Sunday, January 3, 2010

On The Trails Again

It's been a good couple of days running. Yesterday and today, I have been out on the trails of mohican, enjoying the simple pleasure of putting one foot infront of the other. To most, it would be no big deal but to us runners who have ever been down with an injury, it is sheer pleasure! Yesterday, I ran with Don Baun and my husband, Mark, and got in 4 miles. Today, Mark and I went out in 4 degree temp. and ran 5 miles. So far so good :) No real pain anywhere, except being a little stiff and sore from not running for about 5 weeks. Now, I just have to take it slow and easy and build up slowly. After my run today, I went up to the Y with Corey and Kyle and swam 1 mile while they lifted. My plan now, is to concentrate on running and not so much on all the cross-training. I plan on lifting three days a week, swim three days a week and maybe bike once. I also will try to take a complete day off once a week. As you can see, I said try!!!! I need a happy medium!!!!!!!!!

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