Monday, May 31, 2010

No Frills, Just Hills 6 Hr. FA

Saturday, I went up to CVNP to run the No Frills, Just Hills FA . I got out of bed at 5:30 am, left the house at 6am for an 8 am start. The course consisted of a 2 mile loop with alot of hills. My goal for the day was to run 30 miles in the 6 hrs. At the start, the heat and humidity wasn't too bad but by the time we were done, it was brutal and it took a toll on this old body!! It took a couple of laps before I started feeling good but I didn't want to push to hard. I wanted to see how my legs were recovering before I decide weither of not to run MO 100. I would say the half of the 2 mile loop was in the sun and by mile 20, the heat was starting to get to me but I pressed on to reach my goal. I tried to eat and drink like I would in a 100 miler which I think really helped. I got my 30 miles in right at the 6 hr. mark and was beat. All in all, a good run sooooo, you know what that means, Mohican here I come ready or not!!!!!! Thanks to Brian Musick who put the FA together. Also it was great seeing and running with alot of my running buddies, Kim Boner, Laurie Colon, Kevin Martin, Bob Combs, Mike Keller, Julie Miller-Bowen, Tom Patten and Brian Musick!!!!!! Well, as I stated earlier, I have decided to run MO 100 :) Hopefully, it's not a mistake. All I have to do now, is make sure that I'm recovered from MMT and take my taper very serious!! Since the FA, I have not been running and only lifted today! I will probably not run until Wednesday, lift a couple times a week and cut the swimming and spinning out until after MO. Hopefully, that will bring my legs back and I will be ready to roll in three weeks!!

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It was good seeing you as well! You're looking strong and will tear the Mohican course up! See you there!