Thursday, March 31, 2011

Umstead Week

Sunday 3-27-11 Volunteered at the Fools 25k and 50k race. It was nice to be on the other side of things for a change!! It was exactly what I needed going into Umstead :) No running for me that day!!

Monday 3-28-11 10.5 miles on the x-terra course at MO!! Did abs and push-ups

Tuesday 3-29-11 6.5 miles at MO. More abs and push-ups. Keith had his first track meet of the season. 2nd in the 4x1oo and 4x400 and 3rd in the open 400 with a time of 57. He was not happy at all but it's early!!

Wednesday 3-30-11 Nothing - Starting to get nervous and doubt myself :(

Thursday 3-31-11 5 miles on the road. We will be leaving for NC this evening. Everything is packed and I guess I'm ready!! Kyle won the the class election at OWU and is now the Senior President for next year!! WOW!! He will be running in Virginia this weekend. Keith will be running at the Newcomerstown Relays on Friday. Good luck to both!!

This is it until after Umstead!! May God look over me and all the other runners!! Let the force be with me..........

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Keeping Busy Through My Taper

Last night Keith had some of his friends over to watch the OSU game!! Believe it or not the house was all in one piece after they left!!
I ran 11 miles this morning on the trails at Mohican. I did the x-terra course which included what we call the "big ass hill"!! If you have not gone up the hill before and are running the PR race, beware!!!! It was a cold but sunny morning and such a beautiful one at that!! I think I could have stayed out there all day!!
Kyle, his girlfriend , Megan and a friend of his, Ben came for lunch this afternoon!! They didn't stay long but it was good to see everyone :) Kyle was to run at Oberlin today, but it was canceled due to cold weather. I don't think he was too disappointed!!
Good luck to everyone running the Fools race tomorrow. I will be volunteering and freezing to death. I will be wearing my snow pants and parka :)
6 days and counting for Umstead.....................

Friday, March 25, 2011

My World

5.5 miles on the trails at Mohican!!!

Mohican is kind of my own little world and I love it!!

Enough said.....................................

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What It Is All About

I ran this morning with Haley Young, a friend of mine that is on spring break from Otterbein College. She is quite younger than I am, but throughout the last four years we have become good running buddies!! I would help her along during her high school years of running and then watch her race.

Haley is what running is all about!!! She is not always on the top but she is a good, dedicated, hard worker type of runner. She might not know this, but she has taught this old dog new tricks!!! Haley runs because she loves it and loves the way it makes her feel. Running has given her many good friends and has taken her too many different places. I look at Haley and she reminds me of why I run!!!! It's not about the glory but about love and feelings!!! Thanks for reminding me of these things, Haley!!! Good luck to you in your upcoming track season!! Do what you always do, your best :)

I ended up running 9 miles on the road, 4 miles with Haley. The tapering is working!!!!! I felt wonderful today!!! Light and springy!!!! Not dead tired and no aches and pains :) I also did a short lift which was awesome!!!

Finally, things are looking up!!!! I'm starting to feel ready for Umstead....................................

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


No running again, today!!

I think I'm starting to like this sleeping in thing and not being so exhausted all the time :) Alot of things that normally don't get done and getting done!!!!

Headed out of the house around 10:15 am for the pool. Forced myself to only swim 1 mile!! Then on to spinning class. Once again, it was very hot in the room that we spin in :( I was dripping wet before we even started. It was a good class but I tried not to over do it, just enough to get the heart pumping!!!

Good news for the day. Kyle, my middle boy, who runs for OWU, has been selected for the second year in a row, for the top 50 Scholar Athletes at OWU!! So proud of him!!!!

Still counting the days till Umstead 100!! 10 days left :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Down By The River

Nothing new!!!

An 8.5 mile run on the trails at Mohican. I Ran down by the river to the Covered Bridge and back. The river is down and the trail is in good shape with only a few trees down to get in your way. Felt a little sluggish at first but better as the miles click away!!

Had a short weight lifting session after my run!!

For now, all seems to be good :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Easy Does It

Saturday 3-19-11 5.5 miles on the trails and lifted. Kyle placed 1st in the 800m for the OWU track team!!! 2:01 and backed way down at the end. I pray to God that he has a good outdoor season!!!!

Sunday 3-20-11 Buzzard Day 50k FA at Hinkley Metro parks. We ran an 8 mile loop as many times as you wanted. I only did 16 miles!! I'm being a good girl on tapering for Umstead!! It was nice to run somewhere different and to be able to run with good friends. Thanks to Roy Hegar and Shannon Fisher for putting on the evernt!!

Monday 3-21-11 Day Off - Nothing!!!!!! House work and baked cookies :)

Nerves are starting to set in for Umstead!!! I'm starting to second guess everything, from my training, to shoes, to the clothes I should take!!!! 12 Days!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

One Of Those Days.....................

We all have one of those days when things are just not quite right!!

Well, today, that was me!! Nothing really went wrong and everybody is fine and healthy but it just was a struggle all day long!!!!

It started last night by having trouble sleeping and then waking up tired!! I forced myself to get up around 7am so I could get my run in before Keith had to leave for school. I got a quick 5 miles in on the road at a fairly quick pace. I forgot to look at my watch so I have no idea how fast but then it really doesn't matter. Did some core work and then pushed Keith out the door!!

I should feel better than this with the sun and warm weather but I was tired, unmotivated and sluggish!! Plus, I had no appetite and my stomach was a little upset!! To tell you the truth, I think a lot of it has to do with the PMS/pre-menopause issue!! I guess it is just something women have to live with as we get old!!! All I can say on the subject is, I'm glad I'm in good shape or it might be alot worse!!

Made it to the Y and into the pool!! Swam 1.25 miles with 450yd pull but it felt like I was swimming in thick mud!! Slow and Sluggish!!!

On to the bike!! A 45 min. spin class in a room that felt like a sauna was not fun!! The class was not a difficult one and I didn't ride hard but it was very, very warm to the point I felt like I was going to pass out!!! I guess the Y doesn't know how to adjust the heat when it get's warm outside!! I think I lost every drop of water in my body!!!

If I didn't feel good before spin class, I felt even worse after!! Went to Wal-Mart and wondered around in a fog picking up things I needed and didn't need!!! Came home and flopped on the bed for the rest of the evening with pizza for super!!!!

It was just one of those days.............

p.s. Good luck to Kyle, who will be running at Muskingum for their first outdoor meet of the season!! Go Battling Bishops!!!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring With Some Extra Sleep

What a beautiful day!!! A great day to be out on the trails at Mohican!!!

All week, Keith has been able to sleep in and not go to school until 10am( a two hour delay). The freshman and sophmores are taking the OGT so the juniors and seniors get to sleep in!! Keith has been fighting a cold all week so it has been nice for him to get some extra sleep!!

It has also been nice for ME to get some extra sleep, since I have started my tapering for Umstead. I was out on the trails at about 10:30am for a nice, easy 6.5 mile run. There was a chill to the air but it sure felt like spring!! The sun was out, the birds were chirpping and the smell of newness and freshness was in the air!! You gotta love it!! After my run, I lifted and then, I was done for the day!!!

Since the tapering has started this week, I have noticed that I have been very tired and unmotivated :( I have come to the conclusion that my body is just trying to relax and rest it's self after the heavy miles that I have put in in the last couple of months. It seems like all I want to do is eat, lay around and become a couch potatoe!! I'm trying not to freak out about it but instead I'm trying to embrace it and enjoy!!!!! Wish me luck :)

We had some really good news on the track today!! Keith had a time trial and ran a 54.8 in the 400!! I'm very excited for him and he seems to be on cloud nine!! This is where he left off last year so hopefully in a week and a half he'll be ready to go for his first meet!! He is much stronger and is getting older so with a little more conditioning, he will hopefully have a good season!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not In My Vocabulary

The words such as rest, easy and relax are words that I understand but have a hard time following. I know how important these words are to us ultrarunners, especially before a race, but I find myself believing that they apply to others and not myself!!

It's one thing to taper a couple of days for a 5K and quite other thing to taper 3 weeks for a 100 miler!!

In college, our cross-country coach, the famous Sid Sink, who ran with Dave Wottle, pounded it in our heads that more is better!! Two-a-days everyday, even on meet days, PUSH, PUSH, PUSH with little rest!!! To this day, 30 years later, I still go by those words!!! He was a great coach and he made me the runner, I am, to this very day!! However, the words rest and easy were never mentioned unless we tapered a couple of days before the conference meet!!

So, here I am, at the age of 50, still trying to pound the miles out without rest or days off. I know training has changed throughout the years but unfortunately, it is hard to teach old dogs new tricks!!!!!!

I am trying!! It's hard!!! But I know, in order to be sucessful at running ultras, rest and tapering is very important!! With that being said, in the next 17 days, I'm going to try and be a good girl and TAPER. This week will only be 60 miles, next week 40 miles and the last week 20 miles!! I should be ready to go come race day :) I know it won't be easy and my OCD will give me problems but I am tough and strong!!! I hope!!lol

Today, I ran 6 miles on the road, 1.25 miles in the pool that included 8x25yd sprints and 4x50yds sprints and 45 min. spin class

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Review Of Last Week Plus More

Megan and Kyle

It's been over a week since I have last wrote on my blog, so I will begin with the day after The Green Jewel 50k.

Sunday 3-6-11 A complete day of rest because I was very sore!! Kyle come home for spring break :)

Monday 3-7-11 Still too sore to run so I did some cross training. 1.25 miles swimming, spin class and 3.5 miles on the stairmaster.

Tuesday 3-8-11 Ran a slow 11.5 miles on the trails. Still sore and tired but I got it done!! Lifted weights

Wednesday 3-9-11 6.5 miles on the road with legs no longer sore but sluggish!! 1.25 miles swim, spin class

Thrusday 3-10-11 12 miles on the road in the pouring rain but felt much better :) Lifted weights Kyle's girlfriend, Megan, flew in from New Jersey to spend a few days with us until they go back to school.

Friday 3-11-11 10 miles road in wet snow :( Swam 1.5 miles, I got to sleep in alittle because Keith had a 2 hr delay do to the snowy roads! Coery come home, so I was one happy mother :) Everyone together with friends and girlfriends running in and out of the house all weekend!! I loved it!!!

Saturday 3-12-11 PR training run at MO. I got in 20.5 miles. I met up with Michelle Bichsel at the CB to get in extra miles before we met the rest of the group. Legs felt good :)

Sunday 3-13-11 Another PR training run. We were to meet at Mohican Adventures at 9am so I decided to get in extra miles by running from the house which ended up being 2.75 miles one way. Total of 22.5 miles. That was the last push before Umstead in three weeks!! Corey, Kyle and Megan all left to go back to school :( Now it's only my dear, sweet Keith left in the house once again!!

Monday 3-14-11 11 miles on the trails and lifted weights

Tuesday 3-15-11 6 easy miles on the road, core work and swam 1.5 miles with 450yd pull. Raining again :(

Monday, March 7, 2011

Green Jewel 50k

Friday 3-4-11 Did nothing!!!!!! Kyle qualified for the finals in the 800m in the NCAC Conference Meet with a time of 1:58.2. It has been a real struggle for him this season but he seems to be coming around :)
Saturday 3-5-11 Green Jewel 50k - Got up at 3:30am to head to Brecksville where we had to park out cars and then bused to the start at Rocky River. It was pouring down rain the whole time and I knew it was going to be a muddy, wet run!!
The first 10 miles went very well!! Nice comfortable pace, I think around 8:15 pace. I ran with Kevin Martin and then I had to stop for a pit stop and it kind of threw me off. I lost Kevin somewhere and was on my own.
By mile 15, I was starting to feel the affect of the pavement and my calves started to feel like they were cramping. We were running through mud, ankle deep water, rain and head winds!! Not a very pleasant experience :(
By mile 20, all I wanted to do is survive!! I was runing in second for the women and I knew I couldn't catch the woman ahead of me and no one seemed to be behind me, so I just tried to hold my pace. I refused to walk until I came to the first hill at mile 24. At that point, I needed a little relief and welcomed the slower pace!!! I only walked one more hill and then painfully ran the downhill on the last mile!!
Time - 4:25.06 - 2nd woman - 12th overall
Thanks to Joe, Vince and all the volunteers!!
I have mixed emotions after this race!!!! I am pleased to have run 6 min. faster than last year and came within 5 min. of a 50k PR but at the same time, I am realizing that I am no longer able to keep up with the younger crowd! That's very hard for me to come to terms with!!!!!!!! It's not worth punishing my body and then dealing with the aftermath!!!
Kyle didn't fair so well at the finals and only ran a 1:59 but I think he will do much better in outdoor!!
Sunday 3-6-11 The plan was to meet up with some runners at MO but I was way too sore to do any kind of running!! Took the entire day off which probably made things even worse!!
Monday 3-7-11 The right calf is very sore and it hurts to walk. I pray I didn't pull anything!!!! No running again but swam 1.25 miles, 45 min. spin class and 3.5 miles on the stairmaster.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Easy Does It

Today was a nice easy day!!!!!!!!!!

An easy 6 miles on the roads and lifted weights!!!

I got Kyle's room cleaned since he will be home on spring break next week. It will be great to have him home plus he will be bring his girlfriend, Megan, home for a couple of days.

Really getting worried about the Green Jewel 50k on Saturday!! The weather is calling for lots and lots of rain!! I'll just have to buck up and run the best I can!!!! After all the races I have run, I shouldn't be so nervous!!

Just get it done!!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Little Bit Of Everything

Since the weekend, we have had all kinds of weird weather. It's been cold, snowy, warm, and rainy, which has led too much flooding in our area. So much that the poor kids had a day off on Monday!!!

My running has been much of the same!! I have gone from great runs, to good runs, to ok runs, to real crappy runs. With Green Jewel 50k in a little over 48 hrs, I think I'm in big trouble!!! Of course, not much tapering sure doesn't help my confidence!!

Starting with last weekend.......

Saturday 2-26-11 COTR run at Alum Creek in Delaware, OH. A big thanks to Michael Patton for organizing the run!! Thank goodness there wasn't as much snow in Delaware, only a couple of inches compared to the 8 inches we got at Mohican. The run consisted of a 6 mile loop that you could run as many times as you wanted. I did 4 laps for 24 miles. The first two laps were good!! Running with Julie Miller, a friend of Julie's and Cherly Splain for the first lap. The second lap was with Lindsey Brokaw and the last two laps I was by my lonesome. All in all a good run with the footing much better than I thought. Although, it did turn a little icy near the end!! Afterwards, I went to see Kyle at OWU and took him and his girlfriend, Megan out to eat!!

Sunday 2-27-11 I planned on meeting Rob Powell and Michelle Bichsel at the Firetower for a run on the hills but I was just tooooo tired!! I did get in a very good 12 miles on the road in the afternoon!!!

Monday 2-28-11 Lots and lots of rain on Sunday night, even a thunderstorm!!! Everything was totally flooded so no school once again for Keith, making it 8 snow days this winter!!! Some bridges were washed out and alot of water across the roads. I went exploring on my run and was amazed at how high the river was in town!!! The park, canoe liveries and the Grist Mill were all under water!!! 10 miles in for the day but didn't feel the best :( Lifted weights

Tuesday 3-1-11 Ran with really tired legs for 8.5 miles!! Felt sluggish :( Swam 1.5 miles with 450yd pull. I need to really back off for Saturday's 50k!!!!!!!

Wednesday 3-2-11 6 miles on the road and felt horrid!!!!!!!!!! 1.25 swim with sprints (1 x 25yd, 1 x50yd, 1 x 75 yd and 1 x 100 yd) x 2 and finished with 450yd pull, 45 minute spin class. Really, Really worried about how my legs are going to respond on Saturday. Stupid me, I never learn!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next two days will be VERY, VERY easy.....................................