Monday, June 7, 2010

100 years old

Yesterday, we spent the entire day in Marion, OH, celebrating Mark's grandma's 100th birthday. I can't image being alive for that long! The things and changes she has been through in her life time are unreal! She is in very good shape and lives by herself. It was a long day but I'm sure that she had a great time. It was fun beign with all the relatives and there was even two other people at the party that were also 100! When we got home, we went to a couple of graduation parties and called it a day! As for me, I took a day of rest from working out!

Today, Keith had to get up at 6:30 for football lifting so I got up at the same time and ran 8.2 miles on the road. I felt sluggish but kept a fairly decent pace. I hate tapering because I always feel like I'm getting fat and I have to keep my OCD from getting the best of me! LOL Lifted weights and cleaned and moved the bedroom furniture.

An update on the boys, Corey seems to be adjusting to his new apartment and school. Kyle is now up to 5 miles at a 7 min pace and Keith has started football lifting plus working and swim team. The summer will probably fly by!!!!

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