Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moving In and ON

Today we moved Corey into his first apartment! It's in the city of Cuyahoga Falls and seems like a good place to be! Lots to do for a young guy!! I have mixed emotions about him leaving. Glad he is moving on with the next step of his life but at the same time, sad because I know that he probably won't be back to live in the house like before. He's all grow up now and is on his own! At least for now! LOL He will be starting EMT and Paramedic school tomorrow which will give him medical hours toward PA school. I feel sorry for the young people these days because it is a very competitive world and a lot harder to make out there then when I first got out of college! Good Luck, Corey and I love you!!!!

Before we left to move Corey, I ran 5 miles on the road. This was the first time in about 5 weeks that I have ran on the road. It's been all trails since before MMT! Felt a little weird but the legs seemed good :) Did some core work when I was done.

This evening, LHS held the track banquet and Keith earned his 2nd letter as a Sophmore. He was also the 6th highest scorer for the team. Great job this year, Keith!!! Most importantly for Keith, he started football today. They have a three day camp and then when school is out on Thrusday, lifting starts at 7 am. It will be a busy summer for Keith! Football, swimming, basketball and work leaves little time for relaxing. Sometimes, kids just can't be kids anymore!!

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