Thursday, March 24, 2011

What It Is All About

I ran this morning with Haley Young, a friend of mine that is on spring break from Otterbein College. She is quite younger than I am, but throughout the last four years we have become good running buddies!! I would help her along during her high school years of running and then watch her race.

Haley is what running is all about!!! She is not always on the top but she is a good, dedicated, hard worker type of runner. She might not know this, but she has taught this old dog new tricks!!! Haley runs because she loves it and loves the way it makes her feel. Running has given her many good friends and has taken her too many different places. I look at Haley and she reminds me of why I run!!!! It's not about the glory but about love and feelings!!! Thanks for reminding me of these things, Haley!!! Good luck to you in your upcoming track season!! Do what you always do, your best :)

I ended up running 9 miles on the road, 4 miles with Haley. The tapering is working!!!!! I felt wonderful today!!! Light and springy!!!! Not dead tired and no aches and pains :) I also did a short lift which was awesome!!!

Finally, things are looking up!!!! I'm starting to feel ready for Umstead....................................

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Haley said...

Aww thanks Terri! You are my motivation! Although I don't think i will ever become as crazy as you!! I always enjoy our runs together...well sometimes! haha jk! Reminds me of our first run together..haha remember that!?
Good luck on your 100 miler! :)