Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Need To Train Smart

Ran 10 miles at Mohican today. A very nice and peaceful run!! I only wanted to run 8 but you know me, I had to go longer! LOL This is what always gets me into trouble! I need to be careful!Ran into Rob Powell on my way to the covered bridge, while he was on his way back. It was nice to chat for a couple of minutes about our upcoming races, injuries and ect. Then we were each on our own way. I guess he ran with Don Baun for a short time. I thought it was still primitive weapon week, so geeky me had on a reflective vest so no one would shoot at me! Rob told me that it ended yesterday, so I felt safe! The trails were in good condition until the end of my run and then the snow started to get soft and wet which caused me to slip n slide alittle!! Makes me wonder what Sunday will be like for the Run for Regis. That will determine how far I run. I have to be smart!! Did some ab work when I got home and then headed to the Y and swam a mile and a fourth, that included a 450yd pull.
This evening, I took Keith and a couple other runners up to Wooster for indoor track practice. While they ran, I did some shopping. Hopefully, next week I will try to do an interval workout with them. They have there first meet this Saturday at Akron University. It will be a long day!!

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