Wednesday, May 12, 2010


And I thought a taper week was suppose to be relaxing! NOT!!
As I type this, it is 2 and1/2 days until Massanutten 100 and it has not been a very restful week but at least I'm busy and not laying around thinking of the race! Most of my stuff is packed and ready to go, I hope!! We will be leaving for VA on Friday morning and not get back until Monday morning. I hope the boys will take care of the house and dog!
Last Sunday, Corey graduated from Marietta college and has moved back into the house until the first of June. Right now, we are busy looking for an apartment for him in the Cuyahoga Falls area. He will be starting EMT school in Cleveland and then paramedic school after that.
I had to go to Kyle's house in Delaware, where he will be staying for the summer, clean his room and show him how to go grocery shopping!
Keith has the MBC conference track meet this week and has qualified for the finals in the open 400 and will be doing the relays tomorrow night
Signing off until after MMT!!