Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Little Bit Of Everything

Since the weekend, we have had all kinds of weird weather. It's been cold, snowy, warm, and rainy, which has led too much flooding in our area. So much that the poor kids had a day off on Monday!!!

My running has been much of the same!! I have gone from great runs, to good runs, to ok runs, to real crappy runs. With Green Jewel 50k in a little over 48 hrs, I think I'm in big trouble!!! Of course, not much tapering sure doesn't help my confidence!!

Starting with last weekend.......

Saturday 2-26-11 COTR run at Alum Creek in Delaware, OH. A big thanks to Michael Patton for organizing the run!! Thank goodness there wasn't as much snow in Delaware, only a couple of inches compared to the 8 inches we got at Mohican. The run consisted of a 6 mile loop that you could run as many times as you wanted. I did 4 laps for 24 miles. The first two laps were good!! Running with Julie Miller, a friend of Julie's and Cherly Splain for the first lap. The second lap was with Lindsey Brokaw and the last two laps I was by my lonesome. All in all a good run with the footing much better than I thought. Although, it did turn a little icy near the end!! Afterwards, I went to see Kyle at OWU and took him and his girlfriend, Megan out to eat!!

Sunday 2-27-11 I planned on meeting Rob Powell and Michelle Bichsel at the Firetower for a run on the hills but I was just tooooo tired!! I did get in a very good 12 miles on the road in the afternoon!!!

Monday 2-28-11 Lots and lots of rain on Sunday night, even a thunderstorm!!! Everything was totally flooded so no school once again for Keith, making it 8 snow days this winter!!! Some bridges were washed out and alot of water across the roads. I went exploring on my run and was amazed at how high the river was in town!!! The park, canoe liveries and the Grist Mill were all under water!!! 10 miles in for the day but didn't feel the best :( Lifted weights

Tuesday 3-1-11 Ran with really tired legs for 8.5 miles!! Felt sluggish :( Swam 1.5 miles with 450yd pull. I need to really back off for Saturday's 50k!!!!!!!

Wednesday 3-2-11 6 miles on the road and felt horrid!!!!!!!!!! 1.25 swim with sprints (1 x 25yd, 1 x50yd, 1 x 75 yd and 1 x 100 yd) x 2 and finished with 450yd pull, 45 minute spin class. Really, Really worried about how my legs are going to respond on Saturday. Stupid me, I never learn!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next two days will be VERY, VERY easy.....................................

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