Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Weekend

I'll start with Friday - DNR - I lifted weights and swam 1 and1/4 miles.

Saturday - I drove to Highbanks Park north of Columbus and ran with a newly formed group called Central Ohil Trail Runners. I ran 10.5 miles with Michael Patton, Mark Carroll and Stephen Zeidner. It was hot and humid but a nice run especially before MO 100. When I was done, I drove to Delaware to see Kyle and drop him off some supplies and food! We chatted for awhile before I headed home. Kyle is now a certified personal trainer :) He passed his test that morning!

Sunday - Didn't get out to run until about 10:00 am. Since Corey came home for the weekend, I wanted him to run on the part of the trail that he would be pacing me at MO. We started at the firetower, ran to the covered bridge and then to hickory ridge, for a total of 8 miles. Corey ran very well except for him rolling his ankle and the deer flies. My hamstring was bothering me but I think with the tapering this week, I should be fine!!

I would like to say congrats to all those who ran Laurel Highlands this weekend and to Don Baun who completed state number 44 and 45!!

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