Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our Scholar-Athlete

I wanted to post this because I'm very proud of Kyle!! Last Monday April 26,2010, we went down to OWU to attend the Dale J. Bruce Scholar-Athlete Awards Dinner. This was to honor the top 50 scholar-athletes of the year. I think it was athletes that had a grade point of 3.7 or higher and who were at the top of their sport. I am proud to say, that Kyle was one of them!!! Kyle works very hard at both his studies and at running so it was nice to see him recognized for this!! Good Job, Kyle!!!! Oh, and by the way, he has his boot off and is able to walk on his foot and hopefully will be running in the near future :)

Got up at 8:00 this morning and took my husband, Mark out to Mohican for a trail run. We were only going to run 5 miles but ended up with 7. We started at the Covered Bridge, ran to the Firetower and from the Firetower, we got on the bike path, back to the Covered Bridge. That was enough, because tonight a group is getting together at MO for a run. We plan on running about 35 miles and from what the weatherman is saying, it sounds like it will be a wet one!! I'll fill everyone on the adventure tomorrow!!

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