Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Slowly, But Surely!!

Ran on snow covered country roads this morning, for a steady 8.5 miles. Everyday seems to be getting better! Alittle less pain every time I go out and run. The pain and tingling in my right leg is better because I'm slowly figuring out what irritates my pinched nerve in the back. Running on the trails is the best! Running a couple of days on the road seems to cause leg pain along with lifting everyday. I think swimming is good but today after my swim, I had some pain in the leg. I think the key is to run and then do only one other workout. Slowly,but surely, I think I.m getting better :) I lifted triceps and shoulders after my run and then swam a mile and a fourth.
This Sunday is Run for Regis 50k with a half-marathon and marathon option also. I'm signed up to do the 50k but wisdom tells me I should either run the half or full marathon. Alot will depend on the weather and trails conditions. Tomorrow, I think I'll try to get to the trails for a 6-8 mile run. Until next time................................

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