Monday, January 11, 2010

A White Out!!

Ran 6 miles on the road today in 14 degree weather. It was cloudy with no snow when I started but about 2 miles into the run, it started to snow. Not just a couple flurries but a total white out! I couldn't see anything infront of me and it was cold and wet! UGH!! In minutes, the road became covered and quite slippery :( I was alittle stiff and tired from running the snow covered trails yesterday, so I really didn't need slippery roads to work this broken down body! I survived and probably looked like a snowman running down the road!! Lifted weights when I got home. Tomorrow, I would like to run on the trails but alittle fearful because of the hunters being out this week.
After I was done lifting, a quick shower and off to OWU to give Kyle his books that he needed for school. The stupid UPS was suppose to deliver the books Friday but of course that didn't happen! It will be a quiet everning at the Lemke house tonight. Corey and Kyle are back at school and I think Keith is off to see his girlfriend, Shelby. Maybe a good time to take a nap!!

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