hair and to be truthful about it, he looks pretty good!! I think he looks older and much more muscular!! The funny thing is, the strip of hair on top is dark!! As I said before, to be young again!!!!

I, on the other hand, didn't run yesterday!! I'm trying to be a good girl and taper the correct way, if tha's possible!! LOL I only lifted weights and was about out of my mind by evening!!

Today, my husband, Mark and myself ran a wet and wild one at MO. We dropped a car off at the CB and drove to rock point. Since he has never been on that part of the trail and he will be pacing me at that point of MO 100, I thought it would be a good idea for him to get familiar with the trail. All was good in the beginning, some mud, but not as bad as I thought. We came to the first stream crossing on that section, which is normally just a little trickle and you almost never get your feet wet. Well, let me tell you, it was a roaring river today and was thigh deep. Got through that ok and hit the next stream crossing that was also fairly deep! We continues on, then I heard a holler with curse words and there laid Mark on the ground!! He tripped and fell on his shoulder and his knee hit a stone. When he got up there was blood pouring down his knee!! He ripped the skin right off his kneecap!! It was an ugly sight!! We walked until the bleeding stopped and then continued on our way. We ended up running 10.5 miles and rinsed off in the river afterwards. As for poor Mark, he is rather sore but I think he will live!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not Much!!

Not much has happened, today. Got out on the trails about 8:30 this morning and ran 6 miles on the orange loop at MO. A nice, easy run, 100 style!! Felt nice and rested although my pinched nerve has been bothering me allittle, but no big deal! I thought the trails would be torn up after the mountain bike race this last weekend, but other than a little mud, they were in pretty good shape!! I'm starting to get nervous about MO!! Thoughts of, can I finish, am I recovered and the unknown, fill my mind most of the time. I need to just quit worring and just do it!!!! After my run, I did core work and then went to the Y and swam 1 and 1/4 miles with 400yd pull. Tapering, sucks!! It almost makes my skin crawl plus I feel fat and sluggish but hopefully it will all pay off in a week and a half!!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

100 years old

Yesterday, we spent the entire day in Marion, OH, celebrating Mark's grandma's 100th birthday. I can't image being alive for that long! The things and changes she has been through in her life time are unreal! She is in very good shape and lives by herself. It was a long day but I'm sure that she had a great time. It was fun beign with all the relatives and there was even two other people at the party that were also 100! When we got home, we went to a couple of graduation parties and called it a day! As for me, I took a day of rest from working out!

Today, Keith had to get up at 6:30 for football lifting so I got up at the same time and ran 8.2 miles on the road. I felt sluggish but kept a fairly decent pace. I hate tapering because I always feel like I'm getting fat and I have to keep my OCD from getting the best of me! LOL Lifted weights and cleaned and moved the bedroom furniture.

An update on the boys, Corey seems to be adjusting to his new apartment and school. Kyle is now up to 5 miles at a 7 min pace and Keith has started football lifting plus working and swim team. The summer will probably fly by!!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mud, Water, Rain and Bikes

I woke up early this morning and went downtown Loudonville to see the start of the moutain bike 100. I think there was like 600 starters from all over the US. I couldn't believe how fast they started out, but grant it, they were on the road and I'm sure they slowed down once they hit the trails, well maybe! My husband, Mark and I, hurried home and changed into our running clothes so we could get out on the trails and watch them in action. We parked at the campground A, were the PR 50k starts and ran to the trail head of the orange loop to see them come through. I think it was about mile 14 for the riders and you could tell already that it was going to be a long day for some. They were already covered in mud and soaking wet with sweat from the humidity. Mark and I ran by the river to the covered bridge and it was nothing but mud and water ankle deep! At the CB, we watched the riders come across the bridge from the orange loop. I thought the riders were covered with mud before, but this time they were coated from head to toe both back and front! I have never in my life seen anything like it!! It was actually pretty cool and made me start thinking that I should give it a try!! We ran to the top of the Dam and back along the river for a total of 11 miles. It was very humid but we had fun!!! I just looked at the extended forcast for MO 100 and it said 87 degrees, sunny, hot and humid! Hopefully, that will change!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Trying To Take It Easy!!

It's Friday evening and no one is home so I thought I had better write something while I have the chance :) Right now, as I look out the window, I see the most beautiful rainbow!! Really a cool sight!!It's been like that all day. Rain, storms, wind, hail and then the sun comes out and it starts all over again! Tomorrow's mountain bike 100 trail race here at Mohican is sure going to be a muddy one! Let alone my 10+ miles on the trail in the morning!!

Yesterday, I ran 6 miles on the road and was able to average an 8 min. mile pace, which at this point is pretty good for me :) Went to the Y and swam 1 and 1/4 miles with a 450yd pull.

Today, I hit the trails and ran 5.5 with my legs feeling just fine(fingers are crossed)!!!! I lifted weights and then Keith and I went to McDonalds for lunch. It was actually pretty good since it has been awhile since I have eaten there. Spent the rest of the day doing house chores and such.

It's official, I have signed up for the Mohican 100, that is in two weeks! Excited and nervous at the same time!!! Hopefully, things will go in my favor this time!!!! Taper, taper, taper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An Interesting Run

Went out on the trails this morning to get in about 5 miles but ended up with 8.5 miles, but not by choice. I started at the covered bridge and ran into Kim Boner, her husband and dog before I got started. We chatted for a bit and then I started on the red loop up the hill. Nice and easy, nothing hard, it is what I call my 100 shuffle. Once I got to the horse trail, I decided to stay on the bike trail, continue to the firetower and then back down to the CB. I knew it would get me close to 7 miles but at my slow pace that was ok! Well, not paying attention, right before I got to the firetower, I missed the turn and continued on the bike trail for about a mile and a half before I realized that I had gone to far. You would think, after all these years running on the trails, I would know where to go. NOT! I turned around and found my way back to the firetower. On my way down to the covered bridge, at the bottom of the last hill, you turn right by a tree. I heard some buzzing and ran into a nest of bees!! I think they were in the ground, but they were pissed. I just kept on running and fortunately didn't get stung!! I was actually glad to be finished with the run!! My legs seem to be recovering fairly well but my fear will be, how they feel at mile 70 during Mohican 100. Hopefully, they will continue to feel better as I taper more in the next two weeks!! I finished my workout with weights and tomorrow I hope to get to the pool.

We heard from Corey today and he survived the first night in his apartment. Emt school started and he seemed pleased with that. Keith has one more day of school and then he will be a JR. Boy, how time flies! Where did my little boys go!!! Kyle is back to running!! His foot bothers him at times but he is up to about 5 miles right at 7 min pace! Let the summer begin!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moving In and ON

Today we moved Corey into his first apartment! It's in the city of Cuyahoga Falls and seems like a good place to be! Lots to do for a young guy!! I have mixed emotions about him leaving. Glad he is moving on with the next step of his life but at the same time, sad because I know that he probably won't be back to live in the house like before. He's all grow up now and is on his own! At least for now! LOL He will be starting EMT and Paramedic school tomorrow which will give him medical hours toward PA school. I feel sorry for the young people these days because it is a very competitive world and a lot harder to make out there then when I first got out of college! Good Luck, Corey and I love you!!!!

Before we left to move Corey, I ran 5 miles on the road. This was the first time in about 5 weeks that I have ran on the road. It's been all trails since before MMT! Felt a little weird but the legs seemed good :) Did some core work when I was done.

This evening, LHS held the track banquet and Keith earned his 2nd letter as a Sophmore. He was also the 6th highest scorer for the team. Great job this year, Keith!!! Most importantly for Keith, he started football today. They have a three day camp and then when school is out on Thrusday, lifting starts at 7 am. It will be a busy summer for Keith! Football, swimming, basketball and work leaves little time for relaxing. Sometimes, kids just can't be kids anymore!!