Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mohican Training Weekend

This weekend was the Mohican training run for the Mohican 100. It's so runners can get together and run the course in the space of three days. A special thanks to Roy Hegar for organizing the weekend. I wasn't planning on running all three days but I get caught up in the excitement and can help myself! It is so fun to be out on the trails running with so many great people. I knew I would still be sore and tired from last weekends attempt at running MMT 100 but I wanted to prove to myself that I could still run!!!! I also realized that I would be running pretty slow but I knew that with the great group of runners that would be there, I would be in good company! The weekend went like this -

Friday - 22 miles starting at 8:00pm. I ran slow, it got dark and I ran even slower!! By the end of the run, my quads were killing me. I had a wonderful time running with Wild Bill, Tara and Cheryl.

Saturday - After finishing around 1:30am on Saturday morning, we were back at it at 8:30am to run the road section of the course. This part wasn't to bad, other than it was hilly and humid! Once again, I felt fine except for the quads. 25 miles for the day!!

Sunday - Back on the trails for the first 20 miles of the course. I felt much better today than the other days but I still kept it at a slow pace. How wonderful it was to be able to run with so many different people! Thanks Cheryl, Mark, Suzanne, Don, Mitch, Kim, Roy, Shannon, Lisa, Roy and many more for making this weekend special!!

I think tomorrow will be a day off!!!!!!!!!


ultrarunnerbrianphilpot said...

I did 30 miles sat at Mohican, so much MUD!

Anonymous said...

Terri, it was a great time. Good to see you again and get the chance to run together. Thanks for the ride! -- Lisa