Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An Interesting Run

Went out on the trails this morning to get in about 5 miles but ended up with 8.5 miles, but not by choice. I started at the covered bridge and ran into Kim Boner, her husband and dog before I got started. We chatted for a bit and then I started on the red loop up the hill. Nice and easy, nothing hard, it is what I call my 100 shuffle. Once I got to the horse trail, I decided to stay on the bike trail, continue to the firetower and then back down to the CB. I knew it would get me close to 7 miles but at my slow pace that was ok! Well, not paying attention, right before I got to the firetower, I missed the turn and continued on the bike trail for about a mile and a half before I realized that I had gone to far. You would think, after all these years running on the trails, I would know where to go. NOT! I turned around and found my way back to the firetower. On my way down to the covered bridge, at the bottom of the last hill, you turn right by a tree. I heard some buzzing and ran into a nest of bees!! I think they were in the ground, but they were pissed. I just kept on running and fortunately didn't get stung!! I was actually glad to be finished with the run!! My legs seem to be recovering fairly well but my fear will be, how they feel at mile 70 during Mohican 100. Hopefully, they will continue to feel better as I taper more in the next two weeks!! I finished my workout with weights and tomorrow I hope to get to the pool.

We heard from Corey today and he survived the first night in his apartment. Emt school started and he seemed pleased with that. Keith has one more day of school and then he will be a JR. Boy, how time flies! Where did my little boys go!!! Kyle is back to running!! His foot bothers him at times but he is up to about 5 miles right at 7 min pace! Let the summer begin!!!!

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