Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Good Run

Met up with Don Baun, Dan Bellinger, and another great friend and runner(not allowed to mention his name LOL) for a trail run at Mohican this morning at 8:30. Despite the temperature being below zero we ran 10 miles. The trails were snow covered and alittle slippery but it was actually nice running and very pretty. I had put screws in an old pair of road shoes and they worked well on the icy parts but didn't make a difference in the deep snow. Don and Dan had some sort of things that you put over your shoes that had little spikes on them(forget what they are called)that worked real well. They had no trouble running with those things on. Might be a good purchase in the near future! Anyway, had a great time with those guys and ran with zero pain :) Could I be on my way to recovery? Now, I have to take it easy and not over due it! You know me it will be hard LOL When I got home, I jumped into the hot tub to get warm and then did some stretching and abs.
Nothing else happening today. Mark is taking a nap, Keith and his girlfriend Shelby are hanging out down stairs and I think I need to do some cleaning. UGH! Kyle has a 2 mile time trial this evening at OWU so I hope all goes well. Corey is probably still in bed sleeping and hanging with his girlfriend, probably both at the same time LOL All seems to be good right now :) Later.........

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