Monday, January 25, 2010

Just Another Monday

Nothing much happened today. The same old daily grind! I was suppose to go to the neuromuscular massage therapist today, but he had to cancel. I guess I'll continue to be in pain for a couple more weeks! Not a very good run today. I probably should have taken a dayoff, but I'm to stubborn to do something that smart. Ran 6.5 miles and my right leg and hamstring hurt. What the @#$$%! The more I hurt the madder I get, the harder and longer I run! Stupid me :( I continued to punish my body and lifted weights and swam a mile and a half. Sometimes, it's just not worth it :( Can you tell I'm not in a very good mood! Oh, well, maybe tomorrow will be better. To top things off, when making supper tonight, I turned on the oven and the heating element burst into flames! Really freaked me out! I opened the oven door and it made it worse and I knew water wasn't the answer on something electrical. I turned the oven off and the flame went out. Now, more money to spend on getting it fixed. Until then, it will be microwave food or out to eat! Please, Lord, make tomorrow better :)

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E-Speed said...

hope things turn around for you :(