Friday, January 29, 2010

Just Another Day!

Today, I ran 5 miles, did a bicep weight lifting workout and swam one and a fourth mile which included 300yd pull and 150yd kick. Probably way to much for the long running I will be going this weekend! Just found out that the Mansfield Y running club are meeting Monday morning at MO for a 15 mile trail run. 31 miles tomorrow, 15 miles on Sunday and 15 miles on Monday, may be way to much! I'll just have to go slow and see what happens. One day at a time :)

Tonight, I will be spending the night with my sister in Wadsworth before the 50k, tomorrow. In the morning, Dan Bellinger, who also lives in Wadsworth, is stopping at my sister's house so I can follow him to the start of the run. I'm so terrible with directions. Thanks, Dan!

Kyle will be running in the NCAC Relays tomorrow at Denison. He's in the Distance Medlay Relay, running the 800 leg. Good luck, Kyle and to all the other OWU runnners!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cold, Wind and Snow!

I did get some rest this morning! Keith had a two hour delay so instead of getting up to get my run over with, I stayed in bed until Keith got up to get ready for school. It was almost 10:00 before I got out the door and I knew I had alot to do before the day was done. I ran 6 miles in the wind, cold and snow covered roads. It was kind of a yucky run because of all the slipping and sliding and it irritated my back and leg alittle. Oh, well, life goes on!!!! After my run, lifted weights and went to the Y and swam a mile and a fourth. By this time, it's 3:00 in the afternoon, time to get home and soon time to get supper ready. That's what I get for sleeping in! Nothing accomplished, today!!

This weekend I have two long runs planned. A FA 50k on Saturday at CVNP and then a 15 miler on Sunday at MO. Alittle worried that my back and leg won't hold up but I need to find out. I can always down size if need to, but knowing me I won't!! Looking forward to tomorrow night because I am staying with my sister in Wadsworth before Saturday's run. It should be fun!! The down side to all this, will be missing Kyle's track meet on Saturday. He will be running at Denison College in the NCAC Relays. He will only be running in the distance medley relay, the 800 leg. I guess if I'm going to miss a meet, this will be a good one to miss. It makes me so nervous to watch him run! Sometimes, I would rather do something else and just wait for a phone call on how he ran!! I also felt that way when Corey was the place kicker on the football team. It's hard to watch good or bad!!

Enough for now, getting late and need sleep for another day!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Procrastinate - To put off till another day or time; delay. This describes me for the last two days. I've been getting things done but it sure does take me awhile. Getting ready to run has taken me forever! It's seems like I find everything else to do but get out the door! Today, I ran 8 miles on the lightly, snow, covered trails. Didn't really want to do it but once I was out there, it was great! Slightly windy and a bit chilly but it was still great!! When I got home lifted weight which took me forever. Oh, well, I got it done! Feeling really tired the last couple of days, maybe a nap is in order :) Finally got the rest of my Christmas decorations put away and am home alone. Mark and Keith went to Wooster to indoor track practice. I wanted to go but decided against it because of the 8 miles this morning. Now that I am starting to feel better running, I need to get in some interval workouts! YUCK!!

Yesterday, I ran 7 miles and swam a mile and a fourth. During the swim, I did 10 x 25yd sprints, 6 x 50yd sprints, 300yd pull and 150yd kick.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Just Another Monday

Nothing much happened today. The same old daily grind! I was suppose to go to the neuromuscular massage therapist today, but he had to cancel. I guess I'll continue to be in pain for a couple more weeks! Not a very good run today. I probably should have taken a dayoff, but I'm to stubborn to do something that smart. Ran 6.5 miles and my right leg and hamstring hurt. What the @#$$%! The more I hurt the madder I get, the harder and longer I run! Stupid me :( I continued to punish my body and lifted weights and swam a mile and a half. Sometimes, it's just not worth it :( Can you tell I'm not in a very good mood! Oh, well, maybe tomorrow will be better. To top things off, when making supper tonight, I turned on the oven and the heating element burst into flames! Really freaked me out! I opened the oven door and it made it worse and I knew water wasn't the answer on something electrical. I turned the oven off and the flame went out. Now, more money to spend on getting it fixed. Until then, it will be microwave food or out to eat! Please, Lord, make tomorrow better :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Rainy Day

When the alarm went off this morning, I could hear the rain hitting the window. I reset the alarm and rolled over to go back to dream land! When I woke up at 9:00(oh, my!) I could still hear the rain coming down hard but I knew I had to get up and get going, rain or not! I was suppose to meet Rob and Michelle at the covered bridge to run on the trails with them, but I knew after yesterday's 21 miles, I'd be tired. Also with rain on the way, I didn't know if running on wet, muddy would be the best thing for me to do at this point in my training. I decided instead to go out on the road in the pouring rain! By the time I got ready and believe me I took my time, the rain had reduced to a drizzle. I got in 11 slow miles and felt pretty good! I'm not sure why I can't pick up the pace alittle, maybe it has something to do with the foot slap that I'm still experiencing. Who knows? I'll just keep plugging away and maybe it will get better! Tomorrow, I have an appointment with the neromuscular massage therapist, so hopefully he can do his magic!! All in all, a good weekend:)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Plodding Along!

Ran on the trails at Mohican this morning with my husband Mark, Kim Boner and David Huss. Ran 21 miles and had no trouble except there was alittle bit of everything covering the trails. Some ice, snow and mud made running for me alittle slow. I was afraid of going down and reinjuring myself, so I was cautious! Plus, I am getting old! LOL I did slip on a wooden bridge and went down but no harm done! I can tell I'm not in ultra shape because I'm pretty darn tired after only 21. It's going to take some work to get back too where I was this summer. I know, I have to be patient!! It was fun seeing David and his improvement from last spring is incredible!! He ran very well today, Good job, David!! While Kim and I were, struggling away, he was simpling flying!!!! I need to run a semi-long run tomorrow, but it's suppose to be windy and rainy. Don't know if it's a good idea or not to be on the trails in those conditions at this point in my training. We'll see! Plus, I know it will be a slow one!

Last night, Kyle ran at their home meet at OWU. He placed 3rd in the 500 with a time of 1:08.7 and his 4 x 400 placed first with a time of 3:26.7. Kyle's split for the 400 was 52 sec. He was not a happy camper because he didn't think he ran well and he wanted faster times. Maybe he just had an off day but I thaought he ran well for never racing a 500 before. I think he's alittle like his mother and is alittle OCD on his running! Can't be all bad :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Urge To Sleep In

How nice it would have been to go back to bed after Keith left for school. I think the dark, cloudy,wet morning made me feel very tired. I knew, however, if I went back to bed, I would be mad at myself and the whole day would be shot to hell. So, I put on my running shoes and out the door I went! Once I got going I was fine and glad that I fought the urge of sleep. Ran 6 miles and did abs when I was done. Things are looking up for me! I'm not feeling the numbness or pain in my leg or back. The foot slap is still there but so much better :) No lifting today so after the ab workout, I headed to the Y. Swam a mile and a fourth and did a 45 minute spinning class. I didn't ride too hard because I didn't want my legs to be tired for the weekend of long runs!

This evening, my husband, Mark and myself will be going to OWU to watch Kyle run. OWU is having a home indoor track meet. They are changing it up alittle for Kyle, so he will be running the 500 instead of the 800 and the 4 x 400. The coaches told Kyle they wanted him to work on speed and since it is not a big meet, he is using it as a workout. He has already qualified in the 800 for the All-Ohio and Conference Meets so he is well on his way. Kyle is after the 800 record before he graduates from OWU so that gives him two years. He has big goals! I hope he reaches them!!

Yesterday, I ran 7 miles, lifted and swam a mile and a half.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I had a really good run today! FINALLY!! It wasn't very fast but at least there was not much back or leg pain! The foot slap is also getting better! FINALLY!! I really only wanted to get 8 miles in, but you know me, I had to go alittle extra and got in 10 miles! I still need to be very careful and gradually increase the miles. I also need to have a recovery day after a long run instead of putting the long miles in day after day. See, everyone, Terri can be SMART! LOL After my run, I lifted weights and instead of going to the Y for spinning class, I rode my windtrainer at home for 45 minutes which got me alittle over 10 miles. The indoor track team was going to practice outside today and I would have liked to run with them, but I think I need alittle more time before I start intervals. Keith said they did 8 x 400 at 90 percent effort, it would have been difficult for me. Just be patient!! Afterwards, I took a long hot shower and got some housework done. Believe it or not, I'm not too tired! I may hit the trails tomorrow depending on the weather. Saturday, Kim Boner and myself, and whoever wants to join us, will get a long one in on the trails. Until our paths cross again..........

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another Cloudy Day!

Another day of no sun :( Where are you Mr. Sun? I need to feel you on my shoulders, please come out to play!! Anyway, it does get alittle depressing when you haven't seen or felt the sun in awhile!
Yesterday - swam a mile and a half and did abs in the evening.
Today - ran 6.5 miles, lifted and swam a mile and a half.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Weekend

I'll start with Saturday's events. I got up at 5:00 am to get in an easy 5 miles because Keith and I had to leave for his indoor track meet at 7:30am. Keith and the Loudonville track team ran the Akron University facility,which by the way is a very nice indoor track. Keith ran in the 4x800 which placed 5th, 8:54.11, the open 400 with a time of 1:00.58 and the 4x400 but I don't know time or place. Kyle, ran at Capital University and won the open 800 with a time of 2:00.20 and placed third in the 4x400. A good day of running by the Lemke's!!

Today, I went up to CNVP and ran the Run For Regis Fun Run. I got in 21.5 miles on snow covered trails that turned icy and slippery and then mush :( The race was put on by Tanya Cady and was put together very well with a well marked course. Thanks, Tanya, for all your hard work! I ran with Mark Carroll for the first 8 miles or so until he decided to pick up the pace and leave me in the snow! Great run, Mark! Then at about 10 miles, I noticed my back starting to ache. I think it was because of all the slipping and sliding. Other then the back, I felt fine and glad to be able to run the 20 miles. Although, some of my friends ran the 50k and watching them come in kind of stung because I wanted to be out there with them :( I was being smart, so everyone says!! I'm alittle sore and stiff but hopefully will be ok by morning. My plan for tomorrow' will be a swim and maybe in the afternoon after I loosen up, I'll lift.

The picture above is Keith #703 before the 4x400.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wet, Snow :(

Met with Wayne Snyder and Kay Hunt today at Mohican and ran 6.5 miles on the trails. Kay ran about 4 miles and Wayne punished himself and wanted to get in about 15. The trails were covered in wet, mushy snow that was alittle slippery. However, we really didn't have too much trouble except on the downhill(I was having trouble on the downhills not Wayne! LOL) Mt feet were soaked after 6 miles! We did Wayne's training technique, inwhich we ran for 4 minutes and then walked one. A very nice change of pace! All in all a really nice run and it was great fun talking about the latest training techniques and the upcoming races. Afterwards, I did abs and then went to the Y and swam a mile and a half.
Tomorrow, will be Keith and Kyle's first indoor track meet. Keith will be at Akron and Kyle runs at Capital. Keith and I have to leave at 7:30 am so I will have to get up around 5:00 am for a short run! UGH!! Mark will be traveling to Columbus to watch Kyle. Corey will be having another grad school interview at Marietta . Such a busy day!!! Hope all turns out well!!! I'll fill everyone in on the outcome!! Please send prayers our way! Thanks :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sunshine On My Shoulders!

Sunshhine on my shoulders, makes me happy! It was so nice to run in the morning sun. I think that in the winter, when the sun comes out it feels sooooo good! It's been awhile since it's been out, so I think we all probably were happy to see and feel it!! Ran 8.5 on the roads and believe it or not, it was one of my better runs since I have been back to running. Still awful slow but it's coming along! So, of course, I'm planning on running the marathon this weekend at the Run for Regis! Be smart, Terri :) Did my bicep lifting workout when I was done running and abs.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Need To Train Smart

Ran 10 miles at Mohican today. A very nice and peaceful run!! I only wanted to run 8 but you know me, I had to go longer! LOL This is what always gets me into trouble! I need to be careful!Ran into Rob Powell on my way to the covered bridge, while he was on his way back. It was nice to chat for a couple of minutes about our upcoming races, injuries and ect. Then we were each on our own way. I guess he ran with Don Baun for a short time. I thought it was still primitive weapon week, so geeky me had on a reflective vest so no one would shoot at me! Rob told me that it ended yesterday, so I felt safe! The trails were in good condition until the end of my run and then the snow started to get soft and wet which caused me to slip n slide alittle!! Makes me wonder what Sunday will be like for the Run for Regis. That will determine how far I run. I have to be smart!! Did some ab work when I got home and then headed to the Y and swam a mile and a fourth, that included a 450yd pull.
This evening, I took Keith and a couple other runners up to Wooster for indoor track practice. While they ran, I did some shopping. Hopefully, next week I will try to do an interval workout with them. They have there first meet this Saturday at Akron University. It will be a long day!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Slowly, But Surely!!

Ran on snow covered country roads this morning, for a steady 8.5 miles. Everyday seems to be getting better! Alittle less pain every time I go out and run. The pain and tingling in my right leg is better because I'm slowly figuring out what irritates my pinched nerve in the back. Running on the trails is the best! Running a couple of days on the road seems to cause leg pain along with lifting everyday. I think swimming is good but today after my swim, I had some pain in the leg. I think the key is to run and then do only one other workout. Slowly,but surely, I think I.m getting better :) I lifted triceps and shoulders after my run and then swam a mile and a fourth.
This Sunday is Run for Regis 50k with a half-marathon and marathon option also. I'm signed up to do the 50k but wisdom tells me I should either run the half or full marathon. Alot will depend on the weather and trails conditions. Tomorrow, I think I'll try to get to the trails for a 6-8 mile run. Until next time................................

Monday, January 11, 2010

A White Out!!

Ran 6 miles on the road today in 14 degree weather. It was cloudy with no snow when I started but about 2 miles into the run, it started to snow. Not just a couple flurries but a total white out! I couldn't see anything infront of me and it was cold and wet! UGH!! In minutes, the road became covered and quite slippery :( I was alittle stiff and tired from running the snow covered trails yesterday, so I really didn't need slippery roads to work this broken down body! I survived and probably looked like a snowman running down the road!! Lifted weights when I got home. Tomorrow, I would like to run on the trails but alittle fearful because of the hunters being out this week.
After I was done lifting, a quick shower and off to OWU to give Kyle his books that he needed for school. The stupid UPS was suppose to deliver the books Friday but of course that didn't happen! It will be a quiet everning at the Lemke house tonight. Corey and Kyle are back at school and I think Keith is off to see his girlfriend, Shelby. Maybe a good time to take a nap!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Good Run

Met up with Don Baun, Dan Bellinger, and another great friend and runner(not allowed to mention his name LOL) for a trail run at Mohican this morning at 8:30. Despite the temperature being below zero we ran 10 miles. The trails were snow covered and alittle slippery but it was actually nice running and very pretty. I had put screws in an old pair of road shoes and they worked well on the icy parts but didn't make a difference in the deep snow. Don and Dan had some sort of things that you put over your shoes that had little spikes on them(forget what they are called)that worked real well. They had no trouble running with those things on. Might be a good purchase in the near future! Anyway, had a great time with those guys and ran with zero pain :) Could I be on my way to recovery? Now, I have to take it easy and not over due it! You know me it will be hard LOL When I got home, I jumped into the hot tub to get warm and then did some stretching and abs.
Nothing else happening today. Mark is taking a nap, Keith and his girlfriend Shelby are hanging out down stairs and I think I need to do some cleaning. UGH! Kyle has a 2 mile time trial this evening at OWU so I hope all goes well. Corey is probably still in bed sleeping and hanging with his girlfriend, probably both at the same time LOL All seems to be good right now :) Later.........

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Quite House

Well, Corey and Kyle left to go back to school this afternoon and now the house is quite once again :( It seems like they always take a piece of me when they leave. You think I would be use to it by now but it's never easy and I'm such a worrier. Thank goodness Keith is still at home and I often wonder what it will be like when he too leaves the nest. I wish all of the boys the best of luck as they all start new semesters. Mark and I will be busy watching Kyle and Keith run indoor track which starts next week. Kyle will be running the 800 and at times the 400 for OWU. Keith will run for Loudonville High School under the great coach, Don Baun! I think Keith will be running the open 400, 4 x 800 relay, 4 x 200 relay and the 4 x 400 relay. Good Luck, run hard and may God be with you! Corey will be finishing under grad school in the spring and is looking to get into grad school. I am so very proud of him and whatever happens in the future, I'm here for him!! As you can probably tell, I'm feeling alittle blue, but it too shall pass. I need to start concentrating on staying injury free and doing the best I can at running as this body starts to get old!!

Running went pretty good today :) I ran 6.5 miles on the road. I'm running at such a slow pace it's driving me crazy but every time I try to push myself, my back hurts and that stupid right foot starts to slap the ground. Be Patient, Terri!!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Too much snow outside to run on the road so it was time to get on the dreadmill. Actually, it wasn't to bad just boring! Got in 8 miles which without much pain, only that stupid drop foot. Hopefully, it's not something that is permanent. The last time I had this trouble, it eventually went away. Hopefully, it will this time. Very happy I was able to go that far!!!!!!! Lifted weights when I was done and then spent the rest of the day helping the boys pack their stuff to go back to school. I'll be in depression for awhile when they leave tomorrow. At least for a few days! LOL

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Running :)

Got up this morning and ran 6 miles before the snow started to fall, thank goodness!!! Had a pretty good run although it's soooooo slow. I just have to be patient. I'm not very good at that!! No pain in the hamstring but I still have a little of the drop foot although it's getting better. Thank you, Lord!! I did abs when I was done and then went to the Y and swam a mile and a fourth mile. I am sticking to my plan and will only swim three times this week but will end up lifting four times before the week is done. I'm proud of myself for sticking to this, because it's been hard not swimming and lifting everyday. I think it will take some time before my body reaps any benefits from working out less. Tomorrow, Joe Crawford and Wayne Snyder are going to meet at the bridle staging area in the morning to run the very snow covered trails. I would really love to join them but I don't want to risk any further injury or am I being a wimp!! Maybe I'll be there :)
Keith got out of school at 1:00 today because of the snow that was beginning to fall. I had to run some errands after the Y and the roads got bad quickly because of all the snow falling. It didn't stop my family! Corey and Keith went to the Y to run and lift, and Mark and Kyle went to the Wooster Rec Center for an interval workout. Hope they make it home safe! Keith thinks school will be canceled but it looks like the snow will quit by morning so I told him not to get his hopes up. Nothing much to do tonight except laundry and ironing. I need to get things done before Corey and Kyle go back to school on Saturday. Better get busy!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snowy Trails

Made it out to Mohican this morning and ran 6.5 miles on the beautiful, snow covered trails. Once again it was a very peaceful place to be. I did see a couple of deer, so I guess I wasn't totally alone out there. The snow was pretty deep but not to slippery and I had no trouble running except being tired at the end due to trudging through the snow. It was kind of neat :) I did tell Kyle where I would be at just in case I slipped and fell and didn't come home. However, he probably wouldn't have remembered were I was at!! I have also been wearing my ipod, which I never do, because I thought it might be helpful in the upcoming 100 milers and I need to get use to it. After I returned home and put dry clothes on, I did a weight lifting workout.
Corey and Mark made it home from Lock Haven, PA all in one piece. Corey's grad school interview went pretty well but it's just had telling if he will get in. Out of 200 interviews, they are only picking 70. We are all keeping our fingers crossed! Stay warm everyone and hopefully we won't get too much more snow!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On The Roads Again

I got out the door about 8:30 this morning and ran 6 miles on either snow covered roads or roads that were all slush. The going was slow, but at least I'm up and running. I really didn't feel the best, I think I just have to get in the hang of things!! After my run, I did abs and woke Corey up to go to the Y. I swam a mile while he lifted and then got in the pool for alittle recovery. Kyle had an interval workout at Wooster Rec Center so he got to sleep in :)
I was informed by Don Baun that starting next week, it's some type of primitive weapons week, so I need to run on the trails the rest of the week. Hopefully, we won't get anymore snow!
Mark and Corey are on their way to Lock Haven, PA because Corey has a grad school interview tomorrow. He is trying to get into Lock Haven's physican assistant program. Everyone say a prayer that he does well!! He also has an interview at Marietta's grad school in a couple of weeks. Talk about having stress!!
Talk Later!!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Got up at 7:oo this morning to get Keith off to school since it was their first day back after the holidays. He was not a happy camper :( It's always a little sad to me when the boys have to go back to school after break. Why I'm not really sure, I think I truly enjoy them being around even if we don't always see eye to eye. Kyle will go back to OWU on Saturday and Corey will leave for Marietta on Sunday. It will surely be quiet around the house after they leave :( After Keith left for school, I went to Mohican and ran 5.5 miles in the snow. It wasn't as cold as the weekend but there was a light coating of snow on the already snow covered trails. It felt great being out there!! No one else was around not even any wildlife. It was quiet and very peaceful. It was snowing alittle bit and all I could hear was my feet hitting the ground and the sound of my breathing. It was real nice! You don't get that very often were you feel like you're the only person on the planet! Anyway, reality set in when I got done and went home to lift weights. Sounds like we are to get another inch of snow so I may be on the treadmill tomorrow. If anybody wants to do a slow 10 miler this weekend let me know!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

On The Trails Again

It's been a good couple of days running. Yesterday and today, I have been out on the trails of mohican, enjoying the simple pleasure of putting one foot infront of the other. To most, it would be no big deal but to us runners who have ever been down with an injury, it is sheer pleasure! Yesterday, I ran with Don Baun and my husband, Mark, and got in 4 miles. Today, Mark and I went out in 4 degree temp. and ran 5 miles. So far so good :) No real pain anywhere, except being a little stiff and sore from not running for about 5 weeks. Now, I just have to take it slow and easy and build up slowly. After my run today, I went up to the Y with Corey and Kyle and swam 1 mile while they lifted. My plan now, is to concentrate on running and not so much on all the cross-training. I plan on lifting three days a week, swim three days a week and maybe bike once. I also will try to take a complete day off once a week. As you can see, I said try!!!! I need a happy medium!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

Happy New Year' everyone! I hope this year will bring joy to everyone, the whole year through!! I finally ran today. My husband, Mark and I went up to Mansfield and ran with the Manssfield Y running club in the mornning. I got in 4 miles and it was not what I expected :( My hamstring was fine but everything else hurt. My right foot was slapping the ground due to the pinched nerve which caused me to have a slight limp. This in turn made the rest of my body hurt, so it wasn't the greatest. I just have to be patient and keep trying. It was however, fun to be with the run club for some good laughs and conversation. When I got home did abs and stretched. Later, Keith and I did the p90x ab workout.

Yesterday, I lifted weights and swam a mile and a half with 20 x 25yd sprints and 400yd pull. Later in the evening, Mark and I went out for dinner to Olive Garden. A very good meal but like usual I ate and drank too much!!!